How to properly wash and wash a newborn boy under the tap: photo and video about intimate hygiene


  • 1. Physiological features of the boys
  • 2. How to wash the baby?
  • 3. Hygiene of the foreskin
  • 4. Use of diapers and underwear
  • 5. Reasons for concern

The issue of intimate care of boys is very delicate and important, but causes a lot of difficulties, especially for young parents. Many mothers do not know how to wash a newborn properly. In this process there are a number of their rules and some nuances, and their non-compliance can lead to various diseases in the baby and even to problems with men's health in the future.

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Boy Modern intimate hygiene is the guarantee of the health of the future man!

Physiological characteristics of boys

The main feature of the structure of the genital organs in newborn boys is that during the intrauterine development and after birth the head of the penis is covered by the foreskin. The sexual organ of the baby is thus protect

ed from bacteria and pollution - this phenomenon is called congenital phimosis and persists up to 3-5 years. Independently remove the foreskin from a newborn at the age of up to six months is not necessary, otherwise you can apply microtrauma and damage the health of crumbs.

Special cells close and glue the margins of the foreskin over the head, but gradually they die and accumulate inside - a child's smug appears. The substance periodically goes outside while urinating, but it does not harm the health of the baby, so it should not be cleaned up properly, it's enough to wash it off with warm water. Closer to 5 years, when the head of the boy begins to open, the volume of glands produced by the glands will increase.

Regular hygiene procedures are extremely important for the health of a small man. They help prevent infections from getting inside and causing inflammation.

How to wash the baby?

When answering the question of how to wash a newborn boy, many young mothers make many mistakes. They believe that it is enough to clean the dirty diaper, wash the intimate places of the baby under the tap and wipe it with a towel. This is not entirely true.

Each time a diaper is changed, the crumb should be washed. Before this, it is necessary to take care of the hygiene of your own hands - they must be absolutely clean. To wash a newborn baby is better under running warm water, using boiled - this is superfluous. Do not get carried away with the use of soap and foam for intimate hygiene of newborn boys( especially at the age of up to 6 months), since these remedies can lead to redness and irritation on the delicate skin of the baby.

Washing the boy Doctors do not approve of boy's washing away from the anus, because germs can move to the genitals of the baby

How to wash the newborn and keep it properly during washing? There is no common opinion of children's doctors on this issue. Some believe that a small child during the procedure can not be placed on the surface or hand pop up( as shown in the photo), because harmful bacteria from the anus can get to the penis, while others note that the direction of the jet does not play a role.

After washing do not need to diligently wipe the skin of a newborn, just enough to get wet intimate places with a towel( always soft).It is allowed to use in moderate amounts of powder against diaper rash, as well as baby oils and creams for moisturizing.

Hygiene of the foreskin

Often parents of boys do not know what to do while washing with extreme flesh, whether it can be delayed. The famous doctor Komarovsky in his video lessons asserts that it is impossible to do so in any case, his opinion is shared by many other pediatricians.

In general, young moms and dads often commit series of errors :

  • try to push the foreskin on the penis of a newborn baby, in fact, the covered head is a completely normal phenomenon, and the folding itself will change over time, each occurs at different ages;
  • is trying to remove infant smegma under the foreskin, using cotton swabs, but do not do this, as this substance is gradually self-removed during urination;
  • try to dip under the foreskin oil for children;
  • wash the foreskin using soap, which often leads to irritation of the tender skin.


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Using diapers and underwear

The question of the correct use of diapers remains controversial for many years. Of course, they greatly simplify the life of young mothers, since women do not have to spend a lot of time washing and ironing a heap of diapers and children's clothes. At the same time, too suspicious and restless parents are afraid to put diapers on their children, since they consider them harmful. They use these means only in extreme cases - for example, during long trips or long walks.

Modern manufacturers produce special hygiene products for boys, when they are made, all the features of the anatomical structure of the genital organs of a small man are taken into account. In such diapers, the crumb will not feel any discomfort, since a special hygroscopic coating absorbs all the moisture perfectly. Products of the new generation do not adversely affect the sexual health of future men, because testicles in them do not overheat .

The topic of diaper dermatitis in babies also remains debatable. Excellent prevention of his appearance - a regular change of diapers and careful intimate hygiene of the baby. To the skin of the child there were no redness and irritation, it is necessary to change the diaper to it at least once every 3-4 hours .

Children's doctors warn about possible negative consequences of using diapers with odors. The skin of the baby is very sensitive and tender - it is unclear what kind of reaction can cause all sorts of flavors.

Change of diaper To make the boy comfortable and comfortable, it is recommended to change the diaper at least once every 4 hours.

. When the child turns a year, it is desirable to wear panties instead of diapers. With their help, it will be easier to teach crumbs to walk on their own.

Reasons for concern

All parents need to approach the issue of sexual health of their young sons with all responsibility.

Having noticed in the field of intimate organs of reddening or rashes, as well as edema of the foreskin, it is necessary to consult a specialist - a children's urologist or andrologist, in extreme cases, a pediatrician.

Disregarding the rules of intimate hygiene often leads to serious health problems in boys. In this case, you may experience:

  • fungal infections;
  • allergic irritations;
  • infection;
  • pathological phimosis - it differs from congenital, it is usually accompanied by discomfort and painful sensations, can appear after the transferred inflammations causing formation of adhesions and scars;
  • balanoposthitis - an inflammatory disease, can be caused by violation of the rules of intimate hygiene.

Pain, pain and difficulty in urinating, redness or rash in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčintimate organs, swelling of the penis - dangerous symptoms, indicating a possible disease. In this case, parents need to visit a doctor - only a specialist will be able to identify the problem and prescribe the right treatment.


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