What each child can do in 9 months: the skills and characteristics of the development of boys and girls

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  • 1. Physical indicators and skills of
  • 2. Summary table with
  • skills 3. Generating fine motor skills
  • 4. Developing the child's psyche
  • 5. Building social skills

How to know if the baby is developing correctly? What should children be able to do in 9 months? These questions are of concern to parents who have children of infants. To be calm for your child, it is important to know what level of physical and mental development he can achieve by 9 months, comparing observations with the average indicators. In this case, parents need to bear in mind that in the behavior of boys and girls there are differences, as the former become more energetic and active, the second is more emotional.

Girl 9 months old Some differences in the perception of the world by boys and girls can appear now - for example, babies often differ in increased emotionality.

Physical indicators and skills of

With the correct physical development of the child, its weight by 9 month

s is approximately 300-400 grams. Growth accordingly - on 1-2 centimeters. The kid to this period should weigh approximately 8600 - 9000 grams with an increase of 70-75 centimeters( the exact norms are presented in the centil tables).

An important age factor is the presence of 4-6 teeth in most children, which introduces a variety in the nutrition of infants. In the diet can be introduced cereals, sour-milk products, meat, puree, juices from vegetables and fruits.

The movements that the crumb thoroughly take on, become much more diverse. The main achievement of the motor skills is the aspiration of the baby to sit on its own and stand up, holding on to the support. But, despite this, most children prefer to move on all fours or crawl. This movement helps them to get acquainted with the surrounding objects.

You do not need to force events, trying your best to teach your baby to walk. It is better to let the training be gentle - perhaps, the baby is still very pleased to crawl, so he himself is not tuned to drastic changes.

Knowing this feature of the child, parents should not leave him unattended. After all, the movements of nine-month-old children become more dexterous, energetic, they are able to climb obstacles, crawl them, climb into cabinets, on the backs of sofas, because of which there may be falls, bruises.

Summary table with the skills of

Child 9 months - At 9 months I can do a lot!
Scope of development What's going on?
Motor activity Moves from one object to another, slightly adhering to them with their hands. He also goes to an adult - he looks and goes with a slow add-on or alternating step, holding on to the support. Surely sits about 15 minutes. Good creeps. Mimics the actions of another child.
Action with objects For a long time he plays himself: manipulates toys in a variety of ways( rolls cars, opens, takes items out of the box, etc.)
Skills Drinks from a cup( he does not hold it yet).If parents are accustomed to a pot, can already confidently sit on it.
Emotions Everything to learn from adults and in every way attracts them to their activities. Experiencing the most diverse emotions: interest, joy, surprise, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, etc.
Understanding speech Can perform adult assignments: "Show how a bird flies", "Wiggle the handle," "Show me hello / bye" andEtc. Understands the prohibitions and instructions such as "sit down", "come here", "get up," "hug mom."He knows his name and distinguishes him from others.
Independent speech Says a variety of syllables and begins to speak simple words. This autonomous speech - i.e. It is of an indicative situational nature, it is understandable only to those close to it.
Intelligence Knows how to anticipate events. After 8 months can remember some subject. So far, the child looks at everything from the point of view of himself, i.e. It can not differentiate objects - they all "spin" about it. This is how childish egocentrism manifests itself.

The formation of fine motor skills

No less important achievement of crumbs is the strengthening of fine motor skills. Experts have long proven the influence of well-developed motor skills on brain development. By 9 months the child learns to take small objects with fingers, is interested in toys, different in form, size and material - for proper education, you need to take care of updating and expanding the game material.

Touchscreen Sensory boxes with cereals or beans are an excellent option for the development of fine motor skills of a 9-month-old baby

. To the existing toys it is good to add items:

  • developing small motor skills: pyramids, inserts, nesting dolls;
  • forming the motor activity: balls, cubes, wheelchairs, animal figures, cars.
To help crumb develop fingers, hand, parents can learn to play and play with it in interesting finger games. For example, in such as classic: "Ladushki", "Soroka", "Finger, where have you been?" With fingering, which the kids are very happy and willingly repeat the movements for adults.

The full-scale physical development of the child according to the average standards will help correct observance of the regime of the day. Parents are useful to know that the period of wakefulness of the baby is daily up to 3 hours and even more. Time for sleep - up to 15 hours, the number of periods of sleep in the daytime up to 2 times. On the day there are 5 feedings, breaks between which reach 4.5 hours.

Development of the psyche of the child

During the period of 9 months, the neuropsychological development of the baby is intensively going on. Every day is important for crumbs, as new successes and achievements are added, which makes it more emotional, interesting in communication, playing.

The main achievement is the emergence of meaningful syllables. By 10 months, children not only make certain sounds, but are already beginning to label specific objects or actions, for example, syllables "ma-ma", "yes-da-da", "ba-ba-ba", "give."


https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = QDNdcHybGZQ

  • The crumb easily learns to perform simple actions when feeding, dressing, playing at the request of an adult: for example, "give a toy", "open the mouth", "take in the pen".
  • Children understand many words addressed to them. When the question of an adult finger shows subjects in pictures, so they are introduced to books.

But, despite the variety of toys, the child prefers to play with household items, paper, utensils .There is nothing terrible here, such actions help develop cognitive activity. You just need to make sure that the surroundings are safe and clean. There are even special games in the kitchen that allow parents to play everyday with the kid.

It is important that babe at this age very emotionally perceives the mood of the surrounding people .So, the kid laughs when everyone is having fun, and is sad when an adult is not in the mood. Parents need to know that a baby has a favorite toy that becomes important to him. The toy helps him improve mood, needs to fall asleep, comforts with the disease.

Building Social Skills

Large changes occur in the social behavior of children. Parents are surprised to learn that after securing sitting and crawling skills, babies of 9 months become quite independent. Often this affects the behavior of children - defending their first independence, they can be capricious, refuse to fulfill the requests of adults.

Kid and Dad The child becomes more and more independent, and despite the vagaries, the kid actively repeats the movements of adults, loves spending time with them.

Here, it is important for adults to correctly behave themselves - on the one hand to show reasonable firmness, to teach the baby the word "no", and on the other, notSuppress his desire for independence. To do this, you can offer the to show the useful independence of the : to offer a spoon, to drink from a cup, to wash the handles, to help put on and take off your clothes and shoes.

Kids 9 months are actively seeking to communicate with adults and children they know, are happy to participate in joint games. In such games it is good to include music, songs with movements, encouraging the actions of children.

Children should be given the following steps by the age of 10 months:

  • can sit alone;
  • from a sitting position to rise, stand, holding the support;
  • fulfill the requests of adults;
  • act with the rings of the pyramid, dice, grab the ball, throw it;
  • to pronounce parts of words, syllables, meaning familiar objects or actions;
  • at the request of an adult to show where the spout, ears, other parts of the body;
  • can recognize on pictures familiar objects, animal figures;
  • emotionally show the attitude towards the events.

The maximum knowledge of the skills and abilities of children can be obtained by reading video lectures of Dr. Komarovsky or other specialized specialists. Knowing how to develop a baby in 9 months, parents will raise a healthy baby.


https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = r1rS4kQqIss