Maternity Payments 2017. The amount of maternity pay

exciting 9 months fly by, and now the expectant mother begins to engage in pleasant troubles - preparation cozy "nest" for your baby, buy him clothes, diapers and toys.


benefit amount calculation joyful expectation tot phenomenon is often accompanied by the light concern about the financial component issue. Therefore, future mothers and those women who are only planning to expand their family, are striving to obtain the

maximum amount of information about what maternity payments they are entitled to. Can every pregnant woman count on financial assistance and support from the state? The answer will, unfortunately, be negative. In addition, the amount of financial assistance will be different in each individual case.

payments for pregnancy and childbirth in 2017.

Traditionally assumed that aid in connection with the waiting period and the subsequent appearance of a baby into the world, but put women who have stepped maternity leave. This statement is only partly true.

Pregnancy payments 2017: types of benefits

There are several types of financial assistance in the form of benefits for women in a special situation, which are assigned to future mothers in certain cases. What payments are made during pregnancy?

  • "Decree" - the right to receive this type of financial support is for women, whose gestation period "stepped over" 30 weeks( in case of waiting for one youngster).If two or more young people have settled in the womb, then she can go on deserved rest from the 28th week onwards.
  • One-time allowance, for which future mothers have the right to apply in advance to the antenatal clinic( the waiting period for the baby should not exceed 12 weeks at the time of treatment in the LC).
  • Women can be reckoned for as a separate type of payment in a position whose spouses are serving on an urgent basis. This type of support for women is also a one-time payment for pregnancy.

Allowances for pregnancy and childbirth in 2017: the grounds for financial compensation

During the design of any type of payment, and maternity benefits are not an exception, it is necessary documentary evidence of grounds for obtaining financial assistance. What documents need to be prepared for a future mother?

  • The hospital leaflet.
  • Application for payments for maternity.
  • Statement of income, based on which data the amount of the benefit will be calculated.

The FSS makes a payment on the sickness sheet for pregnancy, which is calculated individually in each case, within 10 days from the receipt of information from the enterprise. In addition, there are other nuances in the preparation of this financial assistance:

  • The woman must provide the disability sheet for calculating the amount of material assistance no later than 6 months after the end of the sick-list.
  • One of the most important differences of this type of assistance from other benefits for the baby, which father can also decorate, is that only women can claim this type of payment.
  • Material compensation is not granted to a woman in parallel with wages. A future mother should choose - either receiving payments for maternity leave, or she does not interrupt her work activity and in general receives a salary.

Pregnancy: applicants for payments and benefits 2017

Many women in the position mistakenly believe that only the fact of having a baby in the womb gives the right to financial benefits from the state. This opinion is erroneous. On material support can count:

  • The employed women. The amount of assistance is 100% of the average income for the 24 months preceding the onset of the decree. If, at the same time, the expectant mother was a part-time worker at several enterprises, each of the organizations is obliged to calculate the payments for pregnancy and childbirth for the working employee.
  • Dismissed before the decree, but had time to register as unemployed during this period.
  • Students who are trained in full-time( full-time) training. On a budgetary or contractual basis, learning is not important. Calculation of financial support is based on the size of the scholarship. To calculate the relying aid, you should contact the dean's office.
  • Payments for pregnancy to non-working women are also made, although this statement is not true for everyone. Only those unemployed women who were deprived of a job due to liquidation of an organization can apply for payments.
  • Women who completed the IP.The amount of financial compensation will be affected by the amount of deductions that were made in the FSS.
  • Female soldiers on a contract basis. To calculate financial assistance in this case, the amount of its financial allowance is taken as a basis.
  • Spouses of conscripts.

In addition, if a woman belongs to one of the categories from the list above, and plans to adopt a baby under three months of age, she can also apply for state aid.

One-off financial assistance: Early registration payments 2017

If a pregnant woman has applied to the LC with the intention of registering in the first weeks( up to the 12th) of an "interesting situation", she is entitled to an additional payment. The amount is issued once, its size is 581.73 rubles. This type of assistance is assigned at the same time as the calculation of payments for the sick-list for pregnancy( "maternity"), but not later than 10 days after the submission of the document from the LC.The allowance does not exclude other charges imposed on a woman, but has a number of characteristics that a future mother should know about.

Applying for benefits and maternity benefits 2017

In general, a woman in a position to receive "maternity" financial support should contact her employer. Exceptions are the following situations:

  • If within six months after the end of the period of the disability card issued in connection with the expectation of the baby and his birth, the woman did not apply to the employer for the due payment, she should go to the FSS.And then the fund will decide whether the valid reason for the pass was valid and whether it is worthwhile to issue state aid.
  • A woman is registered as an IP.In this case, she must immediately apply to the insurance fund. In this situation, the FSS calculates the payment of pregnancy.
  • If, when a woman applies to an organization, the latter has ceased to exist or has insufficient funds in the accounts, Mom must also be sent to the FSS.

List of documents for obtaining state compensation

A woman who registered for pregnancy earlier than 12 weeks, the payment is not only based on the "maternity" sick leave sheet, but also a single fixed amount. For registration of the latter it will be required:

  • A document from the LCD( certificate) confirming that the pregnant woman is observed earlier than the 12 weeks of waiting for the baby.
  • Application for the payment of pregnancy benefits.
  • Identity document( passport).

Calculation of pregnancy payments in 2017

Material assistance in connection with the expectation of crumbs and their subsequent birth is paid one-time, the full amount for the entire period on the disability sheet.

The period of the sick leave

How many days of rest does the mother relieve in connection with the upcoming phenomenon of the baby in the world?

  • 70 + 70. The total of 140 days is due to Mom, who is expecting the birth of one baby.
  • 70 + 86. The woman receives 156 days of "leave" if she gave birth to a single baby, but the birth was abnormal( caesarean section).
  • 84 + 110. A total of 194 days of the disability sheet should be paid to a woman waiting for two or more crumbs.

Upper and lower limit of financial assistance to

An important role is played by the work experience of a woman preceding the decree to determine the amount of the due payments.

  • If this moment the expectant mother worked less than half a year, the payment of monetary assistance is made on the basis of the minimum wage - the minimum amount of labor tariffs. Until June 30, 2017, its value is 7500 rubles, so the amount of the minimum benefit during this period will be equal to
    7500 * 24/730 * 140 = 34520.00 rub.

Since July 1, 2017, it is planned to raise the minimum wage to 7800 rubles. If this happens, a woman can count on 35901, 37 rubles in material assistance.

  • The upper limit of the benefit is also defined. To calculate it, I use data from 2015 and 2016.

The maximum payout size is 2017 =( 718000 + 680000) / 730 = 1901.37 * 140( days of incapacity for work) = 266191.80 rubles in case of natural childbirth of one baby.

If the birth was pathological, the maximum payment for pregnancy would be 353654.82 rubles. When two or more youngsters are born, the amount of material assistance is determined in the amount of 368865.78 rubles.

Rules for calculating the amount of benefits

Material compensation for the pregnancy of a woman and the birth of a crumb does not have a clearly defined value. Its size is affected by several factors:

  • The amount of the woman's insurance period.
  • Total income for 2 years, which lasted until the beginning of the decree.
  • The mode of work.

As you can see, the timing of registration for pregnancy for "maternity" does not affect. When calculating the amount of state aid on the invalidity sheet, the following formula is used:

C( benefit sum) = D( average daily earnings) * K( the number of "sick days" is 140, 156 or 194), while using the following algorithm to determine average daily income:

D = M( monthly income) * 24/730
All types of payments withholding taxes are used to determine the size of the aggregate monthly income. The tax from the received grant( NDFL) is not withheld.

Thus, it is easy to see that most of the future mothers have the right to state financial assistance. In order to meet the deadline for the payment of financial support for pregnancy and childbirth, provide documents in time to calculate the compensation that is due to you.