What each child can do in 4 months: basic skills and the basics of development of boys and girls

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  • 1. Basic physical skills of toddler
  • 2. Leading social manifestations of
  • 3. When do you need to worry?
  • 4. Basics of physical development correction
  • 5. Basics of correction of psychological development
  • 6. What should not parents of a 4 month old baby do?

After the turn of 3 months for the baby begins a new life stage, which includes the formation of sleep and wakefulness, games aimed at the development of motor and intelligence. Up to one-year-old age, children grow, develop and mature exponentially. Adults need not only not to yawn, not to miss the right time for the development of this or that skill, but to have a theoretical basis, which allows timely and full-fledged training of crumbs. It is important to know what exactly and in what time period to develop.

Child 4 months Age 4-5 months - a period of very active development of the child, when he needs close attention of the parents. It is very good if the mother is on the decree and
can devote this time to caring for the son or daughter

Basic physical skills of the baby

At 4 months the child still spends a lot of time sleeping - from 12.5 to 15 hours, but nevertheless it is active, Is mobile and needs attention of parents, in that they give time to its development and becoming. It is necessary to develop the kid correctly: something else is too early to do, and some aspects need to be paid close attention. To do this, you need to know what a child should be able to do in 4 months. So, physiologically, the child has to:

  • keep the head in the hands of the adult for a four-month period( quite confidently and for a long time);
  • in the supine position( on the tummy or back) to raise the head and rest against the handles, lifting the body;
  • roll over yourself( from the position on the back - on the side);
  • actively move the limbs in a waking state;
  • to strengthen the activity of movements when manipulating a familiar adult person( dressing, replacing a diaper, etc.);
  • to react to the appearance of a close person's face in his field of vision, expressing his joy at the intensification of activity, and freeze when the stranger approaches;
  • stretch handles to objects that are in the field of vision and interested him.

Often, children in 4 months try to sit down from a prone position, but especially to sit the baby( it does not matter whether it's a boy or a girl) at this age is not necessary. The child will sit down then, the code of his bony system and the muscular corset will be ready.

The baby rolls over The ability to turn from back to belly or vice versa is very important for the child, because it provides him with a greater degree of mobility, makes the crumb less dependent on mom and dad. This is the natural stage of growing up

Leading social manifestations

A baby is not only a physical body, its brain develops even more actively. The first meaningful social reactions to positive stimuli appear in the form of interest or joy. The main thing that babies should master when reaching a social plan in 4 months:

  • master the ability to smile, understand the meaning of a smile and react to the smile of an adult;
  • laugh or increase the activity of the limbs when they are fun and interesting;
  • actively to walk, to make out throaty, sometimes melodic sounds, to listen to them;
  • respond when adults pronounce his name;
  • rejoice in new toys and react to the appearance of your favorite toys in sight;
  • pay attention and follow the eyes of moving objects or objects( toys, passing by animals and people);
  • to respond to music( listen to the melody you like, cease to cry, then can show joy in the form of animation and walking, as if singing);
  • recognize the voices of loved ones, who often heard, clearly sing out the voice of mom.
At 4 months the child likes to be taken under the handles and kept upright, increasing the view. This will give him an additional opportunity to actively explore the world. If at this age he already sits down, be on the alert - support the baby. Contact with mom or dad always gives the crumb a sense of security.

When do you need to worry?

Children do not develop the same way. What one child has learned in 4 months, the other has learned to perform a month ago, and the third will learn only a month later. For example, some children by this age can themselves sit. To show concern and show the baby's doctor is standing, if he lags more than 3 points. Particular attention should be paid to:

  • lack of walking and babbling, motor activity( or it is minimal);
  • the fact that the child does not hold his head;
  • lack of response to sound stimuli( mother's voice, sound of her own name, music);
  • lack of response to the appearance of close people, primarily parents;
  • lack of interest in toys;
  • to the fact that the baby does not turn over( in any case, does not try);
  • is that he is not able to smile meaningfully and does not react to the smile of an adult.
Child with a toy Interest in toys and a new subject is a must at this age, as the kid actively studies the world around him. Mom should offer him a variety of subjects and things that diversify knowledge about textures, colors, forms of

. If the alert parents notice all of the listed deviations or most of them in their child, this means that the development of the baby is not all right. The existing problems are serious enough, they need to be addressed to the pediatrician, who will give qualified advice on how and what area to develop, to help find out the origins of the problem. If necessary, drug treatment may be prescribed.

Basics of physical development correction

If a particular infant does not know everything that should by 4 months in terms of movements, perhaps the cause is a neurological disorder or other pathology, which for some reason was not diagnosed in the early days of a baby's life. What should parents do in this case? Be sure to show the baby to specialists.

In some cases pathology is difficult to identify and a thorough examination is required. But often enough is enough massage and electrophoresis. In some cases, parents can increase the time spent with the baby, correctly perform everyday massage and exercise. This will allow you to correct the physical state of the baby.

Basics of correction of psychological development

Psychological and emotional state of the baby, what he is able to do socially depends largely on the completeness of communication with parents, and this is a whole complex of activities:

  • walks;
  • feeding;
  • swimming;
  • massage, which is performed by the mother;
  • conversation with the child;
  • reading poetry, singing lullabies, etc.

At the age of 4 months the child reacts to a sharp voice, a rough tone or a shout. In this way, communication with him is unacceptable. The intonation palette is reflected in the consciousness of the crumbs and in the future can serve as the basis of your child's subconscious fears.

Parents, when communicating with their child, should show maximum positive emotions , to acquaint him with the whole spectrum of joyful experiences. Communicating with the baby, you need to address him by name and affectionately, teach him the dialogue .For example, after his babbling, tell him something in response and pause, letting him know that now it's his turn.

Emotional baby The Kid already experiences a whole range of emotions, especially when he is alone with mom and dad. Therefore, it is important for parents to please the baby, play with him and use a pleasant tone of speech, without turning to rudeness or condemnation.

Bright colorful toys, everyday listening to melodic music, children's songs, conversations with crumbs - all this contributes to its proper development. Normally, parents want their child to develop well and actively. But if something goes not so well, as parents want, you need:

  • , first, to relate your expectations to the norms - maybe you expect too much from the crumbs of just a few months from now;
  • secondly, perhaps with him just need to do more.

What should not parents of a 4 month old kid do?

  • You should not feed crumbs in 4 months at once, as soon as he cries. Medical contraindications for breastfeeding this behavior does not have a mother, but it forms the wrong food stereotype .The child is accustomed to "seize" negative emotions and failures. It is not necessary to combine sleep and feeding the baby, since one and the same part of the brain is responsible for sleep and hunger, and incorrect reactions to fatigue and hunger can be formed.
  • Child development will go right if the does not feed it in the crib, or on the hands in the process of falling asleep. At least, in four months it's time to wean him from this habit, if it exists. Do not neglect the formation of the regime. After reaching the 3-month boundary, it's time to teach the baby the regime and the difference between day and night sleep.
  • It is not necessary to allow a baby to cry for a long time and bitterly, it negatively affects his nervous system. If something has made the little grieving grumpy, it must be distracted by switching to an interesting activity for him. The child will learn more actively and willingly if he has positive associations. If an infant does not know something well, it should not be scolded, but rather encouraged for any attempt to do something.

Knowing about the skills of the baby, which he acquires by 4 months, parents will be able to notice the shortcomings or possible deviations in time. This will allow you to adjust the classes, consult with specialists and show the baby to the doctors, if necessary. If even the backlogs are minimal, they should be corrected as soon as possible.

And remember: there are no exact tables with the skills of the baby, because each kid develops individually. Watch your baby, but do not look for any shortcomings in it, but just develop it. Good recommendations in this regard are given by Dr. Komarovsky, as well as teachers from the school "Little Leonardo" in his video school:


https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = DkuDMavlJ14