Injection test for pregnancy

Every woman has experienced exciting emotions at least once in her life if she is suspected of being pregnant. The main cause of mood changes is a delay in menstrual periods. Young girls who do not yet think about the consequences, at such a moment can be tormented with remorse, burst into tears and blame themselves for imprudence. The second category of the beautiful half of humanity has already reached the moment when the child becomes a dream and the main goal in life. Such women are very happy with their first suspicions and want to know quickly whether a new life has arisen or not.

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Both of the above options are charged with different emotions - some embrace fear, others - joy. But there is only one thing that women have in common: a de

sire to learn more quickly about the absence or presence of pregnancy. Not a bad option - just go to the reception to the gynecologist, undergo a series of examinations. You can learn the truth on the same day, if you make an ultrasound and wait for the results of the tests. The second option is to go to the nearest pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test. It is designed for independent use, it does not take much time, and the result will be known in a few minutes.

More about the types of

In the middle of the last century our grandmothers and mothers found out about the pregnancy that had come only in the gynecologist's office for 2 and even 3 months of pregnancy. Modern women want more and can learn about the joyful event on their own, using special tests. This invention is sold in all pharmacies and it can be called genius.

Regardless of the cost of the test, the main element responsible for the result is the indicator - at home, a woman can learn about the new status and then share the joy with loved ones. The accuracy of the tests is up to 99%, so this technique can be called reliable. Despite the ease of use of tests, you need to know when and how to do the test.

There are several types of tests on the pharmacy showcases to determine conception. What pregnancy test to buy? Almost every woman asked this question. Pay more or save?

Let's look at the types:

  1. Strips.
  2. Tablet.
  3. Inkjet.
  4. Electronic.


The last test immediately produces a result - the screen will display information indicating the absence or presence of pregnancy. Virtually all electronic devices from different firms issue information in English.

The rest of the tools show the result in the form of two manifested lines. In the tests, there are 2 lines - the first is responsible for the fact that it is suitable for use, and the second line will manifest only if a special hormone, hCG( chorionic gonadotropin), is found in the body of a woman. It is produced only when the sperm fertilizes the ovum, that is, when conception occurs.

Let's consider in more detail the working principle of each test to choose a suitable model:

  1. Test strips. The first express strips for home diagnostics appeared on sale in the last century. The low price of the test made it popular among the fair sex. That it is necessary to do or make: the strip( it is impregnated with a reagent) it is necessary to dip in a glass with urine, to take some seconds then to take, leave for 3 minutes and after the time to look at the result. In the first days of delay, the test strip will be no more than 90% effective, and if you do the analysis after 7-10 days - you can expect 100% of the result. The drawback is that in the first days of delay, when fertilization has occurred, its sensitivity will be low;They are uncomfortable to use, because you need to immediately prepare a clean cup to collect urine. The end result may depend on the correct application of the test.
  2. Tablet - the device of the second generation is highly sensitive and can indicate the presence of pregnancy in the early term. It is a plastic container that looks like an electronic thermometer for measuring body temperature. A special system is installed in the container. In one hole it is necessary to drip urine( it is better to use a pipette), the second hole will inform about the presence / absence of conception. The test is effective, but it is extremely inconvenient to use it: first you need to collect urine, and then use a few drops. In addition, the cost of the test will be slightly higher than the price of conventional strips.
  3. Inkjet - modern pregnancy tests used before the delay in menstruation. Inside is an advanced cassette. The inkjet test is characterized by high sensitivity( 10 mM / ml) and ease of use. What you need to do: put a soft tip under the urine stream. In 1-2 minutes you can find out about the result. Of the shortcomings of the tests, one is singled out - the price of the jet test for pregnancy is much higher than other devices.

How the

Inkjet Works The principle of the jet device for determining pregnancy is similar to other devices - they fix the hCG hormone in the urine of a woman. It is produced only if pregnancy has occurred. This hormone produces a chorion( from it develops the placenta).Approximately on the 7th day after the fertilization of the egg in the woman's body, the production of hCG( the egg is fixed on the uterine wall) begins and from this moment( on the 22nd day of the cycle) pregnancy can be determined with the help of a test. In the first few days of conception, this can not be done, because the concentration of the hCG hormone in a woman's urine is very low and the test systems can not recognize it yet. If you make an inkjet pregnancy test at such an early time, it can lead to a false result or two stripes appear on the screen, only one will be bright, and the second will be pale, hardly visible. This result leads women into despair, they become nervous and go to the pharmacy for a new device. If you wait 7-10 days, then the jet pregnancy test will already show a reliable result.


The principle of the jet test is as follows: a reagent consisting of antibodies to the hormone hCG is applied to the strip of paper. If the pregnancy has occurred, then the female body will already be present HCG, which, when reacting with urine, will show the result - the manifestation of a red strip. If pregnancy does not occur, then the streak does not appear.

On the inkjet test there is a second strip - a control strip, which is always shown( if it is qualitative and not expired).It turns out that if a woman is not pregnant - she will see only 1 strip, and if the pregnancy has occurred - the test will simultaneously show 2 strips.

To obtain a reliable test result, it is better to use concentrated morning urine - in it the hormone HHC will be more than in daytime urine. By the way, jet tests for pregnancy have become so popular recently, because they can be done at any time of the day, anywhere( this applies only to the toilet room, additional devices such as a container for collecting urine and pipettes are not needed).

If you did the right thing and you saw a pale second strip on your device, this indicates a weakly positive result. You need to wait a few days and do a second self-examination using morning urine.


If the monthly is absent and the result of the test shows "negative", it is necessary to do a reanalysis, and if the answer is the same - it is better to make an appointment with a gynecologist.

Signs of pregnancy

Many women who dream about a child and are eagerly awaiting this moment of excitement are interested in whether there are signs of pregnancy before we even know about the delay in menstruation.

Consider these signs:

  1. Weak spotting from the vagina;
  2. Weakness.
  3. Increases basal temperature.
  4. Sensitive breast.
  5. Feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen.
  6. Drowsiness.
  7. Increased fatigue, decreased concentration of attention.
  8. Sleep disturbance. AS Vomiting, nausea.
  9. Increased salivation.
  10. Aversion to smells.
  11. Swelling of the hands and feet.
  12. Enhance vaginal discharge.
  13. Tasteful Changes.
  14. Frequent urination.

Regardless of these signs, at the first doubt a woman can use a jet pregnancy test before the delay of the monthly.


Pregnancy test.

instruction Your step-by-step actions:

  1. Open the cardboard package, remove the test from the sealed container.
  2. Remove the protection from the tip.
  3. Take the test in hand, hold it under the urine stream. The liquid should fall on the tip, for this, lower it down.
  4. Hold the tip under the jet for 10 seconds.
  5. Put on a dry and level surface. The test should be placed horizontally with the window facing up.
  6. Wait for 1-5 minutes. Very soon you will learn about your condition. More than 20 minutes the container is best not to leave.

What happens when the tip hits the urine stream: because one edge of the dough is made of soft fibers, the urine will be absorbed instantly. Further, the fibrous material promotes the progress of moisture to the rod where the reagent is located. If you observe the process, you can see how the wave enters the window, reaching the end.


In the diagnostic window you saw 1 strip - no pregnancy, 2 strips - pregnancy has come. A digital test instead of bars will show the following: "yes / no"( yes / no).

It happens that when the second band showed up very poorly, it can mean that conception has occurred, only to do a second analysis is necessary in a week. It is necessary to repeat the test again in a few days.

When the test does not show anything, you may have gotten an unusable device that was not properly stored. Therefore, to avoid this, it is necessary to look at the expiration date before buying a test.

Can the test fail?

If you carefully study the instruction, it becomes clear that the probability of a test accuracy is 95 to 99%.This means that 100% of the information can not be found. For example, if the test shows a false-negative result, when pregnancy actually is, but the test does not show it.

This can happen in such cases:

  1. You hurried, in the urine there is still no necessary concentration of the hormone.
  2. You bought an expired item.
  3. The verification procedure was incorrect.
  4. On the eve of testing, the woman drank a lot of fluids. This helps to lower the level of the hormone.

False positive response( no pregnancy, and the test shows the opposite):

  1. A woman takes hormonal medications from infertility. The composition of such drugs includes the hormone hCG.
  2. A woman has a malignant tumor.
  3. After miscarriage or premature birth in the uterus, the remains of the fetal egg could remain.

After applying the test, it is advisable to get a qualified consultation with a gynecologist.


Can an inkjet test determine early pregnancy?

Every woman wants to get a quick answer and find out about her condition. Some are interested in the terms of conception. No test, unfortunately, will provide you with this information. The ink test will show only the result of "no" or "yes", any other information can be found if you visit a women's consultation and hand over the appropriate tests. Based on the results of the analysis, the doctor will know the amount of the hormone HCG and determine the duration of pregnancy. By the way, such an analysis is very important to do as soon as possible to exclude a frozen pregnancy.

And if an ectopic pregnancy?

It also happens that the fetal egg is attached not in the uterine cavity, but beyond. This is an ectopic pregnancy. If you do a test, the result will still be positive. Find out what your pregnancy is, you can only after ultrasound.

With a positive test, the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are aching pains in the lower abdomen, a discharge with an admixture of blood. If you have such changes, it is better to immediately consult a doctor.

Regardless of the result obtained, it is better to get advice from a gynecologist - only an expert will dispel your doubts.