Snoring and sniffing in an infant: common causes and 6 ways to sleep

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  • 1. Snoring and sniffing are not the same
    • 1.1. The reasons for "safe" snoring
  • 2. Diagnostics
    • 2.1. Nasal obstruction of the
    • 2.2. Adenoids
    • 2.3. Chronic tonsillitis
    • 2.4. Apnea
    • 2.5. Allergic rhinitis
    • 2.6. Viral rhinitis

Sometimes moms notice that their baby snores in a dream. Most often, this can be the result of the transferred diseases: cold, virus, runny nose. According to statistics, about 14% of children snore. We hasten to calm parents, snoring is not a disease, it is in some cases a symptom of some pathologies, but not always the baby snores because of a serious illness.

Thoracic snores Snoring or sniffing of a baby in a dream is not usually a sign of a serious illness

Snoring and sniffing are not the same

For the correct diagnosis, you first need to carefully observe the behavior of the baby. Does he have other disturbing signs, such as excessive capriciousness or frequent crying? The absence of addit

ional symptoms will say that the problem of snoring is easily solved. In the cases that will be indicated below, there is no snoring as such, it is only a loud sniff that resembles it. Here is a list of the most common and common sources of snoring in children. These sources are not dangerous and most of them are very easily eliminated.

The reasons for "safe" snoring

  • Age features. In a newborn baby, the nasal passages are still very narrow, resulting in a loud sniffing. Such sonorous breath parents are often confused with snoring. The absence of problems during wakefulness - for example, during sucking of a breast or a bottle, when the newborn absolutely calmly sucks and breathes a spout, shows that this problem is unequivocally age-old and will pass itself after a while.
  • Crusts in a spout."Roots" of snoring in infants can be dry crusts( we recommend reading: how to clean the nose of the infant from the snot?) In the nose. To get rid of the child from this trouble it is possible independently, having cleared a nose a cotton turundochka, greased with Vaseline or children's oil.
  • Fatigue. When a child is very tired and asleep, he may have a loud sniff. A similar situation is possible with taking sedatives. The baby snores with fatigue, and parents start to worry before the time.
  • "Attributes" of sleep. The reason that a child snores in a dream may be an excessively high pillow or very dry air in the room.


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Preschoolers often snore at night - this is not associated with pathologies and occurs in about 10% of families. The sex of the child does not affect the frequency of snoring - loudly snort and boys and girls.

Doctor E.O.Komarovsky singles out two grounds for the appearance of snoring: enlarged adenoids and excess mucus in the nasal passages. Recognize adenoids will be a doctor-otolaryngologist, who will see how much they are enlarged and will prompt correct treatment. To get rid of the mucus in the spout, it will be possible with the help of saline solutions, which should be sprinkled daily or buried in the nose. Avoid them, you can moisten the air in the room. It should be fresh, cool and moist.


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The reasons for snoring due to diseases of the nose or throat are able to identify the otolaryngologist. The following manipulations are used for the study:

  • examination of the throat, nasal passages and ears;
  • X-ray;
  • smear of the mucous part of the nasopharynx;
  • urine and blood tests.

After examining the analysis, the doctor will be able to find out the nature of the baby's snoring. It is necessary to comprehensively investigate the effect of snoring on the health of the child. In mild cases, the doctor usually advises conservative therapy. More severe stages of the disease may involve the performance of surgical operations.

There is one more possibility to determine how dangerous snoring a child is-polysomnography. The procedure is very lengthy, since the study includes the analysis of various functions of the body during sleep. One of the main indicators of polysomnography is the level of oxygen in the blood - its increase indicates the danger of snoring for health.

Constant strong snoring in a dream can be based on very dangerous causes. Exhalation, accompanied by mooching or snarling sounds, is sometimes a symptom of the disease. Consider the main ailments and find out what can be done to eliminate them, tell you about the basic techniques of treatment.

Child Inspection If you can not get rid of snoring in simple ways, it's better to take your child to a medical examination

Nasal congestion

  • Characteristics. The baby snores as a result of nasal congestion. Nasal passages are already due to excessive mucus accumulating in them. Mucus can appear as a result of drafts, which lead to a more intensive passage of air through the nasal canals, which strongly shakes the mucous surface of the pharynx. The child begins to sleep with his mouth open, which causes snoring again.
  • Than to help? Do not let the problem run its course. Of course, the common cold in children is a common phenomenon, but bacteria can multiply in mucus that will lead to infection.

Visit a pediatrician for advice on this issue. The doctor will prescribe your baby drops in the nose or rinsing.

You should not buy medicines yourself, it can lead to negative health effects. For example, therapeutic solutions with menthol sometimes cause allergies in the child.

The transferred rhinitis provides protection of a crumb from overcoolings. Perhaps the doctor will prescribe vitamins.

Instilling a baby To remove nasal congestion doctor's prescription drug drops or oil solution


  • Characteristics. No sneezing and shortness of breath may be symptoms of enlarged adenoids. Tonsils that grow in the nasopharynx interfere with free air circulation. Children with this disease most often suffer from attacks of adenoviruses. Severe cases are accompanied by hyperactivity, hearing impairment and twitching of facial muscles in a small patient.
  • How to help? Immediately consult the ENT.After assessing the degree of the disease, the doctor will prescribe a treatment or recommend an operation to remove the enlarged adenoids. Once having removed tonsils, it is necessary to be observed regularly at the doctor, in fact there is a danger, that they again will grow.

Chronic tonsillitis

  • Characteristics. Disease of the tonsils - another reason why the baby snores. Chronic tonsillitis is a disease of different ages. How to recognize it? With frequent throat diseases, dryness and perspiration, you should consult a doctor - all these symptoms can trigger an increase in tonsils. Sore areas make it difficult to breathe, swallow, and lead to snoring.
  • Than to help? Observation and treatment should be performed by an otolaryngologist. Chronic tonsillitis is treated very long and in most cases ends with surgery. The first thing to do when determining the disease is to eliminate the pathogenic microflora. How to do it? Regularly wash the affected area, treat with antibiotics and perform prescribed physiotherapy procedures. It is also important to improve immunity, for which the doctor prescribes appropriate therapy.


  • Features. Temporary stopping of breathing or apnea can also lead to the appearance of children's snoring. Obstructive sleep apnea is a disease in which the muscles of the pharynx do not have enough strength to cut the walls of the airways. Access to oxygen is partially blocked and gas exchange is disturbed. The child stops breathing for a while. As a result of this disease, the kid becomes stubborn, hyperactive, lazy, there is a worsening of sleep and developmental lag.
  • Than to help? It is extremely important to observe the ENT.For more details, it will be superfluous to record examples of night snoring on video with interruptions in breathing. Such a video will help the doctor make a more accurate diagnosis.

Allergic rhinitis

If this cause of snoring is identified, allergy sources( dust and "dust collectors" in the form of soft toys, allergenic foods) should be removed. The doctor prescribes antihistamines to the baby in the form of drops and, if necessary, a corrective diet. After performing the necessary actions, snoring passes in a few days.


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Viral rhinitis

Viral infection leading to snoring must be eliminated with the help of antiviral medications prescribed by the doctor. An inflamed nasal mucosa should be washed regularly, so you will help the child get rid of dry crusts and mucus. Vessels in the treatment will become vasoconstrictor drops and sprays.

The causes of snoring at night can be associated with some other diseases. These include pathologies in the development of the bones of the face or the curvature of the nose.

Anatomical reasons for the fact that a child snores in a dream, in most cases suggest surgery. In some cases, the doctor prescribes the administration of medications that stimulate the work of the oropharyngeal muscles and affect the work of individual parts of the brain. The lying position on the side leads to a decrease in the cases of interruption of breathing.

Searching for the answer to the question of why a child snores in a dream, consider that it can not be the most harmless diseases. Deficiency of oxygen prevents cells from developing normally, so it is extremely important to identify the root of the problem. Do not delay the visit to the doctor, be attentive to the health of your youngster.


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