How to choose a car seat for children under 36 kg: review and rating of the top 5 models

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  • 1. What can be car seats: groups for the smallest
  • 2. What are car seats for children from year to year?
  • 3. Parameters for car seat selection
  • 4. Kinds of fastenings and additional values ​​
  • 5. Rating of popular models
    • 5.1. Maxi Cosi Axiss Fix
    • 5.2. Inglesina Prime Miglia I-Fix
    • 5.3. Nania Beline SP Cronos
    • 5.4. RECARO Monza Nova IS Seatfix
    • 5.5. CYBEX Pallas 2

One of the main tasks of parents is to preserve the health and very life of the child. Taking care of the safety of the baby, adults take a whole complex of measures, including buying a baby car seat. How to determine the most appropriate among the variety of models of car seats, which flooded the market? It is on the quality of the device depends on the convenience of the baby, maintaining his posture in the norm and safety. To make the right choice, you need to take into account several points - especially you should carefully approach the

choice of a universal chair, which is designed for a child from 1 year to 12 years( 9-36 kg).

Universal car seat

What car seats can be: groups for the smallest

Before deciding on the choice of an autoarmchair, it is worthwhile to determine the designations for car seats. They are divided into groups according to the height and weight of the child. For the smallest passengers it is possible to purchase:

  • autoslub( group 0);
  • car seat( group 0+).

Both groups of car seats are designed for the characteristics of infants, and take into account their physical characteristics. The main difference between the groups is the position of the child in the device.

If the baby is in the car park in a horizontal position, then in the car seat it is located half-sider. Group 0 or car can be used as a carry, in the car it is set by the back in the direction of the car in the front seat when the airbag is disconnected, or at the rear.

These chairs guarantee a more comfortable position for the baby from 0 to 3 months, but provide less safety than the devices of the group 0+.Holders of group 0+ are designed for passengers up to a year( up to 13 kg).This car seat is installed as well as the previous one, but it is believed that the crumb in it is provided with better protection.

Newborn in car seat Car Seat 0+ for newborns tightly fixes a child, it is considered safer than a car park

What are car seats for children from year to year?

  • group 1( 9-18 kg);
  • group 2( 15-25 kg);
  • group 3( 22-36 kg).

The first group of child restraint devices is designed for toddlers aged 9 months to 4 years. The child in the car seat is fixed with the help of seat belts, sometimes for these purposes a special assistant is available for some models. Car seats of this group are installed face in the direction of the car.

The second group of seats should provide safety for children aged 3-7 years. In this case, the fixing device is either the car seat belts, or( with the child's growing up) the vehicle's regular belts. Install the device face-down.

Group three is designed for toddlers 6-12 years old, usually performed without a backrest. The child is fixed with a regular seat belt. Such devices have practically disappeared from the assembly line as unnecessary, as they are easily replaced by boosters, or devices of the 2 nd group with a removable back.

Parameters for selecting an autoarmchair

Buying a universal car seat up to 36 kg, which should serve your child faithfully for many years, you need to pay attention to a few points.

  • Firstly, this side protection - it protects the body of the baby when it strikes from the side. It is desirable that the chair is equipped with high bumpers and a headrest.
  • Secondly, it is important for the quality of the fixing elements and ease of use. Fixing devices hold the baby on any impact in the chair and, thus, protect it. Fixtures should be easy to use for parents, but a small passenger should not easily unfasten and fasten seat belts, otherwise he will do just that. The fasteners must be firmly secured and have rounded shapes so that the child does not damage himself.
Universal car seat High side skirts and headrest make the chair comfortable and safe even for schoolchild

. For a kid it's not only safety, ergonomics, but also comfort that is important, otherwise he just will not sit in a child seat. In many ways, comfort depends on the upholstery of the device. Until recently, manufacturers preferred natural fabrics. But recently they were replaced by a modern synthetic, capable of absorbing moisture and letting in air.

Kinds of fastenings and additional values ​​

The child car seat in the car is fixed either with standard belts( this is the most common method), or it has a special platform( Isofix) and is fixed with brackets. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages.

The first one is easier to use, the weight of the child in this case does not matter. However, fixing the chair with regular belts, parents often make mistakes. An incorrectly fixed chair can not fully ensure the safety of the baby. The ISOFIX base allows you to correctly fix the chair( errors are extremely rare), this fixing provides a reliable and clear fixation of the device, but can withstand the weight of the child only up to 18 kg.

Additional functions of the chair are a floating backrest, which allows the child to rest during long journeys. Some devices have cupholders and a footrest, which provides a more comfortable pose for the crumb.

Rating of popular models

Maxi Cosi Axiss Fix

Maxi Cosi Axiss Fix

Car seat is produced in the Netherlands. It costs about 47 000 rubles and this is its only drawback.

  • Material - high-impact plastic.
  • The car seat is equipped with an Isofix system and an additional anchor belt that improves its fixing in the car.
  • Retaining belts - five-point, with special pads, preventing the rubbing of the baby's skin.
  • An armchair is mounted in the armchair, indicating an incorrect position of the belt locking.

The ADAC club, testing similar products, gave Maxi Cosi an "excellent" rating. That is, the device has passed all the crash tests perfectly.

Inglesina Prime Miglia I-Fix Inglesina Prime Miglia I-Fix

The armchair is manufactured in Italy. At a cost, it is 2 times cheaper than the previous one( approximately 18,000 rubles).

  • The plastic in the base of the holding device is strong, shockproof.
  • Armchair is reliable, but heavy.
  • Sidewalls are made of soft material - this prevents head injuries to the child.
  • Upholstery provides proper comfort to the baby, it is hypoallergenic, soft and pleasant to the body.
  • Provides a pocket for things the child.

The certificate confirms compliance with the safety standards adopted in Europe.

Nania Beline SP Cronos

This chair is made in France, its price is very democratic( about 8,000 rubles).The design solution of the model is very interesting.

  • Nania Beline SP Cronos The sidebars have a special layer - this makes them higher, the armrests and headrest are ergonomic, the softest liner is provided for the youngest passengers.
  • The headrest is adjustable.
  • Safety belts 3-point.

Crash tests confirm the ability to ensure the safety of the baby at the level of "satisfactory".The use and environmental friendliness are also rated for C grade, but care is for the solid four.

The review of the most popular models can be continued a little by including a couple of models from Germany.

RECARO Monza Nova IS Seatfix

The model country is Germany. There is such a car seat from 23 000 rubles. This is a high-end model, it has reinforced protection of the side surfaces and an integrated indicator that signals the wrong position of the chair.

RECARO Monza Nova IS Seatfix

  • The armchair is mounted on the basis of Isofix - this means that it is rigidly installed in the car's interior and fixed with special brackets.
  • Adjustable head restraint changes 11 positions.
  • The armchair is equipped with an additional pillow providing the physiological position of the cervical spine of the child and the comfortable position of the head. Cases pleasant, hypoallergenic.

Crash tests are passed with an assessment well, the same applies to usage, care and ergonomics, comfort is rated for a solid five.

CYBEX Pallas 2

CYBEX Pallas 2 has a label "made in Germany".There is such an armchair about 20 000 rubles. The chair is modern, comfortable, it is able to ensure the safety of the child.

CYBEX Pallas 2

  • Side protection is strengthened, the headrest is easily adjustable, the upholstery is made of hypoallergenic material.
  • But you can not install it on every machine. This and even the price are the only parameters that are criticized.

In crash tests for safety, CYBEX Pallas 2 takes the leading position in the rating( 9.6 points out of 10).Ecological compatibility of the device is estimated at 5+.The mark "well" is deserved by the device for its care, ergonomics and protection class.

Which chair is best to choose, parents decide themselves. Some prefer to buy one for the entire period of need in it, others - to change the device with the growth of their child to a new one, because even high-quality materials wear out. But in any case, the car seat should ensure the safety of the baby, create comfortable conditions for him, it is easy to clean.


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