When and how to teach the child to the pot: determined with the age of the baby, choose the fastest way - for 3-7 days

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  • 1. When to make first attempts?
  • 2. Optimal time for learning how to walk on the
  • pot 3. Speed ​​up the learning process for the new case
  • 4. Patience and work - all work out
  • 5. Contented baby - pot development method for 7 days
  • 6. Different techniquesmastering pot
  • 7. Select a pot for baby
  • 8. Useful tips from moms Komarovsky

All young mothers are waiting - not wait when you can clean away on the shelf boring diapers and her friends are glad to say that you are "saddled" onEnd, this long-awaited pot. But the reality is that sometimes it takes more time to start doing everything in an adult way. How to accustom the child to the pot, so that this process was pleasant and easy? When to start teaching a child to poke on a potty? And what are the most effective ways to master a new big business?

Child on the pot For mom accustom the baby to the pot - a relief, because it is a huge step towards independence when

baby to make the first attempt?

is believed that the age of 8 and 9 months - the perfect time to get used to the pot. In fact, here it is more about acquaintance with a new subject, and successful attempts take place at the level of reflexes. At the age of 6 months to 1 year old the kid actively studies his body and its capabilities. Understanding why sexual organs are needed. Comes faster, if the child is without a diaper - to begin the development of an adult business will become easier, if at this time completely abandon diapers.

This age is good for first acquaintance with the pot. Invite the baby to sit on the pot, but do not force it if the child refuses. Negative emotions will provoke a further rejection of a useful object for a long time. Strong friendship with the pot at the age of one year is possible only with the patient attitude of the mother. Talk about awareness or self-use toilet at this age is not necessary. The kid will learn to walk on the pot himself not earlier than one and a half years.

If the child does not mind, it should be planted after sleeping, eating and before going to sleep, considering only the reflective nature of the actions. Grudnichka teach up to 12 months to defecate in the right place - not an easy task, my mother must have patience.

optimum time for learning the skill of walking on

pot more successful attempts to wait for those moms who will begin to teach their children to go to pot aged 18-24 month. Such a temporary dispersion is associated with the developmental features of each child in psychological and physical terms, so it is impossible to say unequivocally how long it will take your child to master this necessary case. Each mother is able to determine the child's readiness to form a useful skill. We will tell you in detail how to accustom a child to a pot in 2 years.

for training is time, if the child can perform the following actions:

  • steady walking, ability to bend and squat;
  • possibility to take small items from the floor;
  • a good understanding of speech, requests and explanations;
  • ability to verbally express their needs;
  • discomfort from wet clothes and a desire to change raw panties;
  • ability to remain dry from two hours during wakefulness and after a quiet hour;
  • visit the toilet at the same time.

For a child of 2 years, the connection between a crowded intestine or bladder and a desire to go to the toilet becomes more and more obvious. Often, children have noticeable signs that they want to kick or write. The task of the mother - unobtrusively offer the child to do their business on a cozy pot, and do it calmly and thoroughly.

To sit out more than 5 minutes on a pot it is not necessary , it is better to make a new attempt a bit later. The process of schooling to a pot will go faster if you enter the rule of planting a child after sleeping, eating, playing active games, before walking and coming from a walk. The most important thing is to prove to the child that it is more convenient to walk on a pot, because dry and clean panties are much nicer than dirty and wet panties.

Period of planting the baby The ability to walk, and also to bend over objects and squat - are very important for training to the pot. That's where there are age recommendations - because the "slider" ability will be given harder

Accelerate the process of learning a new case

emphasize once again that addiction to pot in children wearing diapers, it will be much harder. The connection between the desire to go to the toilet and a full bladder is not obvious to them. Over time, the patient mother will solve this problem, but nevertheless diapers will have to be removed.

offer practical advice that will accelerate the process of habituation to the pot and ensure an excellent result:

  1. Diapers put away on the shelf - so the child will not have further difficulties with his taking pictures if you want to quickly get to the potty. Nobody can guarantee the absence of puddles, but this is an important step towards the right goal.
  2. Observing a child during the day will allow you to notice the first signs of his desire to go to the toilet. This can be grunting or other external manifestations. When this happens, you need to remind him to do everything in the pot. With successful attempts, do not forget to praise the baby from the heart, and if you fail, you should not scold him.
  3. The child should know that his clean and warm pot always stands in an accessible place.
  4. If nevertheless the kid has described, explain, that the pot would help to avoid such trouble. Express regret that it is damp and uncomfortable, but in no case do not scold.
  5. Make it a rule to drop the baby on the pot after sleeping, eating, walking and before going to bed. If you are with a child in an unusual environment, do not expect that the baby will be able to go to the toilet. Perhaps he just will not be able to relax.?


https: //www.youtube.com/ watch v = Bn-s8vdEfsI

patience and work - little effort

patient and attentive mothers children 3 years will notice positive changes in the development of new skills within one or two weeks, while the year-old child will master thisProcess for one or even two months. Do not forget that every child is individual and does not require its compliance with standards. Perhaps your child will learn a pot for a few days, and maybe he will need this skill for a month.

Excessively persistent attempts to put the baby on a pot can provoke a complete rejection of the subject. In this case, it is recommended that you do not drop out for a while, and then start getting used again.

While you are waiting for the right moment, tell the child about the benefits and necessity of the pot. Buying a new bright pot, perhaps, will arouse the interest of the baby and help start all over again.

Satisfied baby - technique of development of the pot for 7 days

new method of Gina Ford, try to practice many mums, guarantees an excellent result in just a week. For the success of the technique, the baby should be more than a year and a half, and he listens well to his mother, is able to perform simple actions.

1 day - a bold hand movement postpone diaper side , you no longer need, and what should be reported to your child. A grown up child is put in the morning to a pot for at least 10 minutes, trying to get him something. Tell me at this time about the usefulness and necessity of such a skill. In case of an unsuccessful attempt, repeat the planting in 15 minutes, and this time, study together the adult toilet, explaining why it is needed. When wet panties do not lose heart - a little patience and you will succeed.

Day 2 - watch out for the kid and at the slightest sign of desire to go to the toilet, offer a pot - this day is dedicated to the consolidation of yesterday's successes. Try not to allow the appearance of puddles, even with the keen play of the baby.

Day 3 - refuse diapers even during the walk , so you will not get the kid to confuse. Before a walk, it is advisable to go to the toilet successfully, and with them to the street it is recommended to take a pot to use it if necessary. Do not worry, the pot on the street is a temporary phenomenon.

4-7 day - plant a child regularly on the pot , because you probably already noticed the frequency of his urge to urinate. Perhaps the kid himself will not remember the pot for two hours, then your task is to remind him about it. In cases when the crumb itself asks for a pot, praise it and sincerely rejoice, because your positive reaction is a wonderful stimulus for the child.

Gina Ford "pretty baby" can master pot for a week, but even if the failures and blunders do not scold your toddler, and often try to remind about the usability of the pot. It will definitely work.

Various techniques mastering pot

There are other traditional and unusual techniques, telling us how to teach the child to ask for a pot, but they are similar to the above, so we will not consider them separately. The most important thing in the technique is to postpone all the cases and concentrate completely on training a new skill.

  1. In order to teach the child a useful process, pick up a comfortable and spacious clothing that can be easily removed if necessary.
  2. When the kid sits on a pot by mistake in shorts, do not blame him, he just had not quite memorized procedure( see also:. panties for toilet training).

Choosing a pot for a baby

The market for baby pots is rich and varied, you can choose the most suitable and convenient option. For a successful purchase, follow these guidelines:

  • Choose a plastic pot - among them there are many bright, comfortable and warm options. The cold surface of the pot will give the baby discomfort and prevent the successful development of a new case.
  • product must be stable, so that the child was comfortable to sit on his peas and unreliable design could provoke the fall than cause a negative attitude to the whole process.
  • When choosing musical pottery options, consider that they rather interest the child only as a new toy.
  • The child should be comfortable on the pot. The presence of the back will play an important role in the development of the subject of hygiene. Mom's careful choice will be appreciated by the baby, and he will try to please her with successful attempts.

When buying, note that the shape of pots for boys and girls is different. Maiden form - round, boyish - oval.

Children on pots Pots for boys and girls differ in shape, therefore there is no universal version

Useful tips from moms Dr. Komarovsky Komarovsky

recommends that mothers observe the following simple rules for easy exploration of the pot:

  • teach a child to master the pot is recommended in the summer: a minimum of clothing, and the opportunity to look like naked.
  • The readiness of the child must coincide with the readiness of the parents.
  • It will not be superfluous to have well-being and a good mood for each member of the family.
  • With successful attempts - friendly enthusiastic approval, with failures - do not show grief and displeasure.
  • Pay attention to your baby not only in the process of urination itself, but also on the need for the consistent fulfillment of certain actions: to remove her panties, to go to pot, pour a pot full to the toilet and return it to its original location.
  • Take for the rule to drop the baby on the pot after sleeping, eating, before going to bed and after a walk.
  • At the beginning of training it is possible to use diapers for a walk and during a night's sleep, and if you have a dry diaper in the morning, pay attention to it and praise it with all your heart.

Komarovsky pays special attention to the fact that it is more correct to teach a child to walk on a pot at a more conscious age. Optimal it finds an age of one and a half or two years, and the best time is summer. In the video program on this topic you will find answers to many exciting questions.

Now you know how to accustom a child to a pot, and also got acquainted with the most effective principles for the use of this science. You will be able to master these methods in practice and teach how to walk a baby on a pot for a week.


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