What you can not eat nursing mom - the list of banned products

What you can not eat nursing mom - the list of banned products

The composition of women's milk depends largely on the diet of the nursing mother. Substances that come with food, drinks and various drugs into the body of a woman, after some time enter into breast milk. There is a certain list of products, which, according to the observations of doctors, negatively affect the condition and development of the child. Let's talk about why and what not to eat a nursing mother.

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Not recommended products in the first month of
• Why can not some products of
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• What else should not you eat while breastfeeding?
• Table of Prohibited Products after Childbirth
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What foods can not be eaten in the first month?

The first 4 weeks of life is especially vulnerable to breastfeeding, so your mom needs to plan her menu very carefully during this period. You can not eat fatty meat, offal, fatty fish, caviar, seafood, milk, eve

rything that causes flatulence( beans, cabbage, cucumbers, etc.), fruit of red color, white bread, buns. In the following months, the breastfeeding woman needs to expand her diet so that the baby can fully grow and develop.

That you can eat a nursing mother

Why is breastfeeding categorically not fried?

Fried dish is a dietary heavy product even for adults. What can we say about infants, the immature digestive tract of which is not able to digest the harmful substances that come with Mama's milk contained in such food. The organism of toddlers still does not produce enough enzymes for the breakdown of heavy food. Together with the pleasure of, for example, fried potatoes, the nursing mother will get such problems in the child as colic, bloating and diathesis.


Sugar is empty carbohydrates, the increased amount of which is harmful to everyone. A large number of sweets in the nursing mother's menu is fraught with the appearance of rashes, redness, skin flaking, and stomatitis in the child. It is necessary to replace artificial sugar with natural( cane) or fructose, fruits and dried fruits.

Harm sweet for a nursing mother

Milk Milk is considered an excellent means of improving and restoring lactation, but it also falls into the risk group( now being born a lot of children who are allergic to cow protein).Raw milk consumed by the nursing mother can cause colic in the baby's intestines and atopic dermatitis. The recommendation of doctors is 250 ml of milk per day. It is advisable to use it not in its pure form, but for cooking or with tea.

Dairy products for nursing mothers


Caffeine stimulates the immature nervous system of the baby, causing anxiety, crying. Studies have shown that caffeine, contained in coffee, is not absorbed by a child for up to a year, accumulating in the body and adversely affecting the development of the nervous system. Beskofein coffee is also harmful, its categorical can not be used, becauseIt contains minimal doses of caffeine. It should be borne in mind that strong tea( especially green) also contains a large amount of caffeine - the nursing mother is weakly brewed or diluted.

Harm coffee for a nursing woman


Mushrooms, as a heavily digestible product, are not recommended for children from birth and almost to school. Breastfeeding mother should be excluded from their menu. Even if you eat a well-crafted digestible kinds( button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms), it can cause severe indigestion in the child, which will have to be treated with the use of bifidobacteria.

Harm of fungi for a nursing mother

Tomatoes and cucumbers

Tomatoes are a highly allergenic product, although not all children cause a reaction. Nursing mothers are allowed to gradually introduce into their menus tomatoes, when the baby turns 3-4 months old. It is desirable to start with yellow varieties. Cucumbers rarely cause allergies, but are "famous" for causing bloating, increased gas production, colic, and profuse regurgitation. You can not enter them into your daily diet, until the child is 4-5 months old.

Tomatoes with breastfeeding

Red apples

Apples are considered a lowallergenic product, therefore traditionally recommended to nursing mothers. There is a widespread view that red apples are dangerous for babies. Allergists refer products of red color to the risk group and claim that they can not be consumed. If the newborn has a predisposition to allergies, it is better to refrain from them. No less dangerous are imported and off-season apples of any color, containing a large number of nitrates.

Apples for a nursing woman


Hematogen is prescribed to women according to indications. For example, due to a lack of iron due to the large blood loss during childbirth. Breastfeeding mother should take it cautiously, tk. The drug is able to cause allergies( hematogen is contraindicated if the child has intolerance to cow's protein).An additional risk is the content in this product of nuts, honey, as well as an increased amount of sugar. Start taking the hematogen with a minimal dose.

What foods should not be consumed in colic in a child?

In the first three months, the appearance of colic in a child is considered normal. However, very often the cause of persistent colic in a baby can be the malnutrition of the nursing mother. Therefore, a woman during breast-feeding should pay careful attention to the food consumed.

To avoid colic, the child should first abandon dairy products. The presence of foreign proteins in the lactating milk can cause poor health in the baby.

What you can eat when you have colic

Do not necessarily give up on them all the time, just suffer a week, until the well-being of the newborn improves and then begin to slowly introduce into your diet dairy products.

Very dangerous can be white cabbage. It should be used with caution. Do not use white cabbage in raw form, only boiled. In colic, the baby should also be excluded: grapes, pears, raisins, cucumbers, bell peppers, peas and beans.

What else can not women eat while breastfeeding?

Unequivocally contraindicated alcohol, including non-alcoholic. If a woman drank a glass of wine, breastfeed should not be given until 3-4 hours later. Contraindicated

  • chocolate
  • cocoa-containing products( similar to coffee, because contain caffeine)
  • acute or taste-specific dishes( the taste of such milk can repel the child's appetite).

Large consumption of flour and baking causes a variety of problems: constipation, diathesis, gas formation in the baby, as well as excess weight in the mother.

Table of products not recommended after delivery

With a healthy lifestyle and a varied diet of the mother, the child receives all the necessary substances, it is not necessary to supplement the breast milk with artificial preparations. In the production of milk, a large amount of energy is wasted, which a woman can only supply with a high-quality diet. Diets in this period are dangerous! A sparse diet adversely affects lactation( it is difficult to regulate breastfeeding after losing milk).

List of Prohibited Foods Breastfeeding

This table will help to balance the diet of the mother for the full physical and mental development of the baby. Products of Groups 1 and 2 are recommended taking into account individual tolerance. If on any of them there was an allergy, such product needs to be excluded. To make it easier to track the reaction of the baby and understand that you can not eat a nursing mother. It is advisable to keep an eating diary!

products 1. Allowed within the norms for healthy women 2. Allowed with restrictions 3. Excludes
Dairy group Sour milk products natural( without fillers), sour cream, cottage cheese, mild( not sharp) Goat and cow's milk boiled( diluted) cream, fermented and salty cheese( cheese, suluguni) products with artificial additives, curd cheese
Rabbit meat group, turkey, beef, lean pork, chicken, meat broths secondary Lean bWaffles, boiled sausages, low-fat delicacies, sausages - once a week Duck, fat, sausages, smoked sausages, smoked products, canned snacks
Eggs 3 eggs per week
Fish and seafood Low-fat varieties( pike perch, hake, cod, pollocketc.) Fatty grade( halibut, tuna, sturgeon), red varieties( salmon, salmon, trout), c / a herring - 1 weekly;Canned food natural( in its own juice) Seafood( crab, shrimp), crayfish, caviar, mackerel, smoked products, canned snacks( sprats, etc.)
Food fats Vegetable oils, butter Margarine creamy Cooking fats, Mayonnaise
Cereals, pasta Rice, buckwheat, corn groats, oatmeal, millet, pasta Beans
Vegetables Cabbage of any grades( except white cabbage), potatoes, carrots, beets, squash, squash, pumpkin Cucumbers, cabbage, radish, Radish;In raw form - onion and garlic Tomatoes;Canned pickled( with vinegar), pickles, spicy dishes
Fruits Pears, apples( not red) Bananas, red apples, cherry, cherry, currant, pomegranate, apricots, peaches, plums, melon, watermelon Tropical( kiwi, mango, Passion fruit, etc.), citrus fruits and berries red( strawberry, raspberry), grapes
Bakery products Bread any, drying, crackers Baking, biscuits
Sugar and sweets Croquet, biscuits, biscuit, pastille, Marshmallow Jams, confitures, jams, sugar( 40 grams per day) ChocolatesHell and products from cocoa, honey, canned fruit( citrus, grapes, strawberries)
Drinks Water, non-carbonated mineral water, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, jelly, juices and nectars, natural( pear, apple), herbal tea, weak tea( green, Black) chicory drink Nectars and juices( apricot, peach, cherry, plum, strong tea, kvass Alcohol, non-alcoholic beer, carbonated drinks, coffee, cocoa, juices( tomato, citrus, strawberry, raspberry)
Other Dried fruitsExcept dried apricots) ChurYeah, raisins, spices, nuts, pine and walnuts, sunflower seeds peanuts, mushrooms, fast food, ketchup

Video: How to eat during lactation

breast In this video MD will tell you how to eat my mother during pregnancy and in the early yearsLife of the child. Also you will learn what products should be avoided, so as not to harm the baby's health.

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What you can not eat nursing mom - the list of banned products