What is the best expectorant for bronchitis?

What is the best expectorant for bronchitis?

Inflammation of the bronchi requires serious, immediate treatment. Otherwise, bronchitis will begin to progress, which threatens with complications, overflow into the chronic form of the disease. Bronchitis is classified as follows:

  • acute type - inflammatory process of the bronchial mucosa, which is characterized by an increase in the volume of secretion, which leads to coughing and the appearance of sputum( sometimes to dyspnea);
  • chronic form - a protracted, chronic( in some cases, purulent) disease, which does not depend on lung problems and is expressed by a constant, severe cough;
  • obstructive disease - very dangerous, clogs the bronchi;
  • bronchitis combines with tracheitis, which results in a tracheid form of the disease( bronchopneumonia develops from the tracheobronchitis).

To make life easier and improve your health, you need to know how to cure chronic bronchitis forever, how to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of an acute illness, what expectorants with acute bronchitis

are the most effective. Drugs are prescribed by a doctor, self-medication is not the best solution. The algorithm of action depends on the type of bronchitis and the reasons for which it was provoked.

Antitussive and expectorants for adults

Most patients believe that the effectiveness of antitussive medicine is due to its cost: the more expensive, the better. This is fundamentally wrong reasoning. The price of the expectorant for bronchitis absolutely does not affect its medicinal effect. Often the cost of syrups, tablets, powders against inflammation of the bronchi depends on the manufacturer, name, pharmaceutical organization, supplements.

With dry cough

A strong, sore throat cough is not only a possible symptom of bronchitis. Such a sign is very hard to tolerate physically, breaks sleep, just knocks out a person from the usual regime of the day. From unpleasant symptoms need to get rid of by means of special means of a reflex character. What to drink with a dry cough? Experts advise taking the following medicines:

  • Glaucin;
  • Butamirate;
  • Codeine;
  • "Tusuprex";
  • "Libexin" and the like.

Thinning sputum

When an infectious disease occurs, which includes inflammation of the bronchi, it is often difficult to expectorate, cleansing from accumulating mucus. Such trouble is resolved by using drugs based on various herbs, plants. The pharmacological industry can offer a wide range of forms of preparations: collections, tablets, capsules. Seeing such a variety, it is difficult to choose the best expectorant against coughing. We offer a list of the most effective medicines against bronchitis:

  • tablets "Termopsol", "Kodelak-Broncho";
  • syrup "Gerbion" for getting rid of viscous, abundant sputum;
  • "Tussin" - combined mucolytic, expectorant drug;
  • syrups "Pertusin", "Bronchicum" - triple blow to the disease( anesthetic, expectorant, antimicrobial);
  • tableted medicine "Ambroxol" is a mucolytic that helps the mucus to escape;
  • syrup or Bromhexine tablets.

Expectorants for children

Children and adolescents also often face such an ailment as bronchitis. To treat the disease is necessary at first, until the condition of the child, the more infants, has not worsened. To prevent a dangerous disease, you need to strengthen the children's immune and respiratory systems, give babies vitamins, monitor the microclimate of housing. If the child has already taken up the inflammatory process, it will be helped by such expectorant effective medications for bronchitis:

  • "Mukaltin" - tablets that include marshmallows;
  • "Gedelix" - syrup or ivy-based drops;
  • "Petrussin" - soft syrup with thyme extract;
  • "Doctor MOM" is a well-known tool for many people, which includes 11 medicinal herbs;
  • "Alteika" is a medicine in the form of a syrup, improving the work of the bronchi and helping to get rid quickly of sputum.

Folk expectorants for bronchitis

Many people are interested in treating bronchitis at home with folk remedies. Not always medicines can stop the development of the disease - then they are replaced by folk remedies for bronchitis. Get rid of dry cough, withdraw phlegm from the inflamed bronchi at home? Easily! Prepare an expectorant at home under the prescription is not difficult. Be careful: the formulations and procedures are applied only after consultation with the doctor.

For children

How to treat chronic bronchitis or its acute form in children? When coughing, problems with expectoration, such folk remedies often help:

  • a decoction of peppermint;
  • syrup from licorice root;
  • broths from oregano or thermopsis;
  • gargling and inhalation through chemist's chamomile;
  • soda with warm milk and propolis.

For adults

Treatment of bronchitis at home in adults is not a myth. Often for the preparation of medicinal products used expectorant herbs from coughing. Recipes from bronchial inflammation:

  • tincture of Ledum, oregano, nettle and birch leaves;
  • drinking collection of oregano, chamomile and coltsfoot;
  • warmed milk with cognac and honey;
  • radish juice with honey;
  • boiled oats with milk;
  • is a drug made from juice of the century, honey, butter.

When pregnant

Women who breastfeed or are in a position often ask the doctor which expectorant tablets( syrups) can be taken. Not only the disease, but illiterately selected drugs for its treatment can lead to unpleasant consequences. General rules:

  1. Bronchitis is best eradicated by folk methods, herbs. Later it is permitted to resort to professional medicine.
  2. If the disease progresses, the doctor may prescribe "Tundal" or "Bronchicum" in the first months of pregnancy.
  3. Preparations "Libexin", "Stoptussin", "Falimint" are issued in the second and third trimesters.


Maria, 22 years old: With bronchitis, I turned to a specialist for help. The doctor prescribed to take Ambrobene in the form of syrup. After a few days, almost cough was passed, sputum was steadily getting out. I gave this drug to my child. There are no complaints. I advise.

Andrei, 41 years old: My son caught inflammation of the bronchi. We were assigned "Lazolvan".The boy began to recover very quickly. We saw an obvious positive result after 4 days of treatment.

Jeanne, 25 years old: We received the medicine for expectoration "Bromgexin" after the daughter was examined by a doctor. The syrup was not categorically approached, after its reception the child began to cough even more. We replaced the syrup with tablets, and the baby went on the mend.

Video: how to treat bronchitis

Below you can see a very interesting, useful video on how to treat inflammation of the bronchi. The doctor will tell you which medications you need to use to get rid of an infectious ailment. You can easily specify which rules to adhere to for a speedy recovery. Assess the power of preventive measures. Carefully watch the video and do not be ill!

What is the best expectorant for bronchitis