Bathing newborns with an inflatable circle( video lesson): from how many months and how to bathe babies with a collar around their necks?


  • 1. Selection Criteria
  • 2. Producer
  • 3. Blowing the circle
  • 4. Putting on the circle
  • 5. Bathed

During bathing, the child finds himself in the near and dear to him element of water. He lived in it for so long, so any opportunity to be there again enthralls everyone, especially a newborn baby. To diversify the water procedures and give even the youngest children the opportunity to swim since birth, a simple device was invented - a circle for bathing babies( a special collar).

Its good to use in a large tub or children's pool. All children enjoy this opportunity with pleasure, and parents are happy and take pictures and video of unforgettable moments. In fairness, it should be noted that bathing with the inflatable circle is approved even by pediatricians( including the authoritative E. Komarovsky), because the child receives not only a lot of positive emotions, but also significant benefits for the body.

Child with a circle Children's circle for swimm
ing allows the kid to feel the safety and weightlessness in which he was in the womb

Criteria for choosing

Despite the fact that the bathing circle - in general, a simple device, you should choose it carefully, paying attention to some points. What you should know when buying:

  1. Like any thing that is in close contact with the newborn, the children's swimming circle should be made of safe non-toxic material .Before making a purchase, you need to check the availability of the certificate and the solidity of the manufacturer. Of course, someone buys a cheap analogue, but usually caring parents do not save on the health of their children.
  2. The guarantee for the collar will also speak about the manufacturer's seriousness. Different firms define a different warranty period, the model also plays a role, but the guarantee is given for a minimum of 3 months, sometimes up to 1 year.
  3. Circles for swimming come in different sizes .It is important to choose one that will match the age and size of the baby.
  4. Circle should be as comfortable as possible not only during bathing. The process of putting on and taking off should not be inconvenient for either the child or the parents.
  5. It is important to check that the seams on the product are internal - even a small scar can leave scratches on the tender baby's skin, the same applies to the valve that must be refilled well inside.
  6. Fasteners or Velcro must be securely fastened and not unfastened by yourself. At the same time, they should be easily removed, if you need to do it quickly.
  7. The colors and shapes of products are not of fundamental importance, but it is better to purchase something that the child will like more, because the emotional factor also plays a big role.
There are models with built-in rattles. Children like this very much, as it delivers additional positive emotions and reduces anxiety.


The most famous are 3 brands, from which you can buy a quality bathing circle. These are:

  • BabySwimmer;
  • Dolphin;
  • KinderenOK.

BabySwimmer BabySwimmer is known for producing circles of two sizes, the choice depends on the age of the baby, as well as on the weight of his body and the diameter of his neck:

  1. Circle for newborn babies and up to 2 years, whose mass does not exceed 15 kg. The diameter of the circle is 8 cm.
  2. The bathing circle is slightly larger in size - from six months to 3 years with a child weight of 6-36 kg. The diameter of this device is 9.4 cm.

If the parents plan not only to bathe, but also to teach the baby to swim in a large bath from birth, it makes sense to choose a smaller size of the collar.

Companies Dolphin and KinderenOK equip their products with additional accessories. For example, you can find models with handles for which the child can hold on and feel more confident.

As for fasteners, both Velcro and plastic locks have proved equally good, although some believe that the Velcro is less reliable. BabySwimmer and KinderenOK prefer first, and Dolphin second. How to make a choice is up to the parents.

Inflate the circle

Each product is accompanied by an instruction, which must be read. To properly inflate a circle for bathing in a large bath, you will need to perform a few simple actions:

  1. After removing a circle from the package, it needs to be straightened and open the valves.
  2. Inflate the lower chamber first. Light pumping involves tightening the teeth or lips of the valve contour during inhalation of air.
  3. The upper chamber is then inflated.
  4. After both parts are inflated, the valves must be well-tucked into the walls, so that there is no chance of injuring the baby's skin.
If, when inflating everything is done according to the rules, on the circle will be clearly visible 2 floors - a place for the chin and a contour for the neck. Do not use the pump and inflate the circle too much.

If the product is bought in the winter, it can be unpacked only after it has lay in a warm room for at least 1 hour and has warmed up. This is necessary for the safety of the material.

Putting on the circle

This is also not so easy as it seems. The child needs to first get acquainted with the new thing, get used to it. What if he does not like it?


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For a start it's nice to show the circle to the kid, offer to touch, sniff. After that - wear:

  1. Put on a circle just before swimming, but not in water.
  2. The circle is inflated with the fasteners fastened, which are unfastened afterwards, the ends of it are pushed as wide as possible and the device is put on the neck of the child.
  3. The chin should fall into a special recess for fixation. Then the fasteners are fastened. It is also important to check that the walls of the circle lie exactly on the neck of the baby, without squeezing it, but also without hanging too loose.
  4. The circle is removed after the child is taken out of the water. The clips are unfastened, and the edges are widely stretched.

The first time is better to wear and remove the device together. It's safer and more convenient. When the baby grows up and can hold his head on his own, this process will become much easier and faster.


Bathing a newborn with a circle, like any new procedure, is best introduced gradually, even if the child is delighted with the water. Famous pediatrician Eugene Komarovsky advises to start with 5-7 minutes and gradually increase the time for bathing.

The same thing Komarovsky says about the water temperature. The first procedure is best done at 37 degrees, every day making the water a little cooler. You can even stop at 25 degrees.

Large bathtub - yet the most convenient bathing capacity. Having collected enough water and putting a circle around the neck of the baby, you can start a smooth dive. First time will need easy support of mother's hands, until the little one gets used to the new situation. After he got comfortable, it's time to let him go free swimming, during which it will be very convenient to wash it.

It happens that the baby does not immediately perceive a new kind of bathing. Then you need to remove the circle, but only until the next time. Over time, the child will appreciate the opportunity to freely swim in the bath.

The most important thing - during bathing, even in a bath, you can not leave a baby alone for a second. Although the circle for swimming and keeps it on the water, but it is not a rescue. The child is still too small and will not be able to react to the slightest water ingress in the eyes or in the nose, awkward movement and other unforeseen circumstances.


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