How to properly wash and wash a newborn girl: video lessons of intimate hygiene and care

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  • 1. What should I remember when washing a girl?
  • 2. Requirements for the care of a girl
  • 3. Care for a girl after washing
  • 4. Cosmetic products for underwear
  • 5. Physiological features after birth
  • 6. Breast care rules
  • 7. Bathing organization
  • 8. Advice to moms

In order for a baby to grow up to be a healthy child, in addition to full nutrition and physical development, it is necessary to maintain the purity of its body. Particular attention is required by the intimate zone of the baby, and care for the girl and the boy because of their physiological characteristics will be different. What is the hygiene of newborn girls, every mother who brings up her daughter must know. In the future, from her actions to care for the girl will depend on the happiness and health of the future woman.

Newborn baby girl Caring for the baby today - good health tomorrow!

What should I remember when I wash the girl?

Mom, having a daughter, it is i

mportant to remember that because of anatomical structures the sexual sphere of the baby is very sensitive to external stimuli. If the girl's hygiene is observed for the newborn baby, water procedures should not be neglected, the baby should be washed regularly, carefully, adhering to certain rules. In this case, you need to know that beneficial bacteria that are on the skin and mucous membrane are necessary to maintain a healthy environment. To ensure that the beneficial microflora is not excessively washed away, experts advise washing up crumbs using soap no more than three times a week.

Important! Mom should take into account that an unreasonable commitment to cleanliness can badly affect the health of the baby and lead to a pathology such as synechia - a partial fusion of the labia minora.

Requirements for the care of the girl

Intimate hygiene of a girl Pediatricians emphasize that the pathology can arise because of the frequent use of soap, which traumatises the mucous membrane of the genital organs and causes inflammation. It is also inadmissible to wash the baby very deeply, since the cosmetic products that get inside are not washed out properly, cause vaginitis in the girl. Therefore, it will be sufficient to conduct thorough washing after defecation, as well as during the evening bathing.

For the rest of the time, to maintain the purity of the body, you can simply rinse under tap water from the tap when changing diapers( after 2-3 hours) and using wipes for external rubbing.

The hygiene of a newborn girl requires knowledge of the basic rules for the care of the genital area, which are formulated approximately as follows:

  1. Before washing, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. After removing the diaper, remove the stool with a paper towel or a damp cloth.
  3. Choose the most comfortable position for washing from front to back. It is best to put the crumb on the elbow of the bent hand and hold it by the left hip.
  4. Preliminary check the water temperature( about 37 °).
  5. To prevent burns, do not directly direct the water jet to the baby's body, as hot or cold water can suddenly go. If the baby is securely held, the water will first fall into the hands of the mother and you can react quickly to a change in temperature.
  6. To prevent feces from entering the vagina, causing inflammation, rinsing should be done by moving the hand from top to bottom towards the anus.
  7. When washing the older girls, the movement of the hand will be from the bottom up towards the coccyx. This is necessary for preliminary washing of the anal area.
  8. Then wash hands and rinse with water rinse the child's external genitalia.
Girl in a diaper After water procedures do not rush to wear diaper, arrange baby 15-20 minutes of air baths

Care for girl after washing

The rules of care after washing are simple enough, however they are also important to take into account the hygiene of newborns, especially girls:

  1. After washing away, putting the baby comfortably on the table, with a clean towel gently wet the area genital area, the folds in the groin, and only then wipe the area of ​​the anus.
  2. Skin and mucous membranes are best moistened with baby cream, as they are still dry and vulnerable in newborns.
  3. It is important to know that the labia can not be wiped from the inside, as this causes a violation of the internal microflora and leads to urogenital infections.
  4. Soap for washing and bathing must be childish, preferably liquid.
  5. After cleaning the genitals, and handling the baby should be allowed to her to lie naked( 15 minutes), as the air bath is better than any cosmetics to protect against diaper rash and helps the mucous in the sexual sphere.

Cosmetic products for washing

To avoid many troubles during the care of newborn girls, we must carefully approach the choice of cosmetics. The best means for caring for the genital area of ​​breast crumbs is pure running water. When pollution baby skin need to use soap or other detergents which are better to buy in specialty stores - it is more reliable than the market, as there are respected the rules of storage, and have quality certificates. Cosmetic products( gels, foams, liquid soap) are used during evening bathing not more than 3 times a week, so as not to harm the child.

Girl after bathing After bathing baby may be allowed some time to lie without clothes - genitals dry naturally and there will be no diaper rash

Physiological characteristics after birth

Every mother should know some of the physiological characteristics that may occurImmediately after the birth of a child - for example, a baby can be observed on the labia of a special coating of light gray or cream color - the remnants of original grease( smegma).These secretions should not frighten the mother, because with their small amount, no medical intervention is needed, they will gradually absorb into the skin. In the presence of a sufficiently dense plaque, it is necessary to carefully remove it with a soft swab dipped in boiled oil.

After birth( in the first week) from the genitals of a tiny girl, you can notice mucus-spotting, which indicates a hormonal crisis of newborns. This state of the crumbs is not dangerous, because the very pass after a while, but the mother should be attentive to her daughter at this point, and with a strong reddening of the skin, purulent secretions to see a specialist. Rules

care breasts

In addition to these features in the baby after some time after birth may swell and redden the mammary glands, appear similar to the allocation of colostrum. Such manifestations are due to hormonal changes, they should not cause fear to the mother, since all the discharge will disappear in two to three weeks. At this time, the mother especially carefully should monitor the cleanness of the skin around the mammary glands, the comfort of clothing for the child. Do not massage your chest or try to squeeze out something. Only breast enlargement in size and pronounced redness can be cautious - then it is necessary to show the child to the doctor.

Bathing organization

Although bathing girls and boys is not particularly strong, the baby needs to be washed beforehand. This necessary condition is associated with the peculiarities of the structure of the girl - it is not allowed that the feces get inside and cause inflammation. The principle of scouring crumbs before dropping into the bath is the same as after changing diapers.

When carrying out water procedures, the water temperature should be equal to the body temperature of the child( about 36 °), then with active training of children to bathing, it decreases by 1 ° every week. Within a month, until the umbilical cord begins to heal, the procedure is performed in a baby bath, then the babies can be bathed in a large bath, and afterwards - they can use a shower.

Bathing a newborn girl Before the complex bathing, the baby should be thoroughly washed so that the stool does not enter the water, and then - on the genitals. This is done to avoid infection

Tips for moms

Summarizing the rules of maintaining cleanliness when washing a newborn, it is necessary to recall:

  • means for carrying out the procedure and preventing inflammation is pure running water;
  • cosmetic products, liquid soap are used only for contamination and during bathing of the child;
  • it is permissible to use liquid cosmetics up to 3 times a week;Care products are used only for external washing;
  • before washing the crumbs you need to wash your hands thoroughly;The washing is done by one-way movements from the top down;
  • having finished the procedure, get wet with a towel intimate area of ​​the baby;
  • when using laundry, you need to ensure that it does not rub in the inguinal zone, it was made of natural fabrics;
  • must show the girl a specialist once a year;
  • to teach the baby to take care of herself properly as she grows up and in 5-6 years to accustom to independence while washing.

Referring to the recommendations of the children's doctor Komarovsky, moms can view the video on the step-by-step process of washing the girl. You can take advice from a doctor who recalls that problems in the intimate sphere of babies can arise from soap, due to chlorinated water. Therefore, in order not to harm the child, one should not get involved in active and frequent washing.


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