All about the development of the child in 3 months: height and weight, nutrition and complementary feeding, the basics of caring for the baby

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  • 1. Basics of Toddler's Physical Development
  • 2. Reflexes of the newborn: what happens to them?
  • 3. Skills that develops baby to the 3rd month
  • 4. Psychological features kids
  • 5. The daily and meals
  • 6. Ā«Razvivalki" child

fourth month - is a kind of Rubicon in the baby life. A three-month-old child has overcome the first stage in adapting the organism to the world around him. What the baby knows at this moment is the result of his labor and the work of his parents. In three months the development of the child goes in all directions( from physiology to the psyche).

At this stage, timely and competent help in development by adults is of great importance: massage and developing games, communication with the child and training him to the daily routine, walks and changing feeding rules. To do everything right, parents should be ready morally and informatively to a new twist in the life of their baby.

Baby 3 months old In 3 months the kid begin
s to actively explore the world around him, memorize forms, colors and sounds. It is desirable that the parents in this period have also made efforts to

comprehensive child development There are a lot of video advice on this subject, seeing that, you can learn a lot of useful( as in the field of child psychology and in his physical development).It is better to watch the material prepared by specialists. For example, Dr. Eugene Komarovsky is available to tell us what to look for.

Basics of the physical development of the baby

The physical development of the child at 3 months has always been given great attention, especially by the parents. This is partly due to the fact that they can easily determine the size of their 3-month-old baby, and thus assess his normal physical condition. In the examination of the baby up to the year that is carried out in the polyclinic at the place of residence, includes:

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  • general examination;
  • auscultation( the doctor listens to the work of the heart and respiratory organs);
  • measuring the volume of the chest and head;
  • measurements of height and weight.
child 3 months should weigh about 5 to 7 kg and have an average growth 62 cm( this also applies to girls and boys).All these parameters affect the genetic characteristics of the parents, fertility pregnancy, its course and its duration permit( early, on time or my mother bore the baby), as well as the conditions under which grew grudnichok( nutrition - natural or artificial feeding, the introduction of early weaning andQuality of care).

medium sized table crumbs by the end of 3 months:

Paul Weight Height
Boy 6 - 6,9 62 - 64
Girl 5,5 - 6,4 61 - 62

In a normal childGaining from 0.5 to 1 kg per month at this age. There may be deviations, for example, children who feed on mother's milk gain weight faster than artificers. If the parameters of a 3-month-old child are different from those stated, this does not mean that the irreparable happened. When the child is cheerful, active and healthy, it pumps 6-8 times a day and urinates to 12 times, but a little nedobral or touched in weight - this is not a reason for panic.

Breastfeeding mothers breastfeed rarely overeat, but mothers of children on artificial or mixed feeding should be attentive to the weight indicators of their crumbs. If it seems to you that the baby is fat or thin with excessive thinness, consult a pediatrician.

Child at the pediatrician Parents should in no case ignore the planned visit to the pediatrician, since the further development of the child depends on this. It is important to determine whether everything is now normal, whether the reaction of the baby corresponds to his age

Reflexes of the newborn: what happens to them?

The main reflexes of the newborn:

  • Moro reflex;
  • reflex of Babkin;
  • search;
  • proboscis;
  • sucking;
  • crawling reflex.
It is reflex activity that helps newborns to survive and adapt to the environment. But the baby does not need them in 3 months. Therefore, in the norm of , the main reflexes of the newborn at 3 months( with the exception of the sucking and crawl reflex) begin to fade away , there remain residual manifestations.
  • opening the mouth and turning the head towards the effect while stroking the corner of his mouth( search);
  • stretching of the lips with the proboscis when it touches the upper lip( proboscis);
  • moving head forward and opening the mouth when pressing on the palm of a child( Babkin);
  • is too pronounced Moro reflex.

Moro reflex in three months may indicate increased excitability of the nervous system of the baby. This reflex consists in a sharp throwing of the handles and opening of the palms. This is a reaction to a frightening factor( a sharp sound, for example).You can call him by hitting the table next to the child. Similarly, during the newborn period, it manifests itself when the baby is placed on the back, or when the legs are raised.

Reflex crawling and sucking reflex are clearly expressed at the age of 3-4 months. They are required for the growth and development of the baby.

On 3rd month from children often develops rickets , and parents must be very attentive to its toddler . First symptom - elevated sweating . Face crumbs is coated with droplets sweat in time feeding , but especially strongly sweats head at night . Toddler is worried , and he rubs his head of mattress , due for which hair on the nape fall , formed propleshinka . Also toddler becomes restless , scary , from it is getting fast urinating . All is can be consequence of lack of of vitamin D . When first suspicions on rickets required emergency consultation pediatrician , which appoint necessary drugs and procedures, and also corrects food mother and child .

Skills that the baby learns by the 3rd month

  • coups from back to stomach;
  • "cobra" - the ability to lift the head and shoulders, leaning on the forearm.

A child at the age of 3 months most often learns these skills, but it does not work well for all children. Some cope with this by 4 or even 5 months. Strict standards are not here, the baby grows and develops, but does not give the TRP.Therefore, if he is healthy, grows well, is active, has no neurological pathologies, but does not turn over very well and relies on handles, we need to pay more attention to the activities with him, developing games and massages.

Toddler picks up the head The ability to lift and hold the head normally develops to three months of life.

Psychological features of kids

Three months is a bright period of changes that affect the psyche of the infant, his emotional sphere:

  • The main "novelty" in the behavior is the so-called revitalization complex. It is the active smile of the baby, the increase in his motor activity and the fact that he "chatters" for a long time( gulyit and aguka).
  • At this stage of life, crumbs are actively developing the basic functions of his psyche, sensory perception. For example, the vision undergoes a significant change .The child is able to follow the moving objects and objects, to consider them.
  • Objective perception is formed. He is able to recognize the complex properties of an object. To do this, he tries to use his sensory systems to the maximum( inspect the object, touch, chew, shake, listen to the sound, if it makes it).
  • The hearing of the child is also actively being improved. The child is able to distinguish between intonations, to separate individual sounds from the general noise, to adequately determine the source of sound vibrations. Very well recognizes the voices of significant adults, especially noticeable reaction to the mother's voice.
  • The emotional sphere of the is also progressing rapidly. A child at this age can be offended, surprised, upset. He sensitively feels the family atmosphere and the mood of adults.
  • Learns the method of "doing, like you." That is, by imprinting, taking over and "writing to the subcortex" the ways of responding to adults.
Kid Aguits In 3 months the baby starts actively agukat, as if to talk. In fact, this is the communication with parents - the child shares his emotions, shows affection or interest

The order and nutrition of

The three-month boundary is the time when it's time to take care of the baby, working out the basics of the daily routine and accustoming him to the basic regime moments. Sleeping baby by this time, many more, but already much less. A couple of decades ago, the norm was considered to be up to 18 hours a day, but modern children sleep much less. Babies can sleep from 12 Ā½ to 15 hours. The main time to fall for the night. For a day there is still up to 4 hours of sleep.

A three-month-old baby can sleep most of the night. In this period, and formed the "right" attitude to the night sleep of the baby, that is, the association of the night with sleep. He should already be trained to fall asleep not with a bottle or under a breast, and independently. The place of food and the place of sleep must be spread, it is not worth to feed the crumbs in the bed.

The total volume of breast milk that the baby eats, increases to 800-900 ml / day, in one feeding the crumb eats about 150 gr. In general, babies on breastfeeding regulate the amount of milk themselves. If the baby is an artificial person - he should eat the mixture in the amount recommended by the manufacturer, large children can eat a little more. Some parents begin to introduce complementary foods at 3 months. Do not advise, it is better to postpone the lure up to six months, in the case of IV - up to 5 months.

For the third month of feeding one of the lactation crises of falls. This must be taken into account: in no case need to reduce feeding, suggesting that milk "ends."During this period, the tides of milk stop, and the woman thinks that the milk has become less. In addition, the child shows interest not only in food, but also in surrounding objects: he can take breaks in food, looking around all around. Therefore, some mothers think that milk "disappears", and add the mixture to children, it should not be done.

Lactation crisis Sometimes mothers confuse the lactation crisis in 3 months with the complete disappearance of milk, which should not normally be present. The best tactic will be to continue feeding, adjusting to the regime of the baby

"Developers" for the child

The 4th month of the child's life is the time when it's time to move on to active activities with him during his waking hours. Games , which mother can offer, should be directed to the development:

  • hearing( to sing to the kid songs and nursery rhymes, to read fairy tales in faces, to include children's songs);
  • speech skills( when talking with the baby, saying the offer, to be silent, inviting him to insert his "phrase" in this way, eventually the little one will understand, and with pleasure will participate in such a "dialogue");
  • tactile sensations( you can give the crumb objects of different texture to feel them, for example, cereals, different fabrics, objects with an unusual surface, etc.);
  • stimulate brain activity in a reflex way( palm and foot massage, finger charging, etc.).

Toys for a three-month-old child should be chosen bright, colorful and comfortable for grasping and biting. Very good fit different rattles with rings. Available and in detail about this will tell the pediatrician Komarovsky in his programs, as well as the video for the development of crumbs by the technique of "Leonardo":


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