Features of the child 8 months: the fundamentals of harmonious development of girls and boys, the rational nutrition of infants


  • 1. Physical Data
  • 2. Toddler Skills for 8 Months
  • 3. Psychoemotional Development
  • 4. Toddlers for Toddler Development
    • 4.1. Getting to know the world
    • 4.2. Physical development of
    • 4.3. Development of fine motor skills
    • 4.4. Development of the speech device
    • 4.5. Acquaintance with your own body
  • 5. Crisis 8 months
  • 6. Eight-month-old child's nutrition

Your child is 8 months old! The kid becomes a quick and moving carapace, with which parents can never be bored. Actively crawls all over the apartment for her mother, plays cheerfully with her dad, tries to replace her infantish breathing with an "adult" speech, pronouncing the first syllables.

Baby 8 months old At 8 months the kid is already quite active, he explores the world around him. It is important to approach the development correctly in order to help the karapuza to adapt and become self-sufficient

Physical data

At 8 months, your child has grown and

gained enough weight and height. Table of average indices:

Parameter Boy Boy
Weight, kg 8.5 - 9.2 7.9 - 8.5
Height, cm 70 - 71 69 - 70

As can be seen from the table, the weight of boys is much larger, And in general they are usually more well-nourished and tall, and the characteristics of girls, in norm, can be slightly less than the specified height and weight.

The skills of a toddler at 8 month

The range of skills and knowledge of an 8-9 month old baby is so great that it's hard to believe that just recently a baby was born absolutely helpless:

  1. Now baby crawls and quickly crawls , sometimes trying to climb, Holding on to the back of the crib or for the furniture. However, the crumb, most likely, himself on the legs will not rise yet, and with the help of relatives will stand with pleasure and even begin to imitate walking, as if stepping over legs and making small steps.
  2. The fine motor skills of an 8-month-old baby is already developed quite well. Can collect small items, two fingers to hold a toy. Freely shifts items from the left hand to the right and vice versa.
  3. In the thinking of , active logical connections develop. To pick up a fallen toy, when both handles are occupied, a child of 8 months, after a moment's thought, releases the handle, throwing out one of the objects. Moreover, the process of throwing causes the baby genuine interest. Throwing a toy, a crumb with attention watches how far it flew away, where it fell, with what sounds it happened. Can throw one toy several times in a row.
  4. In the 's communication with parents and relatives, new nuances also appear. Normally, in 8-9 months the child can show a hand on the subject, which he now is interested. Begins to gesticulate intensively, explaining her desires. While moving around the apartment on all fours, the kid has to constantly solve complex problems: crawl large objects or push aside the small ones.
  5. During games , the crumb in all repeats the actions and behavior of parents. Performs simple actions - for example, can remove and dress the lid, push the ball with the foot, collect a simple pyramid. With joy, fulfills elementary requests: wiggle with a pen, give me a pen, pat your hands.
Games 8 months During this period the kid becomes active and playful, with pleasure repeats actions for parents, masteres new simple actions

Psycho-emotional development of

The child at 8 months is already clearly distinguishes between relatives and friends , with whom they constantly communicate. Is very alert to strangers. For him, the presence of an unfamiliar person, especially one-on-one, can become a great shock and stress. The reaction of the infant can be different: from panic attacks accompanied by loud hysterical crying, until the stranger completely ignores. In such a situation, the baby is more likely to turn away and crawl away.

Fear of strangers - the most common phobia of the child, manifested in 8 months. This phenomenon is associated with the crisis of the eighth month - the fear of separation, we will talk about it below. There are other children's fears, which also bother the kids.

For example, the fear of household appliances that makes loud noises. It can be a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine or a kettle with a whistle. In this case, the baby needs to talk, explaining the useful properties of the instruments and the reasons for such noise, showing by their behavior that this is a safe technique.

At 8 months, is noted in children with intensive speech development. Lepet becomes clear, the crumb begins to pronounce various sounds and even make up separate syllables, trying to imitate the sounds of nature and the conversation of adults. In the speech, you can notice most of the sounds of the native language for the baby and all sorts of combinations. The child feels and understands the speech intonations of his parents, he himself is able to give his babbling joyful or angry tones.

The kid learns to speak The development of speech is very active for 8 months, although the kid is still not ready to become a full-fledged interlocutor - he only moves from agukan to separate syllables

Summary table of skills:

Scope of development What's going on?
Motor activity Standing on its own feet, holding on to the support. She sits confidently, lies down. Creeps with pleasure. With support crossed legs. He turns to the toys, holding on to the sides of the crib( arena).
Actions with objects If both hands are occupied with toys, and the kid is given one more, then he throws the old toy to take a new one. Well imitates the actions of an adult: hits toys against each other, rolls them, kicks the ball, etc. Can show "Goodbye".
Skills Can drink from a cup( from the hands of an adult), while holding it. He himself holds a cookie or a piece of bread in his hand and eats.
Emotions Becomes closed to outsiders. Attachment to relatives is exacerbated( especially to my mother).There is a crisis of 8 months.
Speech Reversed speech understands well. On the question "Where. ..?" Can turn heads to show where some objects lie. The development of active speech goes through the stage of babbling syllables and their series.
Intelligence There is an improvement of purposeful and arbitrary actions. Removes interfering objects in his path to get to the person of interest;Tries to do something again, if it did not work out the last time.

Lessons for Toddler Development

Many parents pay special attention to the early development of children of 8 months. Now the information is absorbed by the child as a sponge, while the physical possibilities are constantly being improved. In accordance with age, the baby should be offered more complex and diverse games.

Baby 8 months old At 8 months the kid is a real researcher, loves to study new items and materials for him

Acquaintance with the surrounding world

It is necessary to allocate time every day for acquaintance of the child with 8 new months with new surrounding objects. Walking with him, pay attention to what attracts him and interests him. It is necessary to clearly and loudly pronounce the names of objects of interest in crumbs. Now the baby already knows and distinguishes some animals, transport. So, the question: "where is the kitty?", Should be able to point finger at the animal.

Physical Development

It should be given more time to improve the of the vestibular apparatus , which controls the motor abilities of the crumbs. You can do this by swinging the baby on his knees or twisting around him, holding his hands. These games will bring a lot of positive emotions to you and the child. The game "cart" is very useful. Put the baby on his tummy, take the feet and lift them up so that the child can rest against the floor or sofa. The meaning of the lesson is in the imitation of walking on the handles. Doing such an exercise, carefully monitor the mood and well-being of the crumbs. When the first dubious reaction appears, stop the activity immediately.

Development of fine motor skills

To the child of 8th months it is important to develop fine motor skills. To this end, is often used as an ordinary cereal for ( buckwheat, rice, pasta).So, in a comfortable bowl - a bowl or pot, pour some cereals and invite the child to play. Usually it is very interesting for the crumb to pour the rump from the handle into the handle or watch how it sticks between the fingers. Such games should take the kid for a short while, but they need to be carried out only under the supervision of adults, because the kid may want to taste the game material.

Development of fine motor skills The development of fine motor skills can be carried out both with the help of special tools and with the help of tools available in every house.

Development of the

speech device. Since the child develops speech intensively at the age of 8 months, he is interested in listening and repeating adult conversations, includingTelephone conversations. Offer a bit of gaming communication on the phone , use toy devices or old non-working. As a rule, this game causes a storm of positive emotions, because the kid feels like an adult and starts to babble with joy.

Acquaintance with your own body

To introduce an 8-month-old child to your body, play with it in the dressing game - undressing .For example, give him a hat and show what to do with it. At this age, the little man is already trying to put on hats himself. After he wears a hat, be sure to look with him in the mirror. Mirror reflection always causes the baby genuine interest.

Crisis 8 months

The psychological crisis for 8-9 months is manifested in anxiety and fear of separation from my mother. Of course, not all children know this phenomenon, although it is observed in the majority, because by this time the baby already clearly identifies the mother figure( it can be a nanny) among the rest of the people and very anxious about this inextricable connection. The ability to accept the fact that psychological separation from the mother is inevitable is formed step by step. Normally, by the age of 1.5-2 years, this complex crisis will be left behind, and then the crumb can communicate without fear with strangers.

And what should I do now? The main thing, do not make the baby go to contact with other people - it's pointless. If you invite guests to the house or meet with friends, be sure to explain the baby that these are your good friends and you are very happy with them. To ease this crisis easier, before any separation( even the shortest one), talk to the baby - tell him where you are going when you return. Repeat this several times in a calm but confident voice. Mother's firm but affectionate intentions, her ability to say "no", constructive resistance to whims and, of course, love is the key to successfully overcoming the crisis.


https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = 3SKMjltHUlo

Eight-month-old child's nutrition

At 8 months for the baby, remains breastfeeding - of course, provided enough mother's milk is provided. In the classical version, the baby is given a breast in the morning and in the evening, ie after a night's sleep and in front of him. If the baby is on artificial feeding , by the eighth month the feeding schedule provides for one meal as a mixture, the rest - different lures.

To this period of life, the crumb should already have a good taste of many vegetables and fruits, cereals, meat. A significant part of the diet should be fruit and vegetable juices and purees. Now the moment of acquaintance of the kid with cottage cheese and children's yogurt, eggs has come.

It is recommended to compose multi-component power supply .So, you can offer your child porridge with boiled vegetables or fresh berries. However, we must not forget that many fruits and berries are full of allergens and may trigger allergies. Especially need to carefully monitor the reaction of the kid on citrus fruits and red berries( raspberries, strawberries).

At 8 months of age increases the amount of meat lures and make them more diverse. One feeding can be replaced with meat puree. In the diet of the baby, cream soups prepared on meat broths are gradually introduced. Already you can indulge sweet crackers crumbs, wafer biscuits and dried.

learn more about the principles of developmental classes with an 8-month-old baby may be on the video of Dr. Komarovsky and other paediatricians:


https:? //www.youtube.com/ watch v = Ur8PmgX621Q


https:? //www.youtube.com/ watch v = p7TuvZFTLAQ