How to weave bracelets from elastic bands bow

How to weave bracelets from elastic bands bow

The needlewomen from around the world are embraced by a new kind of hobby with sets for the creativity of Rainbow Loom. The standard equipment includes a machine, a hook, multicolored rubber bands, s-shaped fasteners. This kind of needlework allows you to create unique gizmos: jewelry, toys, accessories, pendants, key rings. To master a hobby is necessary with a variety of patterns and techniques. By video and master classes below you will learn how to weave bracelets from the rubber bands of the bow. Ornaments can be created on the machine, slingshot, hook, fingers. Choose the tool that you have, and proceed!

Step-by-step instructions and braiding patterns from the bandage "Bantik" without the

The name of the accessory is due to a pattern that goes along the center of the decoration. This interesting bracelet bow can be dragged along by several techniques. The techniques described below imply the use not of the machine, but only of one's own fingers, hook or slingshot. In the work it is bette

r to use contrasting colors of the iris for the braid and the central pattern, so that the finished product will be bright and interesting.

Weaving on the slingshot

Weaving the bracelet out of the rubber bands is not an easy task, because you need to work hard on it to avoid getting lost in the process. But, if you understand the algorithm and technique, creating an ornament will be easy for you. Throughout the length of the accessory adorn small bows, due to which he got his name. Use the step-by-step instruction:

  • We take the slingshot, turn so that the grooves look in your direction. We put three elastic bands of braid color: first we twist three times and cling to the left column, the other two we put on both pins without twisting the figure-eight, as shown in the photo.
  • Next we throw the color of the central pattern, that is, the bows.

  • We throw into the center the first twisted iris.
  • We begin to alternate colors, stringing the color of braids and bows. We catch one, we start a hook under the second from above, we grab the bottom, we throw off in the middle. The same is done on the other side.

  • Plait according to the described sequence: we catch the next color, we hook under the second from above, we catch the bottom, we throw off.
  • We continue to weave on the above technology, until we reach the desired length.

  • To finish the decoration, we drop the lower loops in the middle, transfer the remaining ones from one column to the other. Connect the clip to both ends of the product.

How to weave on the hook

The bracelet on the hook differs in appearance from the previous one. He has the appearance of a bow or butterfly, worn by men around his neck. For the weaving of the product you will need a hook: it's better to use metal, rather than plastic, it's more convenient to work with. Here's the step-by-step instruction:

  • In three turns, put the iris on the hook. We catch another couple, we throw off the twisted into the center. We crochet for the second edge of the pair.
  • Remove the resulting structure in the center of the next pair.

  • Do the second step three more times.
  • Enter the head of the hook at the beginning of the received pigtail.

  • Remove the first loops in the center of a new pair.
  • Repeat the previous step 4 times.

  • We introduce the head of the hook into the center of the obtained weaving.
  • We skip the first loops in the middle of the new pair. We repeat this 5 times.

  • We remove all the loops for the next color of a pair of rubber bands.
  • We continue to weave a pigtail: in the center of a new pair we drop off the loops from the hook. We remove from the hook, we catch the plastic clip. One half is ready.

  • Enter the head of the hook into the upper loops.
  • Repeat all the above steps, creating the second half of the product. We connect both ends with a clip. At the center of the bow is a double twisted pair.

The original way of weaving a bracelet in the form of several bows

This method of weaving helps to make a bracelet that consists of several bows. This is an easy and quick way, based on a simple pigtail. For work it is necessary to choose several colors of elastic bands for bows and additional irises - for their connection among themselves. Follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • The first rubber band is wound with the eight on the hook. Picking up a new iris, pull it through two available loops, then put the other edge of the same rubber on the hook. It turns out again 2 loops.
  • Plait a pigtail from two irises. Pull the hook into the eyelet of the previous color, weave the second pigtail.

  • Return the hook to the white loop, make the third pigtail. Next we pass through all the loops.
  • We repeat the second and third steps, creating the second part of the bow.

  • Repeating the above technique, weave a few more bows until the decoration is of the required length.
  • We connect both ends of the product with a clip. In the middle of each bow is put on a rubber band that is twisted several times.

How to make a bracelet of rubberies and fasteners on the fingers

After studying the next master class, you will master the creation of an interesting bracelet. It consists of elements in the form of bows, which are joined together by plastic s-shaped fasteners. The weaving is very simple, since you will need to remember the steps of creating one part, then repeat the procedure several times. Choose contrasting colors or harmoniously combined shades to make the bracelet look bright and beautiful. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Twist the elastic twice. Add one more, at its end we catch the clip, as shown in the photo.
  • We make five more such petals. Choose colors so that the middle is different.

  • Create a few more flowers. We proceed to join the separate parts: from the three petals of the same flower, remove the clips, hook the clips of the three petals of the second flower.
  • By the technology described in the previous step, we connect all the elements together.

  • We close the product in a circle.

Two-color bracelet with a bow from small rubber bands

For this master class you will master the braiding of a bracelet in the form of a bow. For work choose elastic bands of two colors: for the main element and connecting pigtail. In the process of weaving you will need two hooks. Instructions step by step:

  • We throw the first and second gum with the eight. We pass all the loops through a new iris.
  • We gird two gums through the left and right loop.

  • We add three more irises, tying the first through an extreme loop, the second - through two central, the third - through the last.
  • We add four more: two - on the edges, two - on the center.

& gt;

  • Through all the loops we extend the iris of a different color, exchanging the central ones.
  • Begin to weave a half of the bracelet: each time on the hook there will be four loops, of which two central ones need to be swapped before adding a new rubber band. We stretch one iris through two loops, the second through the remaining ones.

& gt;

  • We continue to weave the bracelet according to this pattern: we cross two central loops among ourselves, add two new elastic bands, pass one through the first two loops, the second through the last two, continue to dress the gums in sequence. At the end, we attach the clip.
  • One piece of the bracelet is ready. Second sham: poke the head of the hook into the four central bows of the bow.

  • We pass one iris through all the loops on the hook. Flatter the second part of the bow on the technology described in 2-5 steps.
  • Let's move on to weaving the other part of the chain. Repeat 6-7 steps until we reach the desired size. We connect both ends with a plastic clasp.

Video tutorials for beginners on weaving the bracelet "Bantik" on the machine

Weaving from small silicone rubber bands is an exciting hobby that brings a lot of benefit to the young needlewoman: it develops imagination, fine motor skills, assiduity, attentiveness. Having mastered the basics of this hobby, each girl wants to make a lot of various ornaments, toys, accessories. In the videos below, you will learn how to weave a bracelet with a bow from Sergey and other masters. The finished product looks very nice, and from its creation you will get a lot of fun.

For work you will need a special machine. He was invented by an engineer to diversify the leisure time of his daughters. It is a series with pegs, which are fixed on three immovable platforms. With the help of stringing multicolored rubber bands you get a variety of patterns and finished products. Having studied the visual aids below, you can master the weaving of the irises.

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How to weave bracelets from elastic bands bow