Treatment without operation of meningioma of the brain

Treatment without operation of meningioma of the brain

A tumor that grows from the cervical cells can be treated without the use of a surgical procedure. Therefore, when obtaining such a diagnosis, it is first necessary to ask yourself the following topic for study: brain meningioma treatment without surgery. There are different classifications of diseases that separate tumors according to size, shape, location and other parameters. In the article we will consider what are the symptoms of meningioma, the causes of its appearance, how to diagnose the problem and what methods of its treatment.

Symptoms of the manifestation of meningioma

A major disadvantage of the onset and development of meningioma is the absence of pronounced symptoms. A person with such a tumor can feel general ailments, but can not in any way understand that this is a disease of the brain. It is common to separate the local symptoms of meningioma and cerebral palsy, which depend on the degree of pressure on anatomical structures or brain cells. The first include:

  • Violation of the mental state of the patient, possible nervous disorders.
  • When it comes to the meningioma of the orbit, one or both eyes can go out( exophalic state).
  • The functioning of the organs of speech and hearing is possible if the tumor is located in the temporal part.
  • Blindness of some parts of the eye may occur in meningioma of the tubercle of the Turkish saddle.

The main symptom that can exist in all cases of this disease is headache, but such a sign can become a consequence of many changes in the state of the body. It is necessary to sound an alarm only if next to it there will be at least a slight effect of the above symptoms. To general cerebral signs of meningiosis include more radical changes in the state of the body:

  • Memory impairment, dips.
  • Possible cases of epilepsy, paralysis.
  • The appearance of severe headache after prolonged sleep, rest in a horizontal position.
  • Nausea, sometimes vomiting is possible.
  • Loss of visual acuity, bifurcation in the eyes.

Causes of

Opinions of doctors on this issue diverge. Some believe that the appearance of the brain's meningioma is associated exclusively with a genetic code that is predisposed to the development of this type of disease. Others argue that external factors are fundamental to the development of this tumor in the skull. Consider the common causes of cerebral meningiomas:

  • Extensive trauma to the head, skull, brain.
  • Neurofibromatosis of the second stage.
  • Large doses of X-ray irradiation and radioactive rays in the head region.
  • Work experience in constantly bad conditions.
  • Aggressive influence of the external environment( bad food, a large amount of nitrates as an example).

Diagnosis of the brain disease

Because the symptoms of the meningioma are very vague, especially in the early stages of the existence of such a disease, it is very difficult to diagnose the disease. In many cases, the diagnosis of the disease occurs during the passage of MRI( magnetic resonance imaging) for other purposes. But if there are suspicions of the presence of a brain meningioma, then the first thing is done by a neurological examination that affects the auditory organs, the visual and the coordination of reflex movements. Further can be appointed:

  1. Magnetic resonance imaging, which shows the state of the brain and all organs under the skull.
  2. Computerized tomography, which is not so often used in recent years due to the availability of more effective methods of analysis.
  3. MR angiography, which shows all the vessels feeding the analyzed brain tumor, and their condition.
  4. Biopsy. Method of studying meningioma using a special microscope. For carrying out this analysis, it is necessary to take a small part of the tumor that develops in the patient. With the help of this diagnosis, not only the tumor itself is studied, but also the means that can help get rid of it.

Analyzes and examinations for meningioma

An analysis that will confirm the diagnosis is magnetic resonance imaging( uses magnetic waves to build an image inside the skull).As an additional element of research, an angiogram can be prescribed( injections that help to isolate the blood vessels in the cerebral cortex that feed the tumor).Progressive doctors can prescribe blood tests, which also diagnose a bad disease. In rare cases, an electroencephalogram that fixes brain activity with the use of electric current can be prescribed.

Methods of treatment for meningiomas

In most cases( according to statistics, about 90%), meningiomas are benign tumors, so they develop slowly and do not affect important organs for life. In the case of malignant tumors, the rate of their growth is much faster, metastases can travel to any other parts of the body. Consider effective methods of fighting brain meningioma.

Traditional radiotherapy

If the patient is interested in the question: brain meningioma treatment without surgery, then classical radiotherapy can be a good method of recovery. Such radiotherapy can be prescribed to improve the condition in a malignant tumor, which is difficult to localize. It is considered not the most successful method of treatment, but with the development of very large formations in the brain is mandatory.

Radiation Radiosurgery

Radiation is always destructive for tumor cells, both benign and malignant. With meningioma of the brain, treatment without surgery using radiotherapy is very popular. Negative education is irradiated from the same position for several sessions. The downside of this method is the possible loss of hair, the appearance of dermatitis. But in some cases, when surgical intervention is not possible, it is advisable to apply it.

Dynamic observation of tumor development

This approach is used only in the case of benign meningiomas of small dimensions, which do not create major problems with well-being and do not cause strong symptoms. So, every six to twelve months an MRI is performed, which shows the state of the brain. The method can be used for patients in adulthood or those who do not have a stable state of health.

Stereotactic radiosurgery

In meningioma of the brain, treatment without surgery is possible with this effective method. Stereotactic radiosurgery is based on the direction of the beam of radiation directly into the formation for its destruction, without affecting other cells and brain tissues. The minus of this method is considered a possible resumption of the disease and the emergence of a new meningioma, as well as damage to nerve endings near the tumor. The method is applied in the presence of small formations, which did not entail major disturbances.

Traditional methods of

Traditional medicine uses folk methods of treating meningiomas of the brain in order to reduce puffiness, remove headaches and other symptoms of the disease. When using recommendations from healers and connoisseurs of natural sources of health, getting rid of the tumor becomes much easier. To such folk methods of treatment meningiomas include:

  • Lotions on the frontal area of ​​the face, whiskey and nape. It is necessary to take natural therapeutic clay of white or gray color, dilute it with apple cider vinegar in the proportions of 1: 0.1( it is allowed to add a little water to get a supple liquid).This mixture is applied to these areas of the body with a very thick layer. After 2-2.5 hours rinse well with warm water.
  • Herbal bandages on the forehead. For their preparation you need to take the appropriate herbs( violet, lime, needles, sage, juniper), steam them in a water bath, apply a few layers of gauze and attach to these areas. The dressing can stay on the head for about 6-9 hours, which is very difficult. Often this procedure is performed at night.
  • For meningiomas of the brain, treatment without surgery is possible with the help of infusions of rose hips, blueberries, mint and raspberries. In order for this decoction to be sweet, it is allowed to add natural honey.
  • Regular stools and even diarrhea is a positive characteristic for the patient with no meningioma symptoms. The headache will be significantly reduced in such cases, but this method should not be taken a great interest.

Clinics for the treatment of brain diseases

  • Sofia Clinic. Moscow, Mitinskaya, house 17 building 4. Performs the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases of the head and brain, all types of medical examinations.
  • Department of Neurosurgery of the Federal State Institution of the National Medical and Surgical Center. NI Pirogova. Russia, Moscow, st. Nizhniy Pervomayskaya, 70. Analysis and treatment of all types of brain tumors is performed. For analysis, the latest technology is used.
  • Institute of Human Sciences. Russia, St. Petersburg, Akademika Pavlova St., 9. One of the largest centers where not only diagnosis and treatment of meningiomas is performed, but new methods for fighting the disease are being developed.
  • Shiba Medical Center, Israel. The State Hospital, which has a rehabilitation department, a children's department and a general clinical clinic.
  • Medical services center Rambam, Israel. The clinic, supported by the state authorities, includes the Mayer Mayer, which performs any kind of treatment of childhood diseases.
  • HoneyCenter Ichilov, Israel. The second largest multidisciplinary clinic. There is a rehabilitation department, a heart institute, a general hospital and a hospital.
  • University Hospital of Tübingen, Germany. Treatment abroad is possible using the latest drugs and technologies. This institute is developing new methods of fighting meningiomas of the brain.

Diet for Brain Disease

Nutrition has its importance in the therapy of complex brain tumors. As an example, it is necessary to follow the recommendations, which are given below:

  1. Exclude from food products with table salt.
  2. Sources of sodium should be completely removed from the diet( pay attention to the composition of the products on the package).
  3. Increase the intake of foods containing calcium, magnesium, potassium.
  4. Recommended products for meningiomas are algae brown, sea kale.
  5. Difficult to digest food is not worth eating. These include kvass, kefir, red meats, legumes.

Video about symptoms of a brain tumor

To determine for yourself whether a patient has symptoms that indicate the presence of meningiomas, it is worthwhile to analyze all the factors that affect the disease. A brain tumor can not speak clearly about itself, which is why everyone should know about this disease. We suggest watching a video that shows the manifestations of the brain tumor and the symptoms that causes meningioma.

Reviews about methods of treatment of meningioma

Victoria Steklakova, 56, Moscow:

Treatment in the Moscow Pirogov clinic was completed using traditional radiotherapy. Further, without looking at the predictions, a relapse occurred and the meningioma began to grow a second time in 6 months, but after the secondary irradiation everything became normal. It's like the 2nd year there are no signs and manifestations of the disease.

Ivan Georgievich, 48, St. Petersburg:

Daughters were given positron emission tomography, and then stereotactic radiosurgery, resulting in a small brain meningioma. Now the diet has removed unwanted products and created a tough diet.

Victor Zakrelsky, 52, Krasny Oskol:

People's remedies were used for the treatment of meningioma for 6-7 months( their cost is minimal).At the same time, a permanent analysis and magnetic tomography were carried out. The size of the tumor was only a few millimeters less, so later the radiotherapy method was used, after which the meningioma was gone.

Zarina Omelianenko, 33, Krasnoperekopsk:

Nobody knows how to do operations on the brain better than Israeli doctors, although the price is high. After visiting the center of Shiba, a complete diagnosis and corresponding magnetic resonance spectroscopy was carried out. After 1 year no symptoms of the tumor were found.

Treatment without cerebral meningioma