How to properly swaddle a newborn baby: 3 techniques with a step-by-step photo-instruction, all "pros and cons" swaddling

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  • 1. The need for changing a newborn baby
  • 2. How to swaddle a small child
    • 2.1. Where to swaddle a newborn baby?
    • 2.2. Tight swaddling
    • 2.3. Free swaddling
    • 2.4. Do you swaddle a child in the heat and how?
    • 2.5. Photo-instructions
  • 3. Posology of swaddling
  • 4. Disadvantages of changing a small child
  • 5. How many months do babies swaddle?
  • 6. Advice of Dr. Komarovsky

To swaddle a baby is not such a simple matter as it seems. It is better to learn to do this before his birth, read literature, go to the lessons in a women's consultation. Do I need to swaddle a newborn? How correctly to swaddle the newborn? How long does it take to wrap up - to what age? What is the sequence of actions? Does it make sense to wrap babies in diapers during the hot season? How tightly should the wrapping of your baby be? What do the generally recognized authorities of pediatrics think about this, such as Dr. Komarovsky? W

e'll talk about all this.

Baby in diapers The art of swaddling can be learned quickly, but the very decision making about the need for swaddling is rather complicated.

The need for swaddling a newborn baby

Why screw babies? During pregnancy the baby is under reliable protection of the mother's body. Birth is a difficult physical and mental work not only for the mother, but also for the newborn: he appears in the light and loses his habitual environment, which can lead to serious stress. If you wrap the baby in a diaper, it will seem to him that he is again in the womb, he will feel protected. For the nervous system of the baby swaddling is useful, only it is necessary to learn this process, to observe the technology, not to violate hygiene.

Methods of swaddling a small child

Before swaddling a baby, it must be washed and wiped, then put on a baby disposable diaper( diaper).A step-by-step diagram of use is drawn on the package.

You can make yourself a diaper. To do this, 2 pieces of gauze 50 x 50 cm stitched together on 3 sides, turn out the seams inside and sew up the edges inwards with the 4th side. Then make one more line around the perimeter of the diaper, having retreated from the edges of 5 mm. The technique of napkin cutting and sewing can be found on the photo. Before using such a diaper, it must be washed, dried and ironed, then the diaper is folded in half with a triangle. The kid is placed on this triangle so that the 2 corners of the diaper are on different sides of the baby's thighs, and the third is between his legs. First, a third angle is wrapped up between the legs to the belly, then the other two corners of the gauze triangle are placed on top in turn. In addition to the diaper, the baby is put on a clean ironed raspashonku with a smell on his chest. On the table lay a warm diaper, on top of a light calico.

The diaper should also be washed, dried and ironed. Insufficiently clean or wet diaper will give the newborn trouble in the form of diaper rash or dermatitis.

Where to swaddle a newborn baby?

Wrap the baby on any surface - it can be a sofa or a dining table. Some parents buy a special changing table. Just do not leave your baby unattended on a changing table! Perhaps you think that he is still small and will not be able to turn and fall, but when he learns to turn around, it will happen suddenly. You can not keep track, and the child will fall from the table to the floor, do not take risks - it is better that the changing table on 3 sides is surrounded by furniture, preventing the fall of the baby, and on the 4th side there would be a mother.

Baby changing table The changing table is a real find for the mother, because changing diapers, swaddling or changing clothes becomes easy and convenient

You can buy a special chest of drawers. It has a pull-out swaddling board, which is immediately pushed inside after the end of the process. The chest of drawers will last longer - you can store things in your boxes for a few more years. There are also folding tables.

Tight swaddling

This method assumes that the baby will be wrapped in a diaper completely, with handles. The diaper is spread out on the table in full width, the toddler is placed on the top in the middle. The upper edge of the diaper runs at the level of the newborn's neck, the head does not lie on the fabric. First wrap the child's handles, wrapping the diaper on the sides of the baby through the abdomen to the back. Then wrap the lower edge of the diaper over the legs to the shoulders of the baby, spread and wrap around its body, plugging one edge of the matter after the other.

Tight swaddling a young child often practice before going to bed, the baby is not waving hands and palms did not get myself in the face, which would prevent him from sleep. The video of changing the newborn baby can be seen below.

The methods of changing a newborn baby depend on the weather and time of day. You can wrap the kid and with the head - this method is used before a walk in a cool time. The diaper and the blanket are placed one on top of the other. Slightly retreating from the end, lay babies head to the corner. Then, with the other two ends, the handles are wrapped. The lower corner of the blanket is wrapped up on the legs of the baby, then tie it with tape so that the blanket does not open. The top end of the blanket is put on the head of the baby, if it's very cold outside.


https:? // watch v = b5glA3YK-mI

Free swaddling

During wakefulness can apply such an algorithm wrap the newborn in which it handles are not swaddled, and legs can move inside the pouch of tissue. Spread again first warm lambskin, then on top of the cotton diaper. They should be at the child at the level of the armpits.

Wrap thin diaper around the calf at the breast, leaving the pen on the outside, the lower edge of the diaper is raised on legs and belly up, straighten, and also wrapped around, tucked into one end of the diaper on the other. The same is done with a warm diaper. Below is a video on free changing.


https:? // watch v = WzfwPZ_6Ql8

swaddled child whether in the heat and how to do it?

In the heat it makes sense to use calico diapers - they are soft to the touch and thin enough, the baby will not be hot. Swaddling the newborn baby is carried out according to the free( open) method described above.

Does it make sense to wrap a baby at night? This case is purely individual. Some children sleep well and without swaddling, and others wrapped in swaddling clothes almost up to 3 years, although at this age is good to get along with other measures. If the child does not wake up from the involuntary movements of its pens, it can not be wrapped in a dense way. A free method of wrapping is still necessary in the first weeks of life.

For use in the summer days diapers from knitted material are suitable. In them, the newborn will be comfortable, as they stretch, repeating all the lines of the baby's calf. Only it is necessary to take into account that the material should have only natural components in it - from the synthetic tissues the baby may have irritation on the skin.

Photo instructions

Classic swaddling option Classic version of swaddling: first, under the right handle baby wrapped left corner diapers, etc. - bottom corner to the top, at the end - the right to remain corner wrapped crumbs, securing the rear
Photo-instruction with swaddling This option is very similar to the previous one, only a small difference - lowerThe edge of the diaper is wrapped around the right handle. It is suitable for more active children
Envelope-diaper It is very convenient to swaddle a child in a special envelope-diaper. The technique is simple: the baby's legs are "packaged" in a pouch, then - by alternately pressing the handles and fixing the edges with special Velcro

Positive Swaddling Mats

In the old days, our mothers and grandmothers did not ask whether the child should be swaddled, swaddled all children, believing that this should be. Today this issue is very relevant. Many young mothers adhere to old views that the dense way of wrapping the baby is the most faithful. Other women believe that it makes sense to apply a free method. Still others do not wrap their children at all, considering it unnecessary. Who is right? Swaddling has its pros and cons.

That's what it says:

  1. The risk of baby stress after birth is reduced. He feels himself in a diaper protected, like in the womb of his mother, quieter sleeping.
  2. Warm diaper is used to promote the process of thermoregulation. After birth, the baby does not immediately get used to the temperature of the environment, because in his stomach he was at a temperature of 36.6 degrees Celsius. At first it is necessary to provide him with the usual temperature.
  3. The baby still poorly coordinates his movements. During sleep, his hands can move, he can get a handle on his face. If it is properly wrapped, this will not happen.


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Cons swaddling a young child

That's what tells the detriment swaddling:

  1. Tight swaddling grudnichka leads to fixation of limbs in an extended state. This can lead to various diseases. An uninflaged kid keeps the handles and legs in a more natural state.
  2. In summer warm weather, a tight swaddling of the baby can lead to overheating, violating its heat exchange.
  3. A dislocation of the hip can result in a tight swaddling. This moment speaks against swaddling.
  4. Dense screwing the baby may appear unjustified pressure on the chest, making it difficult to breath it.
  5. Some psychologists believe that the psyche of children, which in their infancy was tightly wrapped, is different from other kids. They inhibit development, they slowly form their "I".

is necessary to consider that mental negative aspects appear only if the child wrapped in swaddling clothes longer than 2 months. A newly-born baby does not face such harm.

Experts agree on a compromise version of the free swaddling, which is devoid of the disadvantages tight, but has the same advantages. It does not constrain the movement of the baby, and makes him feel that he is in a safe place.

Free swaddling Free swaddling is a compromise between opponents and swaddlers. It leaves the handle and open the top half of the body, forming a loose cocoon for

legs swaddled babies How many months?

If the baby is healthy and calm, sleeps well, fusses with diapers, it makes sense to continue no more than 3 weeks after the birth of .Up to what age it is necessary to swaddle a specific baby, parents decide, but do not do it longer than 3 months. If you use free swaddling from 1.5 to 3 months, this will be quite enough - that's the answer to the question of how long to swaddle a baby. If the baby does not sleep well, cover it with a blanket. Wear him a shirt with woven sleeves so that he does not scratch himself with his own nails.

Advice from Dr. Komarovsky

Dr. Komarovsky believes that swaddling is an individual process. Some children do not sleep well, are restless, suffer from heat exchange. They need to be swaddled strictly according to the instructions, with an eye on the weather and the child's well-being. It is better to practice free swaddling. Other children are healthy and calm, they feel great without diapers - they do not need to be swaddled.

There are a few mistaken views that the famous pediatrician says "no."

  • First, the fact that wrapping a child in a diaper fixes the shape of the feet is not true. The child can correct the shape of the legs only by movement, for this purpose they are prescribed physical therapy and massage.
  • Secondly, not every swaddling will protect the baby from cooling and cold. In cold weather, a warm diaper will help keep warm, and in a warm, on the contrary, it will help the baby overheat and feel bad.
  • Thirdly, considering the ways of different swaddling of the newborn, the doctor notes that tight swaddling does not affect the development of the baby, if it is correctly applied. In a dense way, the child is wrapped up at night when he needs to sleep. In the afternoon, it does not need to be swaddled at all, or use a free method that does not impede movement. Then the development of the baby will go clearly on schedule.
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