Candles of Buscopan in Pregnancy

Waiting for crumbs, lasting 9 months, comes to an end. Ahead of the long-awaited meeting between mother and baby. The woman's organism was continuously preparing for this event all 40 weeks. In some cases, especially if the birth is first, the doctor can decide on additional help in preparing for a safe delivery. It's about medications that prepare the birth canal and the entire female body for such an important event as childbirth.


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  • CandlesBuscopan during pregnancy: reviews
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Candles Buskopan during pregnancy

This medicationThe agent is a synthetic spasmolytic( hyoscine butyl bromide) of na

tural origin. It is obtained from the leaves of duboisia, belladonna, belladonna, dope. Has Buskopan found use in women "in position" and how safe is the therapy with this medicine?

Forms of release

The drug has several forms of release - tablets, injections and rectal suppositories, each of which has its own direction of influence and safety for use by certain categories of people. The price of the drug depends on the form of production of the drug Buskopan. So the cost for rectal suppositories Buskupan in different pharmacies varies and varies in the range of 350 - 400 rubles. In order to determine the indications for the appointment of Buskopan, it is necessary to find out the mechanism of his work. The main effect of the drug is relaxation and elimination of contractile activity of smooth muscles. In addition, the drug has an analgesic effect, thus eliminating the pain syndrome.


Indications for use

Medication Buskopan, according to the instructions for use, can be appointed in such cases:

  • Colic - bile or intestinal.
  • Cholecystitis.
  • Acute peptic ulcer or duodenal ulcer.
  • Pylorospasm.
  • Spasms of ureters, bile ducts.
  • Painful menstruation.

This list of indications is not intended to be inclusive. Special attention should be paid to pregnant women. In a number of cases, the drug has found a successful application in them. It is only necessary to make a reservation at once, that the form in which the future mothers of Buskopan are appointed are candles.


Features of the treatment with Buscupan during pregnancy

Despite the natural origin of the drug, it is a potent agent, therefore Buscupan suppositories can be used strictly according to the instructions and after consulting a doctor.


If the dosage is not followed, as well as in case of an individual reaction to the components of the medicament, the following reactions are possible:

  • Hyperemia of the skin, itching, rashes.
  • Headache, sleep disturbance.
  • General weakness, increased nervous excitability.
  • Tachycardia.
  • Delayed urination.
  • Sensation of dryness in the oral cavity.
  • Decreased motility of the gastrointestinal tract.



Do not resort to drug therapy if present:

  • Intolerance to drug components.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Pulmonary edema.
  • Myasthenia gravis.
  • Megacolon.
  • Constipation is an obstacle to prescribing the drug in women "in position".


Pregnancy and suppositories Buskopan

Pregnancy is not a contraindication to the use of the drug, but requires caution and strict adherence to the doctor's recommendations. Rectal suppositories Buscupan should be inserted into the rectum through the anus in the horizontal position of the body lying on its side."Standard" dosage of the drug - 1 suppository before bedtime. However, the appointment and dosage in each individual case is determined by the doctor. So in what cases do you use Buskopan and from what does it help?

Application of medication for early waiting for a baby

In the first trimester of happy waiting for crumbs, many expectant mothers are unpleasantly in the uterine tone. Painful and pulling sensations in the lower abdomen bring physical discomfort and can be a signal of a threat looming over pregnancy. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, they may also require medication to eliminate them. In some cases, the drug Buscopan may be prescribed for early pregnancy. It should be remembered that the drug is potent. At this stage of bearing crumbs, it is advisable to consider other medications to eliminate unpleasant symptoms.


Second trimester and Buscopan

Not always the transition to the 2nd trimester leaves behind all the troubles and worries of a particular situation. Approaching the "equator" brings new worries. The threat of miscarriage, training bouts make mom look again in the direction of medicines. And Buscupan is not the best solution again. And although the negative impact on the crumb of the Buskopan candles has not been established according to the instruction, this medicine can become the culprit of the beginning of preterm birth.

Doctor Palpates The Abdomen Of Pregnant Woman During Childbirth

Buscopan before childbirth

The third trimester, more precisely the period from 37-38 weeks, is the most justified time of application of this drug. The drug has proven itself as a mild stimulant for the onset of labor. In cases where a woman gives birth for the first time, the doctor can prescribe a course of preparation and prevention 2 weeks before the birth. In general, the appointment of a medication can be made on the basis of the past DA, when 9 months( 40 obstetric weeks) are already over, and the baby is still not in a hurry to meet and it is about "pacing."Then the doctor can decide on additional stimulation of childbirth. Dosage in this case can be increased to 2-3 suppositories. Relaxing effect of Buscupan candles on the muscles of the cervix helps soften, smooth and open the latter. In addition, the drug eliminates unnecessary contractions of uterine musculature. This action of the drug increases the effectiveness of bouts, reduces their soreness. Therefore, therapy with Buskopan will help with childbirth to avoid ruptures, contributing to their normal course.

Time to birth

Candles Buskopan during pregnancy: reviews

As with any drug, the action of Buskopan is individual. That is why in the responses of women who used these candles, there is no unity. Part of the moms notes an exceptionally positive effect - the early onset of labor and the absence of tissue ruptures. In some cases, it was not possible to stimulate labor or to avoid neck rupture. However, most women still note the effectiveness of this drug in the framework of the tasks assigned to it.


Candles Buskopan in pregnancy: analogues

Based on the pharmacology of the drug, a whole list of medications with a similar effect is distinguished. Among them: Spasmox, Nivitropan, Atropin, Trigan, Vesicar, Atroventin, Riabal, Piren. The choice in favor of another drug with a similar effect can be made if there is an individual intolerance of a component of Buskopan. In any case, such an alternative should be approved by your treating gynecologist. To remove the increased tone, it is better to consult No-shpe or Papaverine.


Enjoy the pregnancy and competently approach its completion. And then the long-awaited meeting will prove to be the happiest!