8 week of pregnancy

The 8th week of pregnancy corresponds to the 6th embryonic week and if we consider it to be more understandable, then this is the end of the second month from the moment of conception. During this period, all early signs are intensified, and it is considered that the most difficult period of pregnancy is over. A wonderful feature of the 8 weeks of pregnancy is that with your baby there is deformation from the embryo to the fetus. And now this is a real little man, developing within the future of his mother.


  • Sensations of women at week 8 of pregnancy
  • Fetal development at week 8 of pregnancy
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  • Temperature at week 8 of pregnancy
    • Normal temperature at week 8 of gestation
    • Elevated temperature at week 8 of pregnancy
    • Treatment for fever during pregnancy
  • Toxoplasmosis at week 8 of pregnancy.
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Sensations of women at week 8 of pregnancy


At the 8th week of pregnancy, all earl

y signs of pregnancy are intensifying, and those that have not yet begun - begin.

  1. The beginning of 8 weeks in a woman begins in a change in taste and eating problems. In some terminology, this period is called "flavor perversion."Each woman has different ways: some people are always tormented by hunger, others, on the contrary, are constantly disgusted with food. Taste receptors begin to go crazy, then, demanding hitherto uncharted tastes, then incompatible products, for example, herring with sugar. All this is accompanied by toxicosis - constant salivation and vomiting. This condition is rightfully considered the most unpleasant for the entire period of pregnancy and lasts about 3 to 4 months. All this is the result of a global hormonal adjustment that begins with the moment of conception. If you feel frequent urge to vomit - this is normal, but if their number per day exceeds 5 times, it is better to tell the doctor about it.
  2. At this time the uterus continues to grow actively. The woman continues to feel slightly pulling feelings in the abdominal area and from time to time spasms. Pregnant belly at week 8 until you see it will not, but it will be slightly rounded and will get a subtle shape. However, this will be enough for the uterus to begin pressing down the internal organs, which the mother will immediately feel on the bladder. The urge to urinate is becoming increasingly frequent. But do not limit yourself to drinking, on the contrary - it's time to diversify soft drinks. Also during this period, small constipation is possible.
  3. 8th week of pregnancy is considered one of the most dangerous in terms of sudden bleeding and miscarriages. A pregnant woman should be more serious about her health during this period. Eliminate unnecessary stress, normalize tension, negate physical activity and lifting weights. In addition, it is not recommended to stand for long, to drink alcohol and in no case to smoke. On the 8th week of pregnancy it is worthwhile to increase the time for sleep and quiet rest. Completely eliminate caffeine from the diet and in no case be exposed to radiation and even local anesthesia.
  4. At the 8th week of pregnancy, a future mother may resume or increase secretions. It may even be slightly brown, but it is quite normal, if the woman's state of health does not deteriorate, unusual abdominal and back pain, and itching in the labia region do not appear.
  5. It is at 8 weeks of pregnancy that the future mother has visible changes on the skin of the face, which is due to growth hormone. It is thanks to somatotropin, even the woman's face can change: a little stretch the nose and thicken the lips. Depending on the individual characteristics, the expectant mother can experience itchy skin, rashes and pimples. It is quite normal to increase the number of freckles and the formation of pigment spots. And maybe, quite the opposite: the skin will become soft, dull, smooth and pale.
  6. It becomes more likely such a common problem in pregnancy, as a pinch of the sciatic nerve. This is mainly due to the rapidly growing uterine breadth. It manifests itself in the form of a jerky pain in the region of the lower back or even the buttocks. Coping with this will help reduce pressure: just lie on the side opposite the source of pain, until it ceases.
  7. At the 8th week of pregnancy, a woman feels changes in the mammary glands. At this time in the preparation for lactation is an active replacement of adipose tissue glandular.

Fetal development at week 8 of pregnancy


This is especially the 8th week of pregnancy, because there is an important transition of the baby from the state of the embryo to the fetus with the first visual outline of a small man on ultrasound. Mom at this moment continues to change - the placenta is actively developing, the uterine blood circulation increases. At the 8th week of pregnancy, the size of the fetus is still very tiny - only 2 cm, but the baby is already starting to feed through the umbilical cord. You can clearly discern the shaping arms and legs, and even the face on the formed tiny head is already beginning to take shape.

So what happens to the baby and mom at week 8 of pregnancy?

  1. The fruit continues to change at a tremendous rate. At the 8th week of pregnancy, the baby begins to improve and form internal organs. The heart develops up to four chambers, kidneys and salivary glands begin to appear, the connection with large vessels begins to improve, and the formation of the lungs ends with the branching of the bronchi. Due to the active development of bones, joints and fingers appear. Now the child can flex the handles and wrists. The development of the intestine leads to its lengthening so much that it can even act in the region of the umbilical cord. The first elements of the nerve endings begin to appear in the muscle layer of the stomach.
  2. At the 8th week of pregnancy, there are rapid changes in the baby's face: the tip of the nose and upper lip are already clearly seen, ear shells and eyelids are at the initial stage of formation.
  3. The sexual system begins: the testes in boys and the ovaries in girls. In the ovaries of girls, even eggs begin to ripen.
  4. In connection with the active development of the nervous system, on ultrasound it can be seen how the baby at the 8th week of pregnancy begins to actively move, compress the forming legs and pens. But while the fetus is still too small for the mother to clearly feel his stirring.
  5. The development of the thyroid gland in a baby at week 8 of pregnancy can cause a conflict with the thyroid of the mother. Subsequently, this may lead to its improper development. If you have had indications for thyroid disease, be sure to observe this moment with the endocrinologist.
  6. The formation of all the internal organs of the baby ends at the 8th week of pregnancy. In the future, their structure will only become more complicated, and the baby will gain weight.

Ultrasound at week 8 of pregnancy


On ultrasound images in the 8th week of pregnancy, the baby in appearance and size resembles raspberries. Compared with the 5th week, when the outlines of black and white photos resemble more reptiles, the fruit is increasingly acquiring human features.

  1. Measurement of heartbeat on the next examination of ultrasound shows almost 150 beats per minute, which is twice as fast as the mother's heartbeat.
  2. The outlines of closed eyes with eyelids still in the formative stage, but you can already see the skin fold, which soon will be transformed into full-blown eyelids.
  3. During the formation of handles and fingers, the limbs are gradually lengthened and you can see how a tiny embryo as if embracing itself with barely formed handles.
  4. On the palms of the baby there are still membranes, but they are actively formed into human hands.
  5. On ultrasound in 8 weeks of pregnancy a fetal bag for embryo development in diameter can be about 30 mm. A fetal fluid with each day increases by almost 1.5 - 2 tbsp. Spoons for normal functioning and growth of the baby. Such a rapid replenishment provides secretion of the kidneys of the embryo and the walls of the amnion.
  6. At 8 weeks of gestation the uterus is already becoming the size of a large orange and sharply reduces the resistance index. All this is required to accelerate blood supply and rapid growth in accordance with the needs of the growing inside the body.

The increased level of protein in the urine, revealed during the tests, can talk about the diseases of the kidneys of a pregnant woman. A general blood test will help a specialist to create a more complete picture of the health indicators and the course of pregnancy. In particular, a decrease in the number of erythrocytes indicates anemia or possible leukemia, and an elevated level can talk about lung diseases. In turn, a low white blood cell count, detected with the help of a general blood test, may indicate a viral hepatitis, a flu or rubella, an increased indicator may indicate bacterial infections( angina, pyelonephritis, etc.)

The level of the hormone produced by the envelopeThe fetus is constantly increasing during normal pregnancy. Therefore, the analysis on hCG provides an opportunity to make sure that pregnancy proceeds without deviations from the norm.

Temperature at week 8 of gestation


During pregnancy in the body of a woman, global, but quite normal physiological processes occur. Naturally, every future mother is very concerned about her health, because it is directly related to the well-being and development of her child. Therefore, any strange state leads her into a state of panic, and especially a lowered or elevated temperature. In this case, doctors are not recommended to try to normalize it on their own, because at the 8th week of pregnancy a slightly overestimated degree of the body can be quite normal, but the normal temperature is, on the contrary, an alarming indicator.

Normal temperature at week 8 of pregnancy

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the woman's temperature rises to a maximum of 37.5 degrees. In the remaining trimesters, it drops to normal, but in the overwhelming majority - it keeps at the same level. Do not unnecessarily worry and rush to treat a possible infection - a little fever during pregnancy is completely normal. This is due to the physiological processes inside the body of a woman that occur during pregnancy.

Consider the level of basal temperature and its change in the period of the menstrual cycle, ovulation and at conception:

  • the first phase of the menstrual cycle: the temperature slightly rises to 36.8 degrees;
  • period before ovulation: the temperature drops to 36.4 degrees;
  • second( luteal) phase of the cycle: the temperature can exceed 37 degrees.

This temperature fluctuation is directly related to hormonal changes in different periods of pregnancy. In particular, with the level of progesterone. Its release affects the center of thermoregulation of the brain. In addition, after conception, the woman's body weakens the immune system for the unhindered development of a new organism, otherwise the protective reaction will be able to tear off the embryo as a foreign creature.

Elevated temperature at week 8 of pregnancy

Normal is a slightly elevated temperature of a woman during pregnancy. But do not forget that a weakened immune defense not only favors the development of the child, but also the development of various kinds of infections and diseases. In such a situation, the main identifier has always been elevated temperature, but what about the double interpretation of this identifier?

During the illness, the pregnant mother, except for a little bit of fever, immediately feels a general malaise, weakness and aches in the muscles. Also, during infection and an active inflammatory process, the body temperature can reach up to 38 degrees and above, which is already abnormal for the usual course of pregnancy, in addition, it can be dangerous for the development of the fetus.

Prolonged fever during pregnancy can lead to:

  • complications in the development of the central nervous system;
  • underdevelopment and dementia;
  • hypertrophy of muscle tissue;
  • various defects in the development of the face( hare's lip, wolf's skies).

A prolonged fever at the mother can lead to premature termination of pregnancy.

Treatment of fever during pregnancy

In this position, a woman needs to take her health and elevated temperature seriously. In no case do not engage in uncontrolled intake of antipyretic and antiviral drugs. Any action should be taken only after consultation with the doctor.

Since the adoption of synthetic drugs at the 8th week of pregnancy can affect the development of the child, the main emphasis should be on natural medicines and methods of traditional medicine.

  1. With catarrhal diseases, it is very useful to drink plenty of liquor with linden and herbal infusion, natural passechny honey and warm milk, as well as homemade jam from raspberries and currants.
  2. A little cool wiping with plain water will also help bring down the heat and normalize the temperature.
  3. To hover legs is strictly prohibited during pregnancy - this can lead to miscarriage.
  4. Any antipyretic drugs based on aspirin can lead to ugliness of the embryo, but medicines with paracetamol can only be used after consultation with the doctor.

Toxoplasmosis at week 8 of pregnancy


Particularly concerned about this issue follows future mothers, not indifferent to the fluffy brothers of our smaller. Cats are wonderful pets, careful to the owners and good with the children. However, there are a number of precautions that should be taken into account if your cat walks on the street.

Toxoplasma is a parasitic protista, the main carriers of which are warm-blooded mammals, in particular, felines. The human body also gets along well with the parasite and the whole life of a person may not even disturb this asymptomatic nuance. Complications can occur up to a lethal outcome only with a decrease in immunity and long chronic diseases.

Everything, of course, changes during pregnancy. These harmless for the strengthened human body are able to penetrate the placenta of a developing child and cause irreparable harm to its development. Infection of the fetus with toxoplasmosis can lead to a miscarriage in a worse situation.

With this diagnosis, treatment is performed with broad-spectrum antibiotics, for example, erythromycin or sulfadiazine. But the use of such methods during pregnancy is highly discouraged. In order to protect yourself and your child from such a problem, carefully observe the basic methods of hygiene. Protect yourself from cleaning your baby's toilet during pregnancy, be careful with the meat - carefully treat and wash your hands well after cutting the carcasses.

8 week of pregnancy.