From what age is it necessary to develop an intelligent mat, and which model is best for children under one year old?

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  • 1. From what age to use?
  • 2. What should I look for?
  • 3. Design features for children under one year
  • 4. Features pads yearling kids
  • 5. Choosing a quality and interesting pad

Educational toys are very popular, and parents of all children, regardless of age, babies are paying much attention to the development is inGame form. The variety of developing mats does not remain without attention of young mothers, because this is not just an interesting and colorful game.

At what age should I use it?

Such mats are made of materials safe for children, convenient and easy to use, and most importantly - are useful and informative. From what month is it necessary to introduce the baby to the developing mat?

Developing mat can be presented in a variety of options. Model selection depends primarily on the age of the baby

Their range is very large, and today you can find the game not only for the employee's children actively learn about t

he world, but also for very young babies, ranging from 0-3 months, under the strict supervision of parents.Pick up for your crumb mat should be in accordance with age, and also paying special attention to safety and quality.

What should I look for?

What kind of rug is needed for a crumb? The priority should be the interests of the baby - be based on his tastes and preferences. Perhaps the crumb already has a favorite toy of a certain color or shape. Pay attention to size, configuration, quality and other features.

Buy mat for children under one year, taking into account such features of the product:

  1. Pick up the game so that it dimensioning comply with the age requirement. For infants the best option is product with small sides , this design is more secure in comparison with other embodiments. It is good, if the sides are dense, but not firm. Strong sides will not crumple, create a sense of security and tranquility. And if the kid starts to act, spin and roll over, they will not let him fall out.
  2. For older children, is interesting for the more complex designs, which consist of parts of different shapes and materials. Typically, such mats for developing a child made of scraps of suede, satin, buttons, soft balls, cubes, flowers. Special attention deserves the models connecting with an inflatable children's playpen .Convenience is that this option is suitable for newborns, too. Can be used separately from the game inflatable complex, and for grown-up children, becoming one of the parts of the game pool.
  3. Special design features are special arcs, on which the is fastened toys. Placement of rattles, interactive and musical toys on such an arc is an additional developing moment. The baby of the first months of life develops attention, observation and a grasping reflex, because he will strive to reach out and grab the toy he likes.
  4. No less important quality of products. All parts must be made of materials that are safe for health. Pay attention to the naturalness of the tissues, as this is a guarantee that the crumb does not develop allergic reactions and there will not be various irritations on the skin.
Mat for baby small soft bumpers say that the mat is designed more for the newborn than for an older child

Design features for children under one year

Removable additional elements-parts - a feature of all smart mats for the early development of children of any age.

The length of the game, the enthusiasm and interest of the crumbs in the cognitive process depend on the number of details. Additional details have significant differences depending on the age for which the product is designed.

For crumbs of the first months of life, such additional details are usually offered:

  1. Developing rattles. As a rule, it is a cube or a ball made of soft, pleasant to the touch materials, inside which are placed ringing balls. These toys are designed for the development of hearing, attention, fine motor skills. They are safe, they will not hurt a child. In addition, they can be washed, which is very convenient, becauseAt this age, the little one tastes everything.
  2. Mirror. The presence of a mirror made of safe materials allows the baby to get acquainted with his own reflection from birth. For most children, looking at oneself is an exciting and interesting activity. Teethers for Teeth. As a rule, they are rubber or consist of rubberized parts. Teethers like children very much, who have the first teeth. The process of chewing rubber toys greatly facilitates the discomfort caused by teething.
  3. Sound and light mobile. Always an interactive toy causes genuine interest in crumbs, regardless of his age, and musical carousels will help calm the infuriated babe and even lull him.
Teethers for teeth The teethers significantly simplifies the child's teeth appearance process, as it allows to remove the itch and uncomfortable feeling of bursting.

Features of mats for one-year-old babies

For older carpoys, playing mats are also very interesting. To ensure that the one-year-old kid is fun to play, the component parts must correspond to his age development:

  • can be replaced by soft rattles with plastic, which will provide a greater variety in shapes and colors;
  • the presence of soft or semi-soft toys-designers will allow a small researcher to intensively develop logical thinking and fine motor skills of hands;
  • availability of toy models of electronic equipment( phone, laptop or tablet) introduce crumbs to such important technologies in the modern world, and allow it to feel like a dad and mom;
  • soft books made of cloth or oilcloth material, on the pages of which are depicted animals, fruits and vegetables, alphabet, in a playful form, introduce crumbs to the surrounding world.

Choosing a quality and interesting rug

In order for the kid to play with interest on the rug, he must combine many qualities and characteristics. To choose a rug should be approached responsibly, because of what kind of goods you get, depends on the health and mood of the native for you a little man. So:

  • Quality. Artificial tissues are electrified, pricked, causing unpleasant sensations.
    Natural materials - the guarantee of health of crumbs, the lack of allergic reactions. It is better not to order goods in China and not to buy in the markets - manufacturers from the PRC often use toxic paints and materials, which is unacceptable even for adults, not to mention the baby.
  • Compactness. Well if the product, regardless of its size, can be quickly and easily folded. So you can take your favorite game with you to nature, to visit or to the beach.
  • Additional accessories - toys. A lot of additional toys does not mean that the acquisition will be qualitative and interesting. It is better to pick up and purchase additional rattles, carousels and other details yourself.
    • First, so you can choose more interesting toys for your child.
    • Secondly, the parts purchased separately are usually made more qualitatively, and you can use them longer. Do not forget to evaluate the quality of the fastening arcs. Ideally they should be plastic or aluminum.
  • For long-term use the mat is ideal, which can be assembled and disassembled according to simple instructions with photos. Such transformers are suitable for safe games for children of the first months of life and for the fun pastime of children under 5 years old.


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