How correctly to wear thermal underwear to children?

How correctly to wear thermal underwear to children?

All parents are firsthand not only with the charms of the winter season, but also with the hassles accompanying the merry New Year holidays. The rapidly increasing threat of colds due to the child's hypothermia of a small child can not but worry caring moms and dads.

Thermal underwear - this is the real rescue of children from low temperatures and cold climates with a minus degree. How to wear thermal underwear for children? To answer this question, first we need to understand what kinds of thermal underwear are, what they differ and what material is better to choose.

Contents of the article:

What is thermal underwear and how does it work?
• How to choose and which is better?
• What should I wear?
• Video tips for choosing children's thermal underwear

What is thermal underwear and how does it work?

Earlier, thermal underwear was worn mainly by athletes or polar explorers. Nowadays insulated linen sets are sold in almost all sports stores. Warm underwear is a kind of Hi

-Tech quilted jacket that provides a layer of warm air between the surface and the body of a person. Experts advise wearing such clothes under the bottom of an ordinary jacket. Warmed kits provide children with maximum comfort, will warn children's hypothermia.

Warm clothes for active guys

High-quality thermal underwear is characterized by the function of moisture extraction, which increases the degree of its comfort. A good set of linen for warming is an excellent alternative to numerous sweatshirts, pantyhose and pants, which creates a real cabbage image for the baby. Such underwear is no longer a curiosity, so the prices for kits are gradually decreasing. Among the main advantages of insulated underwear are:

  • strength of the material;
  • increased degree of elasticity;
  • availability of water repellent surface;
  • no risk of skin irritation;
  • absence of an obstacle for respiration of skin;
  • comfort in movement and tight fit to the skin;
  • keeping the shape in bad weather;
  • ability to store heat;
  • no need for ironing;
  • presence of an antibacterial layer that prevents the formation of an unpleasant odor of sweat;
  • no internal labels;
  • no protruding seams.

How to choose baby thermal underwear and which is better?

There are 3 main types of thermal underwear:

  • heat-saving( differs by weak activity);
  • moisture-extractive( designed for active walking and sports);
  • mixed.

It is recommended that children wear clothes made from a material with at least 50% natural fabrics. For example, insulated suits made from 100% wool, cotton or silk wool. Before buying a set of thermal underwear is worth trying on. It should be narrow and fit snugly to the body. Linen should not rub or grind anywhere. It is better if there are no protruding seams on the fabric. A seamless suit will not deliver any inconvenience to the toddler. The choice of the color of the product remains at the discretion of the parents.

Thermal underwear made of merino wool

Woolen warmed kit

Woolen underwear pushes away excess moisture and provides reliable protection against the piercing cold in the winter. This kind of warm clothes are recommended for children during quiet walks. From merino wool baby suits, sliders, poddevy and other wardrobe items are made. The material is a wool of merino sheep, sheared off withers. Woolen underwear is characterized by excellent thermostatic properties and hypoallergenic properties. Merino wool is used for sewing linen, which newborn children wear on their naked bodies.

Sporty thermal underwear

In winter, during physical education classes, active outdoor games, sports or other physical activity, when a child sweats intensively, it is recommended to wear a special sports thermal underwear that will drain moisture, not allowing it to accumulate and freeze the body. Wearing sports thermal underwear for football or for hockey, it would be nice to take care of other layers of clothing, which should be as functional as possible. They should give children the opportunity to actively move, perform any exercises and should not restrain movement.

Sportswear - protecting the child

Fleece jack-up

Fleece is a synthetic wool made especially to ensure reliable protection of the body against cold air. This material does not absorb moisture, but draws it further away from the body. Fleece perfectly retains heat. Fleece podev is an attribute necessary for an active child in the winter season. In the frosty season, a soft fleece podveva will become a reliable protection of a child's body, susceptible to hypothermia.

How to properly wear thermal underwear for a child?

Children should wear thermal underwear on their naked bodies. Take as a rule that the garment should be worn exclusively in the open air, as it will be too hot for the premise to be put on. In kindergarten, school or at home, children should wear clothes made of natural fabrics. Note that the kit should be seamless or have thin flat seams that will not cause discomfort during socks. Thermal underwear can be somewhat free only for children under one year.

Video tips for choosing children's thermal underwear

In the video you will find some useful tips that will help you decide on the choice of suitable thermal underwear.

How to wear thermal underwear for children?