What is better for newborns - car, car seat or car transport: differences in transportation methods

Contents of

  • 1. How to transport a newborn?
  • 2. What is better for a newborn: cradle or chair?
  • 3. What's safer: crochet or chair group 0+?
  • 4. criteria for device selection for the smallest
  • 5. Instructions for using the cradle
  • 6. Recommendations for transporting a baby in a car seat
  • 7. Precautions for cradles and chairs

The modern market is full of devices that help raise and educate, Transport and develop an infant child, starting from the first days of his life. The choice of car seats for children is incredibly rich. Therefore, the young parents who first started looking for a car for their child will not be harmed by several recommendations. For example, they are probably interested in the question, how many years can you carry crumbs in a cradle? What weight of a child can she withstand? And how to install it correctly?

Attachment avtolyubki

How to transport a newborn?

Baby car is a special device for transportation of young children
, which can not be landed yet. According to their physical abilities, they can only lie.

The main features of the device are as follows:

  • robust housing;
  • devices to protect the baby's body from bumps;
  • belts holding the child inside the structure;
  • orthopedic base( interior surface) of the chair.

On the way to put the baby in a baby car seat, all models can be divided into two groups: the group "0", and the group "0+".The first( actually avtollyka) is characterized by the fact that the child is placed exclusively in a lying position. The second( car seat for newborns) - allows you to carry your baby, which can not be put, as an adult, half-sitting( legs and head are raised under the head and neck puts special rollers).

This is the main difference between the two devices. Often, these car seats can be fixed on the frame of the stroller. In addition, a distinctive feature of the car is the handle, which makes it possible to use it and as a carrying for the baby.

Car with baby avtolyulki The kid takes a natural for his age recumbency

maximum weight, which are designed both groups, according to the manufacturer's documentation of 10-13 kg, the maximum age of 1-1.3 years. But the parents' testimonies testify that in the majority of cases the children outgrow similar car seats and cradles by the half-year.

What is better for a newborn: cradle or chair?

Both devices are designed for children from 0 up to a year, autocradle will be effective up to six months or until such time as the child's weight does not exceed 9 kg and 70 cm increase in car seat provides a comfortable moving the baby to 1-1,3 years approximately -. Until heI gained weight 15 kg, and has not reached the growth of 75 cm.

0 to 6 months in a child avtolyulki remain comfortable as he is in a horizontal state, if it is ensured orthopedic tabs usual position. This makes breathing easier, since the newborn baby's breathing system is still in the development stage.

In the car seat of group 0+ the child can be put at an angle of 30-45 degrees, this reduces its comfort in the first three months, but not much. In a regular situation, both designs are designed for the features of the skeleton of the baby.

Car Seat for the baby The car seat 0+ baby takes semi-sitting position, which is provided by a special design that security

: carrycot or seat group 0+?

Autolumens for transportation of newborns in the car are installed perpendicular to the movement of the car and fixed using regular belts. The car seat in the car is located opposite the movement, it saves a lot of space in the cabin. Both designs assume the same fixation of the baby inside the device - internal straps.

It is believed that in a frontal collision of a car with an obstacle, a baby car can protect the head and neck of a child somewhat worse than a car seat. The infant fixed in the armchair, with the correct angle of inclination, will better suffer a sharp braking, the head will not fall down or sharply twitch - this will save the baby from a fracture of the cervical vertebrae.

To achieve the desired angle of inclination and fix the head of a small passenger, special rollers or folded soft diapers are placed in the car seat. The side parts of the chair for children from 0 have special restraints that hold the child's head.

It is believed that when transporting a car seat for newborns, the child is provided with a greater degree of protection, and a short stay in a semi-sitting position can not cause significant harm to the health of crumbs. If transportation is planned for a long time or there are medical contraindications to the use of a car seat, you should prefer the car. In other cases, you can carry your child in the car seat.

Car Seat with toddler Safety indicators speak only in favor of the car seat - it fixes the child's head and body

better Criteria for choosing the device for the smallest

  • reliability;
  • strength;
  • security;
  • ergonomics;
  • comfort;
  • certificate.

These are the basic requirements for a new baby car and car seats for the youngest passengers. The design of the product should be as reliable as possible, the body - made of impact-resistant plastic. Fastening of all removable elements should be qualitative, it will allow to avoid traumas at a detachment of any element. The most reliable way to fix a child is fastening at five points( for the shoulders of crumbs, belt and crotch area), belts should be provided with soft pads.

Ergonomics provides the physiological position of the child's body, this prevents the development of the pathology of his skeleton. Qualitative models are coordinated by design with orthopedists. Comfort for the baby is ensured by a quality "breathable" upholstery material, the presence of headrests, rollers under the neck and other additional accessories. Autolumns for newborns are attached in two ways:

  • with a regular strap( the most universal option);
  • with the help of a base with locks( Isofix system).
Attachment avtolyubki The "reclining" car seat is usually fastened with standard seat belts in conjunction with special own belts

The car cradle must have a certificate of conformity ECE R44 / 04 or GOST P41.44-2005.Before receiving the certificate, the product undergoes crash tests. This means that during its design all possible safety standards were taken into account. The results of crash tests can be found on the site of experts testing the cradles( for example, the club ADAC).The results of testing are published on the club's website annually. The label on the ECE car cot must contain mandatory information about the product name, country code of the certification, child's weight, type of attachment and the presence of 5-point belts( designation - Y).

Instructions for using the cradle

In order for the child's cradle to carry out its main function( protecting the child's body from injuries during sudden braking, turning and accident), it must be properly fixed in the car's interior. The child should be in it in the fastened state. Such retention devices are provided with stickers with visual information on the method of attachment or instruction. There are general rules for all seats. For example, models in which only the horizontal position of the child's body is provided, are placed on the rear seat of the vehicle sideways relative to the movement. They attach them with special belts, which are connected to the seat belts. Car backs for babies with a carrying function are installed against the movement, preferably at the rear. It is fixed in two ways:

  • by transitional belts to standard belts;
  • with clamps to a special base stand.

If it is not clear how to mount the device, it is worth looking at the photo, which shows in detail examples of securing the restraints in the car. This will greatly simplify the matter.

Secured car seat The car seat can be attached in several ways

Recommendations for transporting the baby in the car seat

Car seat, if the choice has fallen on it, it should be fixed at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees. If you put the child in a car seat with a smaller angle of inclination, this will cause the baby's head to fall forward, which will disturb his breathing, and at great angles of slope the safety suffers. Correct the slope can be using rollers, which are placed under the chair in front of the device.

You can use the car seat if the child is in motion no more than 1.5 hours. For long journeys, a carry is better.

Safety precautions for the cradle and chair

When transporting the car should be turned around the head from the door, this helps to avoid head injuries in side collisions. It is better to install the device in the rear seat, but it is permissible to do this with the airbag deactivated and on the front right seat. Do not place any foreign objects on the seat with the restraint device installed, they should be moved to the trunk. If the seat belts are shorter than required to secure the device, they must be replaced. You can not mount the device with a defective or 2-point safety belt. If the cradle has been in an accident - you can not use it anymore. When the child's weight exceeds the specified standards, the restraint must be replaced by the appropriate weight.


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