Than to treat severe diaper rash in a newborn baby: the best means for treating the skin of the baby at home

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  • 1. What is it and where is it manifested?
  • 2. Differences in diaper rash according to
  • lesion severity 3. What can cause intertrigo?
  • 4. How to cope with diaper rash and redness?
    • 4.1. First degree
    • 4.2. Second degree
  • 5. What should not be done?
  • 6. The correct actions for detecting diaper riddles
  • 7. What does Dr. Komarovsky say about pampers?

Mother, who cares for her little treasure, knows every crease, every centimeter of skin. She immediately notices any changes in the skin, but most importantly - do not give in to panic if you find a suspicious redness or irritation. For the tender skin of a newborn, intertrigo is a frequent occurrence. Time found, they are not dangerous, but it is better to take care that there are no intertrigo formation.

Soft baby skin The baby's skin is very delicate, and all beloved cute folds are just the place of the potential occurrence of diaper rashes.

What is it and where does i
t appear?

An important function of the skin is protection. Represents a complex cellular structure, it does not cover the body of a newborn with a deaf armor, but forms a thin porous layer. Through the pores, the skin breathes, absorbing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. By them, it absorbs substances present in aqueous solutions( herbal infusions used in bathing).In the same way, through the pores, the excreted substances are excreted from the body.

If a malfunction occurs in the drainage system of the skin, it signals inflammation, irritation, the appearance of pimples, diaper rash. Thermoregulation and oxygen metabolism of the baby's skin has not yet adapted to the world around, so they can not protect the baby completely.

Because the newborn has the upper layer of the epidermis very tender and vulnerable, the slightest malfunction can cause annoying changes in its condition. A common problem in infants is diaper rash and diarrhea. Probable places for the formation of diaper rash:

  • behind the ears;
  • on the neck;
  • armpits;
  • between the legs;
  • in the groin;
  • below the tummy;
  • on the priest, between the buttocks.

The appearance of diaper rills provokes moisture accumulation and friction. Surplus moisture occurs when the newborn is overheated, because of long lying in wet diapers. Friction can occur in a nursing child when using a raspash, sewn from rough fabric or having internal seams.

Photo of diaper rash in a baby girl Photo of diaper rash in a baby girl. It looks like a symptom is not the most pleasant way - red spots that can be both dry and wetting, depending on the location of the
. Mom: Do not pursue beautiful and fashionable clothes for a newborn, choose comfortable models with outer seams and soft naturalMaterials. Our wise grandmothers wore ryazhonki from their old, worn dresses. They did this not because there was no money, but because they wanted to protect the infant from diaper rash.

Differences in diaper rash according to

severity The severity of lesions of diaper rash is divided into three degrees:

  • 1st degree - slight reddening of the skin without disturbances of the upper layer.
  • 2nd degree - marked reddening, accompanied by coarsening of the skin. Appear pustules, cracks, erosion.
  • 3rd degree - the intensity of redness increases, erosion and ulcers are pronounced, the skin becomes wet.

The formation of diaper rashes leads to a general malaise of the child. The baby's fever rises, it is pricked by itching and burning, he constantly feels severe pain. Such a negative picture emerges if the treatment of diaper rash is started. Noticing the slightest redness in the groin, on the priest or on the neck, immediately proceed to eliminate the problem. Be sure to check all the wrinkles on the newborn's body.

Increased body temperature Started diaper rash negatively affect the condition of the child as a whole - body temperature can rise, general malaise may appear

What can cause intertrigo?

Above we have already pointed out two main reasons - friction and increased body moisture. Why is excess moisture contributing to the formation of diaper rash? Excess humidity can remove the natural lubricant on the skin, thereby removing the protection of the upper layers of the epidermis. Remaining unprotected, the skin of the child can not resist the penetration of bacteria and dangerous infections. Consider factors that cause humidity increase:

  • Undetected diapers and diapers delay urine, which irritates the baby's tender body in the groin area and between the legs.
  • Mom did not bother to wipe the newborn thoroughly after taking a bath and the moisture gathered in the wrinkles.
  • Sweating profusely in a child in a hot room or for a walk, which my mother did not pay attention to.
  • A tight wrapping of the baby that blocks the access of air to the body.

Even more sad picture is obtained if the increased moisture of the body is combined with friction against coarse cloth or diapers. Especially dangerous are diaper rash for children prone to allergic reactions - they suffer doubly. The baby's calf can become covered not only with diaper rash, but also with sores. In order to prevent a dangerous development of the problem, it is important for mothers to closely monitor the external condition of the baby's calf, to notice every little thing, to respond to various changes in time.

Pay attention to the comfort of the child in diapers - if you removed the diaper, and in the places of its tight fitting to the body there are traces, immediately change it to another brand. Perhaps in the composition of the material from which the diaper is made, substances harmful to the body of your child are present.

How to cope with diaper rash and redness?

Having found out the reasons of a problem, we shall start its elimination. The earlier you start to treat diaper rash, the better the result we will get. Of course, the most effective measure is the prevention of ailment. If time is lost and the disease affects the baby's body, it should be urgently treated. Consider ways to fight for each degree of ailment.

First degree

The easiest case, not requiring intensive treatment. The main thing is to carefully ensure that the diapers are always dry and the baby is clean:

  • Time to change diapers - at least every 3 hours.
  • When the baby went off a little or by large, immediately wash it and thoroughly wipe it off.
  • Lighten redness with baby cream or sprinkle talcum powder, inspect all wrinkles to avoid moisture.
  • Regularly arrange for a child air baths, especially during the hot season.
  • Advanced mummies try to dry the baby's hair with a hair dryer. This procedure requires special care. If all efforts are ineffective, you can seek help from the ointments. Desitin, Bepanten, D-panthenol well soothe the skin, remove redness. Many mothers prefer Baniotsina and zinc ointment, which are excellent against diaper rash. Before treating the wound with the listed products, consult your pediatrician.
Cream for diaper rash The safest means for combating diaper rash are air baths and hypoallergenic baby cream. If this does not help, you need to seek help from stronger

preparations and second degree. The second degree of

. Discover signs of a second degree of diaper rash - refuse self-treatment, do not try to get rid of the disease by unchecked methods. Call the dermatologist immediately. He will examine the child, find out the depth of the lesion, and prescribe the right treatment. As a rule, at the second degree special bolts are appointed, which are prepared in pharmacies, and as additional measures, ultraviolet irradiation of problem areas is applied, the pustules are blurred with blue and green.

Folk remedies are warm baths with decoctions of medicinal plants and herbs. Oak bark is often used. It perfectly disinfects the skin, dries it, removes irritation, helps strengthen immunity. To wash the baby after such a bath is not necessary, you can just soak the body with a soft towel. To prepare a solution of the bark of oak is easy. You must brew 4 tablespoons of the dried mixture in a liter of boiling water, put in a water bath, insist half an hour. Then the infusion is filtered and poured into the bath - hold the child in it for 5 minutes.

When forming a crumbled crust on the spot, do not use a greasy cream or ointment to treat it - they will cover the wound with a thin film, closing the air access to it, which will prevent rapid healing. Do not try to cure diaper rash of the second degree with the remedies that you can be advised by friends or acquaintances. Correct treatment is prescribed only by a pediatrician who knows your child well.

Oak bark Oak bark - an excellent natural antiseptic with astringent effect. It is able to dry the intertrigo a little and prevent their further development

What should not be done?

Among the useful and really effective folk remedies are those that can only worsen the situation. To such dangerous ways of miracle cure are:

  • Drying of crusts with starch. Getting on wet folds on the folds under the arms, the starch hardens and forms lumps, which increase friction. The child's suffering is aggravated and the irritation increases in size.
  • Self-selection of herbs for baths. Harmless chamomile or often used celandine can cause allergies, exacerbating the problem.
  • Infinite advice of well-wishers, pushing the troubled mother to unjustified experiments. Do not turn your crumb into a guinea pig.
  • Do not choose a polyethylene film to protect the crib. Buy a special oilcloth on a cotton basis.
  • Discard the oil napkins for rubbing the baby. From the substances with which they are impregnated, the crumbs may become irritated.

Correct actions for detecting diaper rash.

  • . Show the child to the pediatrician so that he can establish the exact cause of the redness.
  • Keep the baby's body in dry and clean.
  • Spend air baths so that the affected areas are filled with oxygen and the skin can breathe. The technique of air baths is simple, and the effect is significant.
  • During the period of exacerbation of the disease, change diapers at least eight times a day.
  • Thoroughly rinse all the baby's underwear and diapers. Dry them, if possible, in the fresh air.
Air baths Air baths are always necessary for the baby, they not only prevent the appearance of skin problems, but also increase immunity, strengthen the child and make him happy.

What does Dr. Komarovsky say about pampers?

After the enthusiastic acceptance of diapers began to express opinions that they harm the child's body, that it is especially undesirable for diapers for boys. Supporters of this theory talk about the greenhouse effect of diapers, which may lead to infertility in the future.

In his book "The Beginning of Life", Dr. Komarovsky ruthlessly destroyed this theory, authoritatively proving its absurdity. He proved that diapers are absolutely safe and do not do any harm to children. Dear Mummies, do not listen to panicky amateurs, feel free to use diapers for your baby!


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