5 week of pregnancy

The development of the child occurs in stages. But 5 week of pregnancy is one of the most significant, because during this period the crumbs form the rudiments of the organs and the heart appears.


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  • Signs of pregnancy at 5 weeks
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    • Psychological disturbances and physiological features of changes in the body of a woman at week 5 of pregnancy
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    • Blood test at week 5 of pregnancy
    • Venereal disease and TORCH infection at week 5 of pregnancy
  • 5 weeks of gestation: Fetal development
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  • Complications possible at week 5 of pregnancy
  • Lifestyle of the pregnant woman at 5 weeks of gestation
  • PDR and exact period at week 5 of pregnancy
  • Positive attitude during the waiting period of the baby at the
    5th week of pregnancy
  • 5 week of pregnancy: what to do at the beginning of pregnancy
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5 obstetric pregnancy week - the final stage of embryo formation. Henceforth, under the heart of a woman beats another one heart, and perhaps two. At this stage fetus is already clearly visible on the ultrasound, there is a palpitation and you can even hear it. At the same time , the kid is very vulnerable and should do everything to protect himself from any risks.

The onset of pregnancy is associated with anxiety and unrest in the young mother. But aside from the psychological aspects, the is also played by the with a physiological change that occurs during the pregnancy stage. The term determines what kind of state of health a woman will have. But besides this, the also plays an important role also and individual features of each future mother. The abdomen at the 5th week of pregnancy is still not expressed type , the body is elastic and in normal tone. A visible manifestation of the position will appear closer to 4 or even 5 months. However, this does not mean that you can not pay attention to your state. Of course, pregnancy is not a disease, but this time is a period of increased responsibility, when a woman is responsible not only for herself, but also for a new person.


In order for to understand what is happening at the 5th week of pregnancy, it is necessary to understand which periods exist. The gestation period is divided into three stages, each of which is called a trimester. They reflect the determined level of fetal development from conception and before birth.

Toddler waiting period

First trimester

The embryonic period begins from the moment of conception and is divided into several stages. The period from 1 to 4 weeks is called "Germinal" - , it starts with the fact that the sperm breaks through the walls of the egg with it becoming one whole, here and the magic of the birth of a new life begins. Soon the egg starts to share and instead of one cell there are already two, four, eight. The number of cells continues to grow steadily and on day 4 the embryo already consists of 58 cells, with the fetus and its umbilical cord being formed from only 5, and the remaining 53 are needed for its nutrition. On day 18 or 5 weeks of pregnancy, the newly formed primitive heart begins to beat. The fetus is formed from 5 to 7 weeks and increases in size from 2. 5 mm to 3 - 4 cm for this period. From the end of the second month comes the fetal period, which will last up to 40 weeks. The first trimester is characterized by frequent attacks of toxicosis, associated with significant hormonal changes.


Second trimester

Lasts from 4 to 6 months .During this period the fetus is actively developing, grows , the weight gain is growing less and less. In most women, the organ zm pr is adapted to hormonal reorganization - so often negative pregnancy satellites in the form of nausea, fatigue disappear completely. At this stage , the volume of and the weight of the baby, amniotic fluid are insignificant and therefore do not cause maternal discomfort. The state of health is excellent, the mood is stable. The woman is active, active and in a good mood. Also in the second trimester, the baby begins to give information about himself by the first movements, you can now determine his gender on ultrasound.

Third trimester

The final stage of pregnancy is the third trimester. It lasts from 7 to 9 months. The child is viable in case of premature birth, and the survival rate is higher - the older the baby. The fetus is already grown enough, its weight ranges from 1.5 to 3. 5 kg , the woman's belly gradually descends and places in the womb for movements becomes all smaller, and the arbitrary cuts of hands, feet and body are felt all more. Gradually, the baby takes the "head" position - the most convenient for natural delivery. In case of complete presentation or other indications for an operative intervention, resort to a caesarean section.

Signs of pregnancy at 5 weeks

Usually, by the 40th day of conception, a woman already knows that she is pregnant. However, the symptoms are not always pronounced. Sometimes they can be blurry or not at all. The course of pregnancy is a rather individual phenomenon, however, it eats a number of characteristics that are inherent in 70% of women in the situation.

  • nausea;
  • sipping in the lower abdomen;
  • nasal swelling of the nipples;
  • breast augmentation;
  • mood swings;
  • dizziness( sometimes);
  • no critical days for .


Vomiting at week 5 of pregnancy

Most women at 5 weeks from conception already have an obvious toxicosis. The first symptoms usually appear at week 4.It occurs as a result of hormonal changes in the body and is a natural process. However, in particular severe cases, there may be indications for hospitalization. There are three main degrees:

  • The first degree is a normal level of toxicosis. Vomiting occurs up to 5 times a day. The total weight loss does not exceed 3 kg.
  • The second degree - the reason for going to the doctor for specialized medications that reduce the feeling of nausea. This stage is characterized by 10 or more bouts of vomiting. Total weight loss is not less than 5 kg.


  • The third degree is the absolute indication for hospitalization. Vomiting happens 20 times in knocking and more. The main danger - too frequent contraction of the uterus during spasms, exhaustion, dehydration. Weight loss can reach up to 10 - 15 kg.

Psychological disturbances and physiological features of changes in the body of the female at week 5 of pregnancy

Because of the hormonal changes, frequent and dramatic changes in mood are possible. However, the differences are a distinctive feature of pregnant women, it is inherent not only to , to whom has a 5 week gestation period, but pregnant to 15th, 25th, 30th and etc .In addition to psychological moments, there are also a number of physiological changes. Pregnancy causes the body to intensively produce progesterone. Under the action of this female hormone, the mammary glands are prepared for lactation. The chest increases in size, becomes intense , however at times increases its sensitivity, sometimes this creates discomfort and discomfort. Also changes the size of the uterus. It all is more rounded and out-stretched becomes pear-shaped. The uterus begins its active growth at week 5 of pregnancy, which will continue until the 40th week. A characteristic phenomenon for this stage is also a slight increase in temperature at the 5th week of pregnancy. So, a woman in position can mark 37 - at 37.3 degrees, at a standard rate of 36.6.Most of the symptoms are similar to those experienced by women during PMS , but time goes , and the monthly ones do not come. The delay of critical days is a sign that you need to urgently conduct a pregnancy test, and then visit a gynecologist and do an ultrasound. After all, ultrasound at the 5th week of pregnancy is very informative.


Required tests at week 5 of pregnancy

Once a woman has learned that she has become pregnant, she needs to perform a series of tests aimed at examining and detecting any abnormalities.

Ultrasound at week 5 of pregnancy

Using ultrasound, you can find out the general state of the embryo, the duration of pregnancy, exclude ectopic pregnancy, check and exclude the pathology of the fetus and prevent a possible miscarriage. Also, ultrasound is useful from a psychological point of view. The doctor will be able to calm the worried parents by showing that the fetus is doing well. In addition, ultrasound in 5 weeks of pregnancy is not only a photo, but also a number of other very important tests: comparison of heart rate and motor activity, the number of viable embryos, and fetal localization in the uterus. Based on the research, the doctor will give a conclusion and forecasts regarding pregnancy.


Blood test at week 5 of pregnancy

At the initial stage of the first trimester, the does not always succeed diagnose pregnancy through ultrasound. Your doctor will send you the with with to do hCG . This analysis shows the presence of pregnancy and dynamics. HCG at week 5 of pregnancy 101 - 4870 mMe / ml. Its growth depends on the period. It will continue to grow until 11 weeks.

Venereal diseases and TORCH infections at week 5 of gestation

FOCUS is an acronym, the abbreviation that consists of the first letters of the names of the most -common infections, transmitted by the genital by , and in utero from mother to to the child .

  • T-toxoplasmosis ;
  • About - Other( from English, others - hepatitis In , syphilis and other bacteria and viruses) ;
  • R - rubella( rubella) ;
  • With - cytomegalovirus ;
  • H-Herpes.


The set of pathogenic viruses and bacteria can live within a human being without manifesting itself. The presence of a foci of infection in the mother during the first trimester may have negative consequences for the of the child .

5 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development

If the transformations of the female organism are completely understandable and logical, what actually happens to the fetus has always caused trembling and special excitement. Thanks to modern technology in the last 40 - , this issue has been thoroughly studied and decomposed for all the main and intermediate stages from the period of embryo formation to birth.

Embryo formation.


During the first 5 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo increases in size, it becomes like the letter "C", it already has a primitive intestine and a heart that starts to beat. Conditionally the fruit consists of 3 parts of , these components will form the basis for future organs and systems:

  1. Endoderm.

The layer will serve as the beginning for the development of the gastrointestinal system and internal organs.

  1. Exoderm.

Future skin, eyes, brain, nervous system and teeth.

  1. Mesoderm.

The basis for the formation of the skeleton, muscles, connective tissues, genital organs and circulatory system.

It is at the 5th week of pregnancy that layers work particularly actively. The neural tube is closed, organs are formed: brain, liver, upper respiratory tract, pancreas. And also systems: the sexual, the circulatory, the central nervous. During this period there are external changes in the embryo - the rudimentary processes of the auricles, nasolabial fold, hands, feet, fingers. Weight child is 3.5 grams, and the size does not exceed 7 mm.

On the , the vital stages of the embryo's life of the function of nutrition and respiration are provided by the chorion and amnion. Chorion plays an important role in the life of the fetus. It is from this that the placenta begins to form. The placenta is a kind of bridge connecting the body m m ather and child .On it, the embryo receives all the nutrients and oxygen necessary for the life of the fetus. However, for 5 weeks pregnant placenta itself still there, so food and oxygen supply takes place solely via CVS.

From the amnion formed a fetal bladder, filled with amniotic fluid. They serve to protect the fetus from damage as a result of shaking and bumps, as well as from drying out. Amount of amniotic fluid increases as the fetus grows. In the first trimester the amount of water does not exceed 30 ml ., in the second - about 400 ml. At the end of their , the volume can reach 1500 ml .I can also be a deviation from the norm - oligohydramnios or polyhydramnios .

first video and photo child for 5 weeks pregnant

Technologies are forward by leaps and bounds, and what was once considered science fiction, is now the standard of living. A lot of young couples dream quickly see your child, especially if it is their first child .For such purposes, there are 3D ultrasound, with which you can make not only the photos of the future baby, but also shoot a full video. Although in the early stages, in the first trimester, it is still not full baby, but only the "C" shaped embryo, but that the pregnancy period of 5 weeks gives photo fetus in a very significant moment - during the formation of organs.


Well, using ultrasound can reveal the most critical deviations and abnormalities in fetal development. Therefore, ultrasound is mandatory at all stages. Moreover, this period is considered to be one of the most critical. For the parents there is another one important feature of the ultrasound probe on the given by the stage of the is the ability to hear the doppler with the heartbeat of the child .It is difficult to convey in words the emotions and sensations that embrace parents. But at 5 weeks of pregnancy, you can take a photo or video to remember what it was like.

Complications possible at week 5 of pregnancy

Unfortunately, pregnancy does not always go smoothly and often complications occur. Often this is due to chronic diseases in the parents and the way of life that the leads the mother. In addition, it often happens that pregnancy is interrupted by because of embryo defect, and also with no apparent reason for doing so. Complications and pathologies can take place with or without symptoms.

  • Allocations at week 5 of pregnancy.

About 20% of all pregnant women observe the presence of the menstrual cycle during the first trimester. In addition, 60% of expectant mothers have spotting on the days of the calendar cycle. The most dangerous allocation is the onset of spontaneous abortion in the early stages. Therefore, if a pregnant woman has a discharge of bloody type , one should seek professional advice from a specialist as soon as possible and try to remain calm and sedentary before the medical conclusion.

  • Uterine tone.

Tonus of the uterus - common complication of pregnancy. It is characterized by pulsating contraction and tension in the uterine region. For the fetus, this is dangerous by oxygen starvation and detachment. Pain in the lumbar region and drawing pains in the lower abdomen can also be a sign of a threat of miscarriage. Diagnosed by palpation and ultrasound.


  • Thrush.

Thrush( candidiasis) still single common complication at 5th week of pregnancy. As a result of hormonal adjustment, the body m m may react with the appearance of thrush. After all, the immune system decreases, the acidity of the vagina increases and this provokes the accelerated rods st op. Due to differences in the body, the manifestation of symptoms in women is different and therefore you need to listen carefully to your body and do not skip examinations. It is believed that candidiasis should be treated exactly in the last trimester, so as not to infect the with the at the time of delivery. But many women prefer to get rid of the of the as soon as I feel the symptoms. The doctor will select competent treatment coordinated and formulated with taking into account pregnancy. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the work of the digestive tract - , a frequent cause of thrush is bacteriosis, and to improve nutrition.

  • Diseases of the of the upper respiratory tract.

Even a seemingly innocuous cold can develop into a more heavy form - flu, pneumonia. Treatment of which is produced by potent antibiotics, and it is undesirable to take them during pregnancy, as they can cause complications in the development of the embryo. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent respiratory diseases and timely response to any symptoms of the common cold.

Lifestyle of a pregnant woman at week 5 of pregnancy

All that a mother does, the anyway is reflected on the future of the child .Often for the worse, so there are a number of restrictions that you need to follow if you want to give birth to a healthy baby.

  1. Alcohol .

During pregnancy, alcohol should be completely ruled out. Since you share everything that you eat and you drink with your child .It is proved that alcohol has a detrimental effect on the development of the fetus at the 5th week of pregnancy, as at any other stage. In addition to defects and pathologies of development, children may also suffer from the alcohol addiction syndrome as early as before birth.

  1. Smoking.

Smoking during pregnancy carries a threat not only for fetal development, but also increases the chance of miscarriage, due to the of the fact that the mechanics of exposure to the body causes constriction and dilations of the blood vessels. In addition, the fetus of a smoking woman suffers from hypoxia.

  1. Sports.

should not keen on harassing playing sports during pregnancy, but also completely restrict yourself too, do not need, leisurely walks and a little time, conducted in the pool will serve to benefit. This is especially important in the first trimester. Starting from the 5th week of pregnancy and up to the 9th - this is a very important moment when excessive loads should be avoided.

PDR and the exact period of 5 weeks gestation


It is very important to know the exact duration of pregnancy. This will reveal any deviation from the norm. Happens so, that your calculations do not coincide with that, about what says the doctor. Do not panic, the fact is that the doctor will consider the period from the last menstruation, and you - from sexual intercourse. Thus, obstetric 5 week of pregnancy will be at 1.5 - 2 weeks differ from your counts in a big way. And the term of the PDR - the preliminary date of delivery, will be calculated by the formula Niegel : from 1 day of the last menstruation it takes 3 months, then 7 days are added to the received date. Thus, we get exactly 40 weeks, this will be the PDR.

positive attitude during the waiting period of the baby at 5 weeks of pregnancy

Despite the fact that 5 weeks of pregnancy the fetus size still very small and rarely exceeds 3 mm , he already has a heart that beats .Stress, worry and worry affect not only the general well-being of the mother, but also the baby. For the future mother is best to be calm and positive. Thus, it not only charges with pleasant emotions, but also helps the comfortable and quiet development of the child .A little later, starting from the second trimester, you can get a backlash and feel a full contact, because the crumb of will start to move. Initially, this subtle ironed similar to intestinal peristalsis, and later, the stronger will be the baby, the greater and the more it will be pushed back and the head, then another arms and legs.

5 week of pregnancy: what to do at the beginning of pregnancy

So, you are a lucky person , waiting for the baby. This period will certainly be remembered by your excitement and tenderness, which overwhelms every future mother. Child at week 5 of pregnancy still is not a person, but an organism in which everything is formed, which very soon will become the basis for health, intelligence, character, appearance. And the future mother on forces to make so that bodies and systems of the child developed as it is possible better. For this, a number of simple but effective rules must be observed.

Walking in the fresh air for 5 weeks pregnant


leisurely and non-durable walking on the street - the best way to fill the body with oxygen and carry out prevention of fetal hypoxia.

auxiliary building material 5

week of pregnancy is very important that the expectant mothers received at this stage enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Among other things, up to 7 weeks is to drink folic acid, which takes an active part in cell division. Since the formation of organs is actively taking place in the current period, folic acid simply needs the up to until 7 weeks, when the neural tube will end in the of the child .

Beauty and pacification at week 5 of pregnancy

Stay as before: watch yourself, do manicure, visit movies and theaters if you loved it before pregnancy. After all, your situation is not a disease, therefore you should live complete life , restricting alcohol consumption and too active rest. Let the pregnancy become a real holiday!


5 week of pregnancy.