The sequence for bathing a newborn: how to brew the grass and how to bathe the child in a bath with a string?


  • 1. Pros and cons of the plant
  • 2. Rules for the preparation of a bath with a string
    • 2.1.The recipe is infused from the sequence
    • 2.2. How to prepare a decoction?
  • 3. How to use a string while bathing a newborn?
  • 4. Tips and tricks

Bathing a newborn is a very responsible procedure for parents. For her, moms use a variety of cosmetics, which are now on the market in a wide variety, but some parents prefer to bathe the baby in the old manner - with the addition of folk remedies. More often mummies give preference to a camomile, a dandelion, a mug, and sometimes all use a turn. So is it good and useful for babies? How to bathe the crumbs with a useful decoction from the string by all the rules and eliminate the side effects?

Do not thinklessly prescribe to your child a bath of medicinal plants. If the parents decided to do this, they should closely monitor the reaction of the baby and cancel the sequence when an allergy occu

Pluses and minuses of the plant

The turn of the century has been valued by our ancestors as a curative folk remedy that relieves skin diseases. In folk medicine and pharmacology, this medicinal herb is known for its high content of manganese in its composition, which is perfectly absorbed into the baby's skin, providing an antimicrobial and wound healing effect.

Grass of a string Benefits of succession during bathing of newborns:

  • eliminates diaper rash on the thin and tender skin of a newborn;
  • fights with manifestations of diathesis and dermatitis;
  • reduces itching;
  • disinfects and soothes the skin;
  • eliminates skin inflammation, rash, pimples, seborrhea;
  • stabilizes the nervous system.

Like any remedy, a string can also have a side effect associated with improper use of the herb. Negative effects of the alternation in neonatal bathing:

  • the grass has a drying effect, so that the thin skin of the newborn can peel;The
  • plant is capable of causing allergic reactions if the child has an individual intolerance to this plant;
  • a baby may have weakness after bathing in a healing solution.
Plant of the turn Despite the popularity of the string, do not forget that it is a herbal remedy that can cause allergic reactions

Rules for preparing a bath with a turn

For the bathing procedure in a healing bath, you must first make infusion or decoction from the turn. If you wash crumbs in the evening, then prepare the broth for a day, but not later than 1 hour before the procedure. Do not be afraid to brew the grass in the morning: until evening, the broth will not deteriorate - on the contrary, it will become even more saturated.

Recipe infusion from the string

  • 15 grams of a dry plant, pour three cups of boiling water.
  • Wrap the container with brewed grass with a warm towel and leave it for 12 hours in any shady place. For such a long time, the turn will give water all its useful properties, and the infusion will be saturated, ready for use.

How to cook a decoction?

  • Prepare a porcelain or enameled decoction tank. Put in it 15 grams of dry grass and pour two cups of boiling water.
  • Cover the container with a lid and place on a water bath. Boil the mixture for 15 minutes, and then allow it to cool for 40 minutes.

Such proportions are suitable for bathing in a small bath. If you need more volume, then proceed from the following calculation: 10 grams of string per 10 liters of water.

In the pharmacies you can find a string( like a daisy) in sachets, which is also perfect for bathing your crumbs. In this case, you can dilute as follows: 6 packets per 10 liters of water.

The infusion is more concentrated than the decoction: it retains most of the nutrients, but must be prepared in advance. With the decoction everything is much simpler: it can be brewed literally an hour before bathing, however, the benefit will be slightly less - due to prolonged boiling in the decoction a smaller share of medicinal substances will remain.

You do not want to brew grass, you can do it simply: buy ready-made extracts in the pharmacy - it's fast, practical and will appeal to those mothers who do not have enough time to make infusions or broths. Such an extract is ready for use, and there is no need to calculate the proportions, since it contains the necessary concentration, acceptable for bathing crumbs. In pharmacies, there are similar extracts from other herbs, including chamomile.

How to use a string while bathing newborns?

Strain the broth( infusion).In a bath with water of the right temperature, add the prepared infusion, decoction or extract of the string. Attention: do not allow any grains or foreign bodies to enter the water! Put in the baby's bath and gently bathe it in the healing water with a turn of no more than 15 minutes. If you do this for the first time, then 5 minutes will be enough for crumbs. Do not use familiar cleansers, even baby soaps or shampoos.

Before taking out the baby, do not rinse it with plain water, otherwise the effect of using the medication will decrease. After wiping, lubricate the delicate skin of the baby with baby cream or a special oil, after all, the skin dries up, so oil or cream is needed so that the baby does not have peeling.

Bathing in a line It is not necessary to wipe the baby after bathing, so that the train can "work" with the skin and on - provided that this grass has approached the baby

It is best to perform the procedure of "ablution" in the evening before going to bed: it will calm him down, relax him. After such a bath, the baby will sleep well.

Tips and Tricks

Next, we will give a few tips aimed at the competent procedure of bathing a baby with the addition of a string. Do not neglect them, because the child is the most important thing in your life. Here, extra advice from professionals never hinders:

  • For the procedure, use the herbs( including the string), bought at the pharmacy.
  • You should not bathe baby in the healing water often. It is enough to conduct one or two procedures a week.
  • It is known that in the first days you can not bathe a newborn baby until the umbilical wound has dried up. Especially in the first days of birth it is impossible to do this in the water with a succession. Start healing "ablutions" after about two weeks from the appearance of crumbs to light.
  • To avoid an allergic reaction, it is necessary to conduct a pre-test for the tolerability of the herb. To do this, extract the inside of the forearm with an extract or a ready infusion, observe the reaction. If the skin color has not changed, there is no redness - hence, the broth will not cause any side effects.
  • Do not combine with other herbs, even chamomile. Use only one herb when bathing.
  • Keep in mind that the plant includes a coloring pigment. Use a special towel to wipe the baby, it is better than dark color, since it can not be washed to its original state.

How much useful did you learn about bathing babies in the healing line! Be sure to follow these recommendations, and then your baby will be healthy, calm and happy.


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