Calculation of hospital for maternity. Maternity leave sheet

Every pregnant woman who works 2 months before birth must go on maternity leave. This holiday is paid. However, in order to receive a pregnant woman's payment for a pregnant woman, she needs to issue a special document confirming the period of pregnancy in the women's consultation in which she is registered. In this article, we will describe in detail how all this procedure is going on.

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What is a maternity hospital?

According to Part VIII of the Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia No. 624N of 29.06.2011 "On Approving the Procedure for the Issue of Leaflets of Inability to Work", a woman in the situation can receive a sickness sheet for pregnancy for maternity leave at week 30 and sometimes 28( in that case, If a woman expects two or more toddlers at once)


To do this, she needs to go to a women's consultation with the gynecologist leading her pregnancy, so that he can get her sick for pregnancy and childbirth. This document to the future mother will need to be attributed to the work in the personnel department and in the accounting department. To him should be attached his own written application addressed to the employer with a request to release her on maternity leave. In the application you need to specify the terms of this leave. How to find out how many days a woman's pregnancy lasts for a woman? This is spelled out in the document that the gynecologist gave out. As a rule, if the pregnancy runs without complications, the duration of the hospital pregnancy in 2017 can last 140 days. If the birth took place with certain difficulties, or if the pregnancy was prolific, then in such a case, the duration of the leave and hospital for maternity will be 196 days.

Maternity hospital: sample

What is a sick leave sheet that a woman receives for processing maternity leave and leave? Externally, this document looks like this:

As a rule, the pregnant woman is filled with the following data:

  • Date of issue, which must correspond to the obstetric term of 30 weeks.
  • Code of the reason for the incapacity for work of a woman( the sick leave sheet for pregnancy and childbirth has the code "05").
  • Presumptive date of birth( from it counts another 70 days of vacation, laid to a woman in order to recover from childbirth).
  • Date when a woman registered in a women's consultation( this information should be indicated in the exchange card, which at the 30th week the woman is given up).
  • Total period of incapacity for work.
  • Position of the doctor who issued the sick leave.
  • Date from which you can take a maternity leave to care for your child( it lasts up to 3 years).

Calculation of hospital maternity and childbirth

After a woman receives a hospital pregnancy, she needs to be taken to the accounting department of the company where she works, so that the sick-list is calculated in time, and the woman is paid.

The amount of maternity benefit is calculated as follows: the average daily wage for 6 or less worked-out full months, or for actual hours worked, is multiplied by the number of calendar days of maternity leave( i.e., 126 or 140 days).

In this paragraph it is very important to correctly calculate the amount of average wages. To do this, you need to split the revenue that falls on the billing period by the number of calendar days in the billing period. Note that the amount of income includes only those payments that are included in the wage fund and from which contributions were made to the Fund for temporary incapacity for work. This does not include:

  1. Days of sickness.
  2. Days of maternity leave.
  3. Days of parental leave until they reach the age of three or six years on medical grounds.

Note also that the hospital for pregnancy is not subject to personal income tax.

If you want to know how much you will get in your hands, when the maternity leave money will be calculated, you can use a special online hospital calculator for pregnancy. On different Internet resources that consecrate accounting topics, you can find a lot of simple calculators, according to which calculations are made based on the data of the sick list. It usually looks like this:

Maternity payment for a maternity leave

Maternity leave must be paid to a pregnant woman with the nearest salary no later than ten days from the date of receipt of the necessary documents - a certificate of incapacity for work from the employee in the position. As a rule, enterprises pay this money at their own expense immediately, and then this amount is reimbursed by the Social Insurance Fund. To do this, the company's accountant must apply to the Social Security Fund for temporary disability in order to receive a refund of the amount paid for maternity leave. You must provide:

  • a copy of the worker's disability sheet;
  • a copy of the leave order;
  • application for compensation of vacation amounts.

Some employers are waiting until the Social Security Fund transfers the allowance to the legal account of the enterprise, and only then they are paid to their future mother.

We hope that the information obtained in this article will help you when preparing the required documents for maternity leave!

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