Life without diapers: 3 methods how to quickly wean the child to sleep at night without a diaper and accustom to a pot


  • 1. Life without diapers
  • 2. When is it better to wean a child from diapers?
  • 3. What does the conscious reflex mean?
  • 4. Recommendations and modern techniques
    • 4.1. Technique of ten tights
    • 4.2. Technique «Toy in the toilet»
    • 4.3. Method "Positive Example"
  • 5. Sleep without diapers

How the life of moms changed with the appearance of diapers! In the past, there were endless tiring washing, soaking, drying and ironing diapers. To look after the baby became much easier. However, modern moms ask another question: how to wean the child from diapers and painlessly accustom him to the pot?

Baby in diaper Diapers greatly facilitate the care of a young mother, but do not forget - they are only aids, from which you need to gradually wean the baby

Life without pampers

Anyway, the time comes when you need to say goodbye to diapers and teach your child how to handle the pot. Do not be scared: it's not so difficult, but you need to ta

ke seriously the choice of a transitional moment, take into account the individual characteristics of the child. Remember: the girls develop a little faster than the boys, so you can accustom them to the pot earlier.

Do not worry if your little one does not immediately react to the changes and will bypass the pot. Over time, the child will certainly begin to warn about his physiological needs, but in no case force you to sit down on the pot - this you will only frighten him and prolong the process of inculcating the skills of independence. The child's psyche is very vulnerable, so everything should happen naturally, without psychological, much less physical pressure.

Psychologists and pediatricians advise not to start the process of getting rid of pampers during periods:

  • pricking of teeth;
  • of colds;
  • appearance of the second baby;
  • during the period of housing change.

When is it better to wean a child from diapers?

In the last century there was a clear idea that the baby should be accustomed to the pot with half a year. At that time, parents did not think about how to wean the child from diapers, because they simply were not. But my mother was often reproached with the fact that the baby is already 6-7 months old, but he does not ask for a pot. Today the opinion of pediatricians has changed: at such an early age the child can be accustomed to independence only if the mother intuitively feels that it is time to put the baby on the pot - the method is called "incubation".The essence of the technique is that the child develops an unconditioned reflex, but there is no clear awareness of what he is doing at this age.

Important : most pediatricians are inclined to accustom children to the pot, starting from the age of 1.5 years. Before this period, as doctors and child psychologists say, do not disaccustom the child from diapers.

In the interval from one and a half to three years, the easiest way is to teach the child to sit down on the pot, not injuring or forcing him, developing in him a conditioned "deliberate" reflex and a conscious understanding of his independence. Parents can choose for themselves a transitional moment, taking into account the development of their child, his desires and needs.

Mom can safely try to plant crumbs on a pot if:

  • knows at what times a child just wants to go to the toilet;
  • the child remains dry for several hours;
  • the baby himself pulls the diaper, thus showing the desire to go to the toilet.

What does the conscious reflex mean?

You can talk about the conditioned unconditioned reflex, if the child quietly goes to the pot at the request of the mother or father. But the rule of "conscious" reflex implies that the kid himself asks for a potty. And such a "thoughtful" reflex should be oriented. This is a big victory for the child and parents.

Do not believe the outdated speculations that diapers should be weaned as early as possible - all these are echoes of the past. Modern pediatricians are sure: the later this process begins, the less painless it will be for the child, and for the parents. How to navigate with the choice of the transition moment? Evaluate the situation, based on the following factors:

  • the kid already knows how to dress and remove some things on his own;
  • the child responds adequately to the request to go to the toilet;
  • the kid is interested in his pot;
  • the child sometimes tries to show or say about his physiological needs.


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Recommendations and modern techniques

All of the above points are manifested in your child? You can safely wean the baby from diapers. Do it as delicately as possible so as not to scare off the little crumb from the pot - the methods of European pediatricians will help us, which we will consider below. Following them, you can quickly and painlessly wean the baby from diapers and keep at the same time his psychological health.

Technique of ten tights

Following this technique, the mother should be stocked with ten pairs of tights. Within one week, mom in the morning, wearing tights, should say to the baby: "We ran out of diapers, when you want to go to the toilet, be sure to tell me."Do not be discouraged if the baby does not immediately respond to your request and will continue to write in his pants, because he is used to it. Sooner or later the child will experience discomfort from wet tights and understand that it is necessary to talk about their needs to feel good and dry.

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Advice to the mother applying this method:

  • this technique is suitable only if the apartment is always warm;
  • use pantyhose and panties, which can be easily removed even in wet conditions;
  • Please note that the elastic band should not push hard on the tummy.

According to statistics, this technique gives good results. The baby is weaned from diapers for 5-6 days.

The technique of ten tights The technique of ten tights requires the child to comprehend the basics of "toilet" science in less than a week

"Toy in the toilet"

The favorite toy of your child will help him get rid of wearing diapers. True, it will take your imagination, because the method involves thematic and role-playing games. Here is one of the variants of this game:

  1. Put two pots.
  2. At one plant the baby, on the other - his most favorite toy( bear, rabbit, etc.).
  3. If a child goes to the toilet - it's a victory! Loudly applaud your baby so that he will feel positive emotions from what he did. Do not feel sorry for the good words of praise, tell your dad and rejoice at this event together.

Recommendations for Mom:

  • Turn on the tap with water when the baby sits on the pot. It is known that this stimulates urination.
  • Entertain the child when he is sitting on the pot. Read books together, play with it in something.
  • For 30 minutes before going to the toilet, offer the child a drink.
Method with a toy Toy on the pot will be an excellent stimulus for the child if the mother connects the fantasy and plays the whole representation

Method "Positive Example"

Note your baby's children who walk without pampers. Children often aspire to imitate older brothers, sisters or neighbor children. Following a positive example, your baby will very quickly disaccustom from diapers.

It will be easier for those parents whose children go to the kindergarten. There, paying attention to their comrades, the children quickly become accustomed to the pot. You can invite a girlfriend with a child who already knows how to use a pot - your child will necessarily want to repeat a curious activity for him.

Sleep without diapers

To teach a child to walk during the day without diapers is only half the battle. It is much more difficult to control this process at night - not all babies can sleep soundly all night without diapers and remain dry at the same time.

At first, mom needs to remind the baby every time before going to bed that he will sleep without a diaper. The child will gradually get used to the fact that at night he needs to ask for a toilet. Many mothers wake up at night at the same time( usually around midnight) of their baby to put him on the pot. Thus, it will develop a night mode, providing for a trip to the toilet at a certain time, and he will wake up himself and ask to go to the toilet at night.

advice: watch your child's sleep. If he restlessly sleeps, often turns, most likely - wants to go to the toilet.

Recommendations to mothers:

  • wean the baby from diapers gradually;
  • do not drink by force the baby before going to bed;
  • teach the child to walk on the pot before going to bed;
  • in the morning after sleep, put it on the pot regularly;
  • do not forget to praise the kid for every little victory.


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