Beautiful hairstyles with loose hair for every day

Beautiful hairstyles with loose hair for every day

Girls with flowing hair always look attractive, because healthy and beautiful strands - it's their jewel and heritage. Although some hairdressers and argue that long hair is more useful to collect in the hair, but owners of luxurious head of hair still want to show off it. There are many different hairstyles for loose long hair, which are easily built on the head in a matter of minutes. Let's look at several ways of laying out for each day.

Variations of everyday hairstyles for long loose hair

If, having long hair, you learn how to perform different hairstyles, then every day you can change the image and always look elegant. Brilliant flowing hair makes the image of a woman irresistible, but only when they are cleverly laid. To create an interesting styling it is not enough to dissolve locks on the shoulders, we definitely need ancillary tools: tongs, ironing, hair clips, elastic bands, a set of different combs, foam, hair spray and other accessories.

A popular hairstyle for long hair

is a pony tail, which is tied on the back of the head. This is a simple and concise styling, which has become an ideal solution not only for everyday life, but also for going out into the light. The ponytail adds a touch to the image, especially emphasizing the loose style in clothes. It is created so: collect hair on the vertex, comb them with a comb with small prongs, secure with an elastic band. But if the locks are not combed, the pony tail will be with fashionable elements of negligence.

Classic curls

Now the most fashionable hairstyles with long flowing hair are curls that look spectacular and easy. They can be built even without heat treatment of strands, simply screwed on the finger and fixed with a hair spray. Loose locks are perfectly fixed with the help of braids, which should be braided for the night, and in the morning gently unwind and sprinkle with varnish.

Long classic curls do with ironing. To create large curls, apply a fixing foam on dry hair, then squeeze the knot at a distance of 2 cm from the root and slowly lower it in an upright position, turning it in a semicircle to wind the hair. Long curls are made with the help of:

  • ;
  • curlers;
  • dryer;
  • of the Greek garter.

Hair laid on the side

Casual hairstyles, which are made in the style of "hair on the side", make the image of a woman not only innocent and tender, but also sexy. Due to the lack of symmetry, you can make the strands smooth or slightly careless, with tails and flagella, tufts and curls. Very elegant look Hollywood waves, laid on the side, which on the head can easily be built using forceps and hairspray. After winding, curl the curls in rings, put clamps on them, and after 15 minutes remove them and comb the comb with large teeth, laying the strands on the side.

This is a versatile daily styling for thick or thin long strands. If you are naturally wavy ringlets, then they generally do not need to be heat treated to make an elegant hairstyle. Just wash your hair, let it dry naturally, then part it in the right or left side of the head, toss the strands on their sides against natural growth and lightly fix with varnish.

Loose hair with weaving

Everyday hairstyle should be comfortable to wear and easy to create. The best choice for owners of long hair is the use of fashionable weaving. Decorate your loosened strands with two thin pigtails one on the left and right or, starting from the crown, braid the spikelets with a usual weave, and in the process, grab new hair. The original looks a few asymmetrical spikelets, which weave only from one side.

To keep the hairstyle longer, use mosaic braids or gels when weaving the braid, distributing it along the entire length of the strands right before the braid creation. Very beautiful and fashionable look at long hair disheveled braids, which imitate art disorder, introducing into the image of the girl some bohemian. To do this, you need to braid classic tight braids, then pull out of them a few strands, creating carelessness.


This hairstyle has been popular for many decades because of its versatility and versatility. It is suitable for any length of hair, for owners of bangs, straight and curly strands. This hairstyle draws attention to the eyes, removing long strands from the face. Malvinka is an ideal daily choice, and to look different each time, you only need to change accessories. For example, in one day to create a voluminous "Malvinka" with the help of invisible, and on the other - to collect hair from behind with a bow, creating a romantic image.

The classic version of "Malvina" looks like this: some of the lateral upper strands are gathered on the crown or back of the head, and the rest of the hair remains loose. An excellent option for the office - Malvinka with a nap, when a bunch of upper strands brushed to a small hairbrush is fastened with a hair clip above the neck, which gives the hairdo an extra volume. Owners curls "Malvina" will be the fastest option to create a gentle image. Just remember, the side strands should not be squeezed too tight. And that they framed the face, the tail should be collected slightly below the neck.

Casual hairstyles for loose hair of medium length

The options for easy laying on medium hair are even greater than for long hair, because this length is the most common among women. Holders of strands to the shoulders can appear every day at work in a new interesting image, surprising their colleagues with a variety of styles. On loose hair of medium length, any styling looks natural, especially Hollywood locks, waves, bundles and pigtails.

Smooth, smooth laying of

To quickly create hairstyles for medium length hair, make a fashionable haircut and put it every morning with a hair dryer with a round brush or ironing. Varied styling will help haircuts with the graded base "Cascade" or "Lesenka."The whole advantage of them will be a smooth laying, which is best performed on:

  • elongated square;
  • haircut bob or bean-car;
  • hairstyle bean with elongated asymmetrical strands.

To make the smooth hairstyle more interesting, the ends of the hair should be laid inside. To do this, use a large round hairbrush. To create a smooth laying, apply mousse on the entire length of medium strands, dry them with a hair dryer, slightly lifting at the roots, and twist the tips of the comb inside. The hairstyle will advantageously emphasize facial features, both of a young girl, and of an adult woman.

Beach waves

A hairstyle with loose locks of medium length called "Beach Waves" goes to all women without exception. And it is not necessary for her to go to the sea or to seek the ocean, she is easily done on her own at home. To achieve the effect of waves, the owner of medium-length hair can in three ways: salty spray, forceps or braided plaits.

  • For the first method, a solution made of water with the addition of sea salt will be needed. Spray a salty spray on the entire length of the hair, twist individual strands around the finger, then gently remove. Vzsteroshte wet curls, then let them dry naturally.
  • The second way to create beach waves is even simpler: take the curling irons, twist the dry strands on them at an angle of 45 degrees. Hold for 1 minute, then let it slip. After processing all the ringlets slightly ruffle them so that they naturally scattered on the shoulders.
  • For the third variant of creation of a hairdress «Beach waves» divide wet curls on parting, braid in the evening on one pigtail from the different parties, fasten them with an elastic band. During the night, the hair must dry, and in the morning, spit the hair. If everything is correctly done, the strands will be wavy, as if you spent the whole day on the sea beach. To fix the waves, use any means for fixing.

Loose hair, decorated with ribbon or bandage

Each fashionista, the owner of medium-length hair, should have a variety of rims, ribbons, bandages to make a stylish hairstyle at any time. Creating a styling with accessories does not take much time, but in everyday life it looks very stylish. Greek hairstyles with bandages or ribbons around the head will also be appropriate. A girl with loose locks and a beautiful bandage with ornament or in the form of interlacing ribbons looks easy and directly in any situation.

Video: how to make an easy hairstyle with flowing hair

The most simple and elegant daily styling is well-groomed strands, beautifully falling on the shoulders or back. But this option is not very practical, because at work you have to constantly bend, and falling strands and strive to get into a cup of tea or close your face completely. No problem! Turn on the fantasy and experiment a little to get a lot of different options for laying on each day, which will be both beautiful and practical. Look at the video how easy it is to make a stylish hairstyle with flowing hair:

Photo of hairstyles with loose hair for every day 2015

The advantage of long hair is that, whether thin or dry, curly or straight, they are quick and easy to createany hairstyle. In the 2015 season Hollywood locks do not give up their positions, so feel free to experiment with them every day. Pinch nicely twisted strands with a hairpin or scratch the top in the style of "punk", and you will be in a trend. No less stylish look loose hair with a thick bang, especially if you combine it with curly locks. Look at the photos of the most fashionable long hairstyles this season:

Beautiful hairstyles with flowing hair for every day