How to quickly disaccustom a child from swaddling for the night: 6 ways to teach a baby to sleep without a diaper

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  • 1. When in diapers is not needed?
  • 2. Weaning process

In most cases, the first element of clothing for each baby is a diaper. Although now you can buy sliders and ryoshonki any size, but pediatricians still recommend not to give up swaddling. In the process of development and growth of a baby, diapers lose their value, because in the future they only delay development - it is important to know when and how best to start them to clean out of everyday life.

A child sleeps in diapers

When in diapers is not needed?

In the first weeks of life, children feel comfortable and calmly swaddled. This is due to the fact that at 9 months of pregnancy the baby does not have enough room in the tummy of his mother, and his actions are limited, so this process reminds him of the usual situation, calming him.

As a child grows up, he actively studies his body parts and learns how to manage them. He can watch his hands and feet for a long time, each movement carries him new inform
ation, and in a diaper this stage of development becomes impossible. Approximately to the 3-4-month-old age, there is no longer a need for a round-the-clock diapering.

Each baby develops at an individual pace. Some begin to protest against the diapers in the first month. If the baby actively releases the handles from the diaper, and the process itself brings discomfort, then it can be completely canceled, or swaddled only to the waist. There are other situations - for example, when the activity of handles prevents the baby from sleeping - in this case, you can leave this process for up to 5 months( less often up to six months) and exercise it only at night and before daytime sleep.

If a toddler, accustomed to sleeping with tight swaddling, will lie down in his crib in sliders, then the night will not be easy - he will become capricious, and then remain irritated and restless all day long.

An important point in refusing swaddling is to find out the reason for its need. Some toddlers in the process of sleep are troubled by the legs, and some - by handles. When the cause is clarified, it will help with refusal to swaddle, because you can restrict the freedom of only certain parts of the body. If swaddling only the legs is required, and the handles will be free, it is better to wear special gloves on them. Thanks to them you can not worry about the sudden appearance of scratches on the face and body.

Sleep without diapers The baby can sleep freely without diapers and fettering clothes at once - this is hampered by chaotic movements of his hands and feet

The process of weaning

How to disaccustom the child from swaddling? According to Dr. Komarovsky, in the process of caring for a child, it is not worth doing anything drastically.

The key to successful education is the gradualness of actions, the calm of the parents and their patience. Three of these conditions should be taken into service for everyone, because the anxiety of mom and dad can be transmitted to the baby.

To make this process as easy as possible, there are some useful tips:

  • Gradually reduce the tightness of the diaper. Lower tension allows you to gradually get used to the child's freedom of movement. Sharp actions can only harm him.
  • Refusal of restriction with the diaper pens. The second step on the way to getting rid of swaddling is opening your hands while you sleep. That the child could not damage to itself, there are special gloves-scratches.
  • Replacement of the diaper with a blanket or plaid. Having wrapped their child during sleep, parents allow the baby to open, which was previously impossible.
  • You can also put the baby for the night in a diaper, and in the process of sleep, remove it. It is possible that he will wake up and start screaming, and to calm him, he will have to swallow it again. Do not quickly perform this action - it is quite possible that soon the baby falls asleep on its own.
  • If a child can not sleep without a diaper, you can try putting it on your hands. This method should not be used too often, since it will get used to sleeping only in such conditions. It will be much more difficult to put out of sleep on hands than from sleeping with a diaper.
  • An effective way to accustom a child to free sleep is purchasing a special sleeping bag for children. It provides the child with a familiar environment, but at the same time makes his movements more free. The presence of the fastener allows it to open and gradually pass to sleep without a bag.

In the process of weaning a child from changing, parents need to be consistent and more patient. If the baby is very naughty and can not fall asleep for a long time, then the refusal of the diapers can be postponed.


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