False Pregnancy in Women

False pregnancy is not a myth, as many women and men think. Pseudocyesis, as this state of the female organism sounds in Latin, is quite a real problem faced by the fair sex. And it consists in the disorder of the female psyche. Pseudobregnancy is a phenomenon, fortunately, rare, as it carries very serious psychological and emotional disorders and disorders.

False pregnancy

Specialists in the field of psychiatry, gynecology,, As a "false pregnancy".This phenomenon has not yet been studied for a number of reasons. It is worth noting that, fortunately, pseudobregnancy is a rare condition, because it is characterized by serious mental abnormalities.

As is clear from the name of this disease, a woman begins to experience absolutely all the symptoms of pregnancy, w

hile not being "in position".There were cases when a woman accompanied a toxicosis, there was no menstruation, even the stomach was enlarged. But at the same time there was no question of conception.

Perhaps it is from here that the most stupid myth of pregnancy has gone: the fruit can. .. "resolve."It's clear that in the old days there were no new technologies at all, so it was almost impossible to determine the presence of the fetus. So there was a woman in ignorance - until the baby starts to move or in general - until the fights begin. But there used to be such a thing that the stomach grew, and then all of a sudden it fell off at the same time. The most terrible was prolonged psevdooperemennost - "fights" began, there were "attempts", and the child has nothing in his stomach. So they said in the people - the fruit has dissolves.

Today you can not spend modern equipment, you will not deceive. Literally in the first weeks of pregnancy the technique allows you to know exactly - whether the baby will or not.


False Pregnancy: Symptoms of

Signs of a false pregnancy are absolutely identical to that of a normal pregnancy. That's why a woman may well "confuse" her condition, especially if the "excuse" was for concern. However, examination of the gynecologist immediately dispels all doubts - either there is pregnancy, or it is not.

For the imaginary pregnancy, the following symptoms are characteristic:

  1. Complete cessation of menstruation or rather scanty discharge( which is noteworthy, the cycle itself does not recover, either in a month or in five - treatment under the supervision of a gynecologist is necessary).
  2. Pain and unpleasant sensations in the chest, enlargement of mammary glands.
  3. Morning sickness in the form of toxicosis, while the woman really vomits, there may be not only the urge to vomit, but also vomiting, as well as increased salivation.
  4. Weight gain and especially - the abdomen, and, as it should be, the stomach grows exactly "in time."
  5. Change in the gait of a woman: she starts walking as pregnant - in the wreckage, since even the bending of the spine changes( by the type of lordosis).
  6. The nature and behavior of women become unpredictable: there is a frequent change of mood, the characteristic whims of pregnant women appear.
  7. The woman exhibits rapid fatigue, often there is an aching in the bones, aching pain in the lower back.
  8. In very, very rare cases( more precisely, the neglected pathological cases), a woman can "feel" the child's movements.
  9. In rare cases - a positive pregnancy test.

Specialists assure that it is necessary to clearly distinguish false pregnancy and usual deception( for example, for the sake of some benefit), because during pseudo-sexuality, a woman is really 100% sure that she is carrying a child under her heart. The stomach is growing, in the morning toxicosis, in addition, even a pregnancy test shows a positive result, how can a woman not believe it?

And yet, despite all the symptoms, a false pregnancy is a mental disorder, so it is necessary to look for the cause not in the stomach, but in the head, because the main and most difficult thing is to convince the "pregnant woman" that she is not pregnant. And this, you see, is very difficult.


Diagnosis of false pregnancy

A visual cursory examination of a woman who develops a false pregnancy will not produce any results. Every ignorant person can confidently confirm an "interesting situation" - even a doctor who is not a gynecologist. That is why at the first fears a woman should visit a women's consultation, where an experienced gynecologist after a thorough examination will be able to confirm or deny the pregnancy.

In addition, today, thanks to ultrasound, you can see a fetal egg at a very early date.

And here too it is not necessary to trust the pregnancy tests. There have been cases when they showed a positive result in a false pregnancy. Although this is a rarity - basically they show, as expected, a negative result. Convince a woman who has all the symptoms in her possession. Moreover, the test shows two strips more difficult than her "friend in misfortune", which the test did not deceive, showing only one strip.


Causes of false pregnancy

According to experts, the main "suspects" are women, who in themselves are very hypochondriacal and suggestible. Especially, if they had experienced some emotional upheavals the day before and emotional outbursts were agitated or vice versa, they were oppressed by something. Even more dangerous, if these young ladies have a special, very quivering attitude toward pregnancy. The mere thought that a woman is "in position" is capable of provoking an unprecedented emotional explosion that will trigger the mechanism of pseudo-wearing of the child to the fullest. And then it will be very difficult to cope with this condition. And, what is most striking, it does not matter whether a woman dreams about a child, or is a convinced "childfree"( an opponent to have children), but a false pregnancy will develop as a standard - as a textbook of psychiatry. However, the researchers also argue that false pregnancy is a consequence of disorders that occur in the pituitary gland, plus - a strong concentration of hormones and disorders in the psyche. There is a stratification of all factors and this imbalance of the organism "explodes" by a false pregnancy.

As doctors say, currently identified such reasons for imaginary pregnancy:

  1. Acute desire of a woman to have a baby. Especially dangerous condition, when for the sake of your own child the fair sex representative makes all possible and impossible attempts, but pregnancy does not occur.
  2. A series of miscarriages, the birth of a dead child, the death of a baby after some time after childbirth. It is also a dangerous condition, since in the main, imaginary pregnancy is a departure from reality.
  3. Family disagreement. The woman really wants to save the family from collapse and it's pregnancy to try to keep her husband near him( this is not about deception - it's a violation of the psyche).
  4. Pregnancy of the sister( especially twins), a close relative or girlfriend. This news could shock a woman so much that the body did not hesitate to react immediately with its own pseudo-pregnancy.
  5. Climax. Before the onset of menopause, women have hormonal and psychological disruptions, which can give their result as a false pregnancy.
  6. Fear of becoming pregnant or absolutely unwilling to have a baby. As they say, be afraid of your desires. Sometimes nature can and joke, albeit unsuccessfully, but still. Sometimes a woman does not want children - she is afraid of hassle, or she does not want to spoil the figure, or she is a fan of the modern "childfree" movement( free from children), and this "politics" of life goes so far as to a falsePregnancy near.
  7. Consequence of illness. Severe diseases of the endocrine system or ovaries( for example, a tumor) can be perceived by the body as a pregnancy, although this is a normal physical deviation from the norm.

By the way, false pregnancy is quite common in animals, especially in dogs. In women, this phenomenon is very rare - as experts say, approximately 1 case for every 25 thousand pregnant women.


False pregnancy: in the

risk zone Categories of women who are at risk of experiencing what a false pregnancy is.

  1. Women aged 30 to 40 years.
  2. Women who suffer from infertility, resulting in a long and inconclusive treatment.
  3. Women with unstable psyche, easily excitable, vulnerable, psycho-emotionally unstable.
  4. Husky women who take things very close to heart, especially as far as children are concerned.
  5. Women who lost a child during pregnancy or after childbirth.

These are the most basic categories that enter the risk zone, so the most important thing is not to panic, but if you have a false pregnancy, what your doctor will tell you to do.


Treatment of false pregnancy

As such, no special treatment for false pregnancy has been developed, besides each case is strictly individual and it is necessary to work according to circumstances. It is worth noting that the healing process is long.

The first thing that a woman works with is a gynecologist who gives an opinion about the absence of pregnancy in the presence of all the bright symptoms of an "interesting situation".Then a psychologist or a psychotherapist joins in, who during a conversation( most often all this takes a very long time) should convince a woman that she is not pregnant at all. Probably, in parallel it is necessary to visit also the endocrinologist who can define, whether if disturbances in an organism on its or his part.

According to specialists, on average the imaginary pregnancy lasts 3-4 months, and only in very rare cases( obvious pathology, mental disturbance) - 9 months.

The most important thing in treatment is to disbelieve a woman that she is not pregnant. Of course, such news can give unpredictable results: depression, shock, a split personality, inadequate behavior. That's why we need the help of a qualified expert in this field.
No more psychotropic drugs and medicines are prescribed. If the abdomen is growing rapidly, the psychoanalyst can offer a course of hypnosis, after which the stomach will clearly decrease.
Very important is also the help, support and understanding of close and dear people.

A normal pregnancy after a false pregnancy is possible. What is noteworthy, a woman who has experienced such a phenomenon, in the future, imaginary pregnancy never repeats.