How to calculate the date of birth

Every pregnant woman in her head will have a question: "When will I become a mother?"Who will be the baby by the sign of the zodiac, in whose year he will be born - because it's all so important! Let not all of us believe in horoscopes, but is there even one person on earth who has never read them? We'll figure it out together, how to calculate pregnancy and childbirth.


How to calculate the birth of conception

a few words about the mechanism of conception

to begin we shall understand what the

processes take place in a woman's body every month. In an absolutely healthy and emotionally stable woman, critical days should be regular and come at regular intervals. These periods of time are called the menstrual cycle, and their duration is on average from 21 to 35 days.

Ovulation( the yield of a ready-to-fertilize egg from the ovarian follicle) occurs 14 days before the next menstruation. So, a woman with a regular cycle of 28 days ovulation occurs for 14 days. You can become pregnant only during the period of ovulation, several days before and a few days after. Therefore, for planning women pregnancy is extremely important to calculate it. But the calendar method is not suitable for everyone. For example, women with irregular cycles, not knowing when the next menstruation will begin, he does not fit categorically. You can keep a graph of basal temperature, this method is 100%!It is necessary to measure every morning the temperature in the rectum and record the results. Once the value exceeds the norm, it means that ovulation has occurred. And the simplest and most accessible method available today is to buy an ovulation test in a pharmacy and use it to determine the most fertile days for conception.

So, when the egg leaves the follicle, it goes straight to the fallopian tube and slowly moves to the uterine region. If these days there is no fertilization, the egg dies and everything starts anew. If the sperm meets the egg, the further it is also moving to the uterus, but there is an active cell division, there is a small embryo, which finds its place in the uterine wall, attached to it, and from that moment is fed and depends entirely on the motherOrganism.


Doctors still decided to expect a period based on obstetric weeks that count from the first day of the last month. This method is the most acceptable, since this day if the woman does not remember accurately, then it can be calculated by means of analyzes and ultrasound examinations, for example. This period is 40 weeks, with the first two weeks, there is no embryo, but the processes that precede the pregnancy has already started: the egg, which in the near future will be fertilized, mature and prepares for his exit.40 weeks, they are 280 days old, they are 10 obstetric months. Simply add one of these options to your first day of the last month, and you will receive a PDR - a provisional birth date.

You can use the formula of Nigel: you need to add to the date 7 days and then subtract three months. This is the obstetric method, which all doctors resort to. And if you put a period of, say, 4 weeks of pregnancy, you should know: the embryonic period( from conception) is 2 weeks, so keep that in mind if you read on Web sites about what is happening in your stomach every week. If they write about the period of 1 week that conception has not yet occurred, but it will be next week, it means that it is about obstetric weeks( the term the doctor has set).If the first week is described as a process of conception, then from the period that the doctor has set for you, it is necessary to take two weeks.

If we talk about ovulation, then not all women know when it happened. If you count weeks from it, then it will go about embryonic weeks, that is weeks of life of the crumb itself. This gestation period is about 38 weeks or 266 days.


How to calculate the exact date of birth by conception with the help of medicine

The most accurate way is, of course, ultrasound. And we are talking about the first ultrasound, which is an average of 10-12 weeks. Because life is born approximately in the same size, evaluating which it is possible to establish the exact day of its appearance. But every kid develops individually, and every mother eats in its own way. So some babies appear quite large in light, others are on the contrary.

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How to calculate the day of birth according to the first perturbation of

It is difficult to call it a technique by which you can calculate births by weeks, but, nevertheless, you can orient yourself at the first movements, confirming the already established DA.Usually if a woman is pregnant for the first time, then the first stir occurs at the 20th week of pregnancy, if the pregnancy is second or third, then the baby can be felt already at week 18.Perhaps this is due to the fact that experienced future mothers already know the nature of these perturbations, and less experienced can write off incomprehensible sensations for bubbling in the abdomen, for example. So, by the day when the baby first moved, add 20-22 weeks. But still it is very individual! Another thing to consider is the fact that a thin woman can feel her baby than a gorgeous young lady.


How to calculate births for height of the uterine fundus

Using the size and measurement of the heights of the uterus, you can also determine the duration of pregnancy and, based on it, check with the already available date of the PDR.The gynecologist deals with the measurements at each examination for quite a long period of pregnancy, but you can try to measure the height of the bottom using a normal centimeter tape to do it at home on your own.

  • 4 weeks - uterus the size of an average chicken egg.
  • 8 weeks - uterus the size of a female fist.
  • 12 weeks - uterus the size of the head of a newborn baby.
  • 16 weeks - height of the uterus 6 cm
  • 20 weeks - height of the uterine fundus 12 cm
  • 24 weeks - height of the uterus 20 cm
  • 28 weeks - height of the uterine fundus 24 cm
  • 32 weeks - height of the uterus 30 cm.
  • 36 weeks - height of the bottom of the uterus 36 cm.

Before the birth, the uterus descends to the level of 30 cm. Thus, lowering the abdomen is one of the signs of the onset of labor.


The birth schedule is calculated by the level of hCG

HCG is a pregnancy hormone responsible for its normal course and the production of equally necessary estrogens and progesterone. His level in the blood allows you to diagnose pregnancy at the earliest possible date, it is on its content in the urine that all pregnancy tests are responded by two strips. It can be contained in small doses and in the body of men and non-pregnant women, but, nevertheless, with the onset of pregnancy, it grows very rapidly, doubling about every 2-3 days. By its level in the blood, you can fairly accurately determine the duration of pregnancy.


How to calculate the gender of a child

Almost all future parents are concerned not only how to calculate the date of birth, but also the sex of the child. If we know the features of the conception process, which we have already learned a little, then it is quite possible to do this.

You need to know that the woman can not influence the sex of her future child. This is in male spermatozoa, in each of them initially a "feminine" or "masculine" beginning is laid. And it all depends on which sperm fertilizes the egg.

Survival in male and female spermatozoa is different. Knowing this, you can even try to conceive a girl or a boy. So "boys" in the process of sexual intercourse break forth, but they can not survive in the female environment for a long time. And "girls" on the contrary, move slowly, giving themselves to overtake, but they can live in a strange environment much longer: up to several days. Because if the sexual act occurred several days before ovulation, then the probability of a daughter's birth is great, and if on the day of ovulation or even a little later - most likely, there will be a son.


Let's sum up

We learned how to calculate the term of birth with the help of doctors and without it. It should be borne in mind that all the same PDR may differ from the actual date of delivery! It is generally accepted that on average the pregnancy lasts 40 obstetric weeks, in reality the delivery is possible between 38 and 42 weeks. Multiple pregnancy for more than 38 weeks, in principle, does not happen, for example. And if a woman walks, then she is closely watched by doctors, and she may even be assigned various kinds of stimulating procedures.

So, PDR, of course, everyone needs to know: to orientate and prepare for the appearance of the baby, but do not forget that not all women give birth precisely at this specific time limit.

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