Can pregnancy be monthly?

You must have heard that during pregnancy you can "go" on a monthly basis. The phenomenon is contradictory and if we recall the anatomy, then the critical days in normal pregnancy are a paradox. In the "society" of pregnant women, you can hear numerous stories about the rules during pregnancy. Whether there are menstruation during pregnancy and how much it is fraught with the health of a woman and a baby - let's try to figure it out.

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  • Can they go monthly during pregnancy?
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  • Danger of menstruation during pregnancy
  • Monthly in pregnancy at an early age. Pathology
  • Critical days. Is there danger for the child?
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In the women's consultation, gynecologists often heard such stories when a woman with a period of 12 weeks of pregnancy claimed that she heard for the first time that she was pregnant and all this time she was "going through" normal monthly. It turns out that she learned about her conditi

on several months later.

Can they go monthly during pregnancy?

Every woman should learn once and for all one rule - the monthly ones during pregnancy - this is impossible! But it happens and such, when pregnancy has come, and during this moment there is a bleeding. Outwardly, it resembles the same excretions, especially since they "come" just in the period of expectation of menstruation, but still the nature of reguluses can cause suspicion. In this period, the allocation will be either meager or vice versa, too abundant and painful, so in any case, deviations from the norm should alert the woman. Then the consultation of the gynecologist is necessary.

The situation is complicated by the fact that in the early term, spotting can misinform a woman, and she will not suspect that she is pregnant. The test is done, the result is negative. Everything is in order, therefore, menstruation "say" that there is no pregnancy - you can lead a habitual way of life and do not worry about anything. That is why, according to statistics of gynecology, a certain percentage of women under 3 or even 4 months of pregnancy do not know about their "interesting situation".


Let's remember the course of anatomy and understand that in principle pregnancy and reguli during this period can not be compatible.

So, let's consider the structure of the main genital organ of a woman - the uterus. It consists of 3 layers, each of which performs its role. Thus, the middle layer preserves the fetus and participates in the labor activity, pushing the child forward.

The endometrium is constantly changing. In the first half of the cycle increases, and if fertilization does not occur - is rejected. The purpose of increasing the thick layer of mucus is to keep the pregnancy until the placenta is formed. In this part of the uterus is implanted a fetal egg. When there are monthly( pregnancy is absent) - the overgrown endometrium is completely rejected. With the coming of the new month the process is repeated. If you think logically, you can come to the conclusion that if a layer of mucus is rejected, then during pregnancy it can lead to the termination of pregnancy, because the endometrium also captures the fetal egg. It turns out that regul during pregnancy can not be, and if this happens, then it will already go about bleeding.

Danger of menstruation during pregnancy

It turns out that there is a second side of the "medal".Fortunately, it happens that reguli do not cause a threat of abortion. And although in the early term "arrival" of unexpected guests - this is a deviation, but there are no threats to the health of mom and baby.

In what situation do the menstrual periods carry no danger?

  1. The reason for bleeding in a short time( 1-2 weeks) may be the period of attachment of the fetal egg( implantation).This process is occasionally accompanied by smearing discharge from the vagina, as blood vessels are damaged. By the way, implantation often passes asymptomatically.
  2. Minor discharge with an admixture of blood in the first weeks of pregnancy can be if the fertilized egg does not have time to attach before the menstrual period begins. This important process of implantation with nature takes from 7 to 15 days. It turns out that the body has not yet had time to regroup, the hormonal background has not changed and the abolition of menstruation has not occurred. The delay, signaling about the onset of pregnancy, "will come" with a delay - next month.
  3. A rare phenomenon when almost simultaneously ripen both ovules( in the right and left ovaries).One manages to fertilize, the second - is rejected. Then the month comes in the early stages of pregnancy.
  4. Breaking the hormonal background can be one of the reasons for the appearance of regul during pregnancy. For example, a woman has an overabundance of a male hormone or vice versa, a female lack. This does not threaten the termination of pregnancy, until the situation reaches a critical state. In particularly difficult cases, the consequences can be deplorable. But the medicine does not stand still and the hormonal disorders are corrected by special drugs, the main thing is to get a specialist's advice in a timely manner. Remember that on the advice of a friend / neighbor, etc. It is strictly forbidden to start independent reception of hormones.
  5. Minor hemorrhages can occur immediately after putting a smear on oncocytology( Pap smear), analysis from the cervix for urogenital infections and venereal diseases, since this organ always has more blood.

Monthly for early pregnancy. Pathology

Not always the presence of critical days can indicate a normal state of the body. Most often in early pregnancy, detachment of the fetal egg is diagnosed, and this indicates a threat of termination of pregnancy.

If the detachment of the fetal egg is insignificant, then the body can cope with this situation by doubling the production of the hormone progesterone responsible for maintaining the pregnancy. If this is the case, then the selection is likely to be very meager and smearing, without pain.


In a difficult situation, when the detachment of the fetal egg is significant, the spotting will be abundant and painful. These symptoms should alert a pregnant woman - you need to immediately contact a women's consultation. It is very important in this state to comply with bed rest, because this can be a decisive factor in maintaining a pregnancy. Neglect this rule is impossible. Many women, after receiving the recommendations of a gynecologist, go home, and do not comply with bed rest - continue to stand at the stove or walk with a vacuum cleaner around the apartment. Do not be lenient towards this demand! Even a small physical load in this case can be critical. To prevent a fatal mistake, patients with a similar diagnosis are hospitalized in the department of pregnancy pathology - there the bed rest will be guaranteed.

Causes of oviduct detachment:

  • in the middle layer of the uterus a tumor or a portion of the endometrium, on which the fetal egg has attached, has appeared. If this is so, then for the fetus this is fraught with a lack of oxygen and death;
  • genetic abnormalities, pathologies of fetal development that result from transferred infectious diseases( eg, rubella, influenza).In utero diseases are often the cause of miscarriage, doctors can not save the pregnancy;
  • ectopic pregnancy - with this diagnosis, critical days can persist. This pregnancy means that the fertilized egg is not attached to the uterine cavity. As the embryo grows, a pipe rupture can occur, as it will grow smaller and smaller. This is a significant threat to the life of a woman - bleeding may open. You can avoid a lethal outcome, but a damaged tube will negatively affect conception - it will not be possible to restore it. If a woman or a gynecologist herself suspects such a pregnancy( the uterus is not enlarged, the hormone is low in the blood), then an ultrasound should be done to clarify the diagnosis. If it is confirmed, it will take an operation. Ectopic pregnancy is removed by a modern, gentle method - laparoscopic. Briefly it happens this way: in the abdominal cavity 3 punctures are done, in the first one a video surveillance device is introduced, through the remaining 2 - manipulators, by means of which the fetal egg is removed. The recovery period is reduced by 2 times and the next day the patient will be able to get out of bed. From the point of view of aesthetics, such a technique is more acceptable, since 3 imperceptible points remain on the skin, and from the cavity there is a long scar across the entire abdomen.

Critical days. Is there danger for the child?

In any case, the appearance of critical days during pregnancy is serious. It is necessary to undergo a complete examination. If the pregnancy is desired - you need to tune in to the positive and not be afraid that because of minor bloody discharge a child will be born with a pathology or be very weak. Fortunately, this does not affect the formation of fetal organs and systems. But dirty environment, uncontrolled intake of medicines, smoking, drinking alcohol, stress, poor nutrition and excessive work will harm not only the crumb, but also his mother.


So what's the danger of menstruation?

The first - when it comes to menstruation during pregnancy in the early stages, that is, bleeding, it can threaten a woman with a great loss of blood and the threat of abortion.

The second - you can not waste time. If the pregnancy has come, and you know it for sure, you do not need to ask advice from your friends, look for information on the forums on the Internet. The loss of precious time can be a fatal mistake for your health.


Third - take care of your health. If you have not been pregnant, but live a sexual life, then any change in the regula( benignity, pain) should alert you. It is better to get a consultation than to regret the lost time.

Fourth - it does not matter why the spotting started - you need to visit a gynecologist immediately. You will have a better chance of maintaining a pregnancy.

Fifth - if after examining the gynecologist everything is in order, then the woman will be calm, and hence the pregnancy proceeds well. After all, the future mother does not need unnecessary stress and anxiety!