10th week of pregnancy

You have a 10 midwifery pregnancy week - which means that it's been 2.5 months since you started living your life. Were the first days and weeks of pregnancy difficult? And, perhaps, the most difficult stages are still ahead of you - everything can be, most importantly, will prepare for what awaits you. What do I need to know when my gestation is 10 weeks?

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10 weeks of pregnancy: what happens with the baby

A child in 10 weeks of pregnancy can weigh about 4 g, and this is with an increase from 31 to 42 mm! Yes, now, at 10 weeks of pregnancy, your baby's size is not more than a plum.

Experts say that if a child comes close to the wall, he can push off the uterus, but thi

s push will be so weak that it is simply unrealistic to feel his mother.

All organs - including parts of the body and vital systems for a tiny little man were formed completely. Now, until the end of pregnancy - approximately up to 40 weeks, the crumb will "ripen" in order to be able to live in our world.

Gynecologists are sure that the 10 weeks gestation period is a turning point: the critical stages are over, now there is a more peaceful period when the fetus will develop and "mature".


10 weeks gestation: fetal development

Now the child is very comfortable - it is surrounded by amniotic fluid, fetal bladder and amniotic fluid. This liquid is necessary for crumbs: it swallows it, which allows you to saturate the body from inside. At this time the amniotic fluid is slightly - about 20 ml.

All the most important organs for life are completely formed: from kidneys, liver and intestines to the brain. At this time, the authorities are already working - at least they are trying to start working, as it should be in humans. Of course, they still need long weeks of development, so that the kid can live outside the mother's body.

The child at this time can even consider fingernails on his fingers, and, as on the hands and on the legs, there are tiny ears( thus the ears stand out prominently), you can even see the upper lip. At this time, clearly outlines the spine, as well as the nerve endings that are formed and move away from the spine. There is a forehead, however, now it stands out prominently in comparison with the body - high and bulging, but this is normal, since the brain is growing and disproportion is quite acceptable.

In addition, that by this date all organs( almost) and systems characteristic for adults of the formed individuals should be laid, the fetus begins to acquire human outlines. First, the tail disappears - it disappears between the future buttocks, and now they are just forming. Secondly, the gills disappear - these cracks become overgrown, instead of them lungs start to develop - while these are original vessels. Third, the formation of ventricles in the heart.

Beginning with the 10th week of pregnancy - approximately on the 50th day after fertilization - the fetus already has brain impulses, which indicates in medical practice that it is already a living person. Moreover, these evidences are confirmed by the fact that the nervous system has been formed by this time. By the 10th week of pregnancy, absolutely all parts of the brain begin to differentiate, the formation of its cortex( and, of course, all layers), as well as the outlines of the cerebral hemispheres.


10th Week of Pregnancy: Analyzes of

  1. If you feel that you have a sore or pulling stomach, go to the doctor - most likely you have a tonus of the uterus. Sometimes the pulling pains in the lower abdomen indicate that you are working too much - the body is tired, as it gets too heavy.
  2. Allocations at week 10 of pregnancy are normal, if they are not too abundant, odorless, homogeneous and have a light color. If the secretions are unusual: they have an admixture of pus, mucus, some flakes, bubbles or are visually similar to cottage cheese, besides having an unpleasant odor, it is necessary to consult your doctor, as this may be some kind of disease, for example, Thrush or infection of the genitourinary system. Often the body is infected with pathogenic bacteria, such as chlamydia, gonococci, trichomonads, etc. This is very dangerous - they can harm the baby, because they are the causative agents of intrauterine infection, and that, in turn, can lead to a violation of the development of the fetus and even death.
  3. If bloody discharge( besides abundant) begins, hospitalization is necessary. Immediately call an ambulance, as there is a possibility that this is the beginning of a miscarriage. The most important thing is not to panic and follow the doctor's recommendations, today the medicine has stepped far ahead, so the hope of keeping the baby is always, even if you have a lot of bleeding.
  4. If you have bloody discharge, but weak, like smearing, then this is most likely the consequence of a gynecologist's examination or sexual intercourse. Do not forget that if you have an erosion of the cervix, the wound can easily bleed.
  5. If you have heartburn - an unpleasant sensation during or immediately after a meal, then this indicates that the hormones are "a little bit loose".Progesterone can cause a weakening of various functions, in the same number and digestive tract. Due to the fact that the muscles of the stomach are weakened, the gastric juice with food remains in the stomach much longer than it was before the "interesting position", there is a "gastroesophageal reflex", which besides heartburn gives off such a feeling as "indigestion".Heartburn will intensify especially when the uterus begins to increase in size and press hard on the stomach. It will help with heartburn: frequent meals in small portions, a sedentary posture after a meal( at least 30 minutes), horizontal position on the right side( the uterus does not press on the stomach), restriction of fluid during meals.
  6. If at the 10th week of pregnancy you begin to experience problems with a stool, then, again, hormones are to blame, because they slow down many of the body's process, including the promotion of food. To ease your condition, you need to drink as much liquid as possible. From time to time you can pamper yourself with dried apricots, beet salad, plums.
  7. Very many women in the 10th week of pregnancy begin very often to go to the toilet "on a small".The matter is that the uterus, increasing, will press on the urinary, which will result in the fact that you will want to be emptied all the time. Yes, sometimes women describe their condition in this way. Frequent urge to urinate is characteristic of the first trimester until the uterus rises and becomes outside the pelvis. To ease your condition, learn to completely empty the urinary: sitting in the toilet, lean slightly forward and thrice thrice. If you go to the toilet very often, but at the same time the volume of the outgoing fluid is different each time( then more, then less), while you experience unpleasant sensations, you need to see a doctor, suddenly, do you have cystitis? It is better to be safe and pass tests to avoid trouble.
  8. Many pregnant women at 10 weeks of pregnancy have salivary saliva - this may be due to nausea or vice versa, nausea happens due to abundant saliva. This is a normal condition, if you can not cope on your own with this ailment, you can suck a mint candy or chew a mint leaf.
  9. During pregnancy, women should drink plenty of liquids so that dehydration does not happen. And the future mother, and her baby, water is necessary for a normal cycle - both gestation and development. Kidney women work for two, so they need more fluid to dignify with additional dignity. But your baby needs a liquid in order to have something to fill the bladder. Drink as soon as you start to feel thirsty, and also every time you start experiencing mild discomfort inside( heaviness, sore, etc.).Do not limit the consumption of liquid, motivating yourself that "less to go to the toilet", it is very harmful! On the day of 10th week of pregnancy, you must drink at least two liters of water. It does not have to be water: juices( especially vegetable) and broths will also suit. Do not drink coffee and fizzy drinks! Bring in your diet vegetables and fruits containing a sufficient amount of liquid( watermelon, melon, lettuce, etc.).
  10. Despite everything - pamper yourself, my beloved! Go shopping, buy new clothes or blouse, and, perhaps, a book of your favorite author or some souvenir that will cheer you up. Prepare yourself and your husband a romantic dinner - just the one to be alone. Go to the beauty salon - do a face cleaning or dye your hair. By the way, today experts have proved that all these procedures are not at all dangerous for the baby, so you can safely go to the beauty salon!
  1. A biopsy of the villi of the chorion or puncture of the bladder is not prescribed to all - these are expensive tests and not all clinics do. Most often, it is these tests that can detect any genetic abnormalities of the fetus at the earliest stages. For example, they will help to recognize Down syndrome. Pregnant women are advised to conduct these tests between 9 and 11 weeks. There are two ways in which you can get the villi of the fetus( they, by the way, are on the placenta).You can enter a special instrument directly through the cervix or by making a microcut in the peritoneum. Do not worry about the miscarriage - the risk in this procedure is minimal. Doctors say that it equals one, at most two percent. Just like the puncture of the bladder( amniocentesis).The most important thing is to trust yourself, your baby and your body with a qualified specialist. The results of the analyzes will be ready, on average, in five to seven days. If the doctor's answers do not suit the expectant mother, she will have time to think and perhaps agree to an abortion.
  2. Fetoscopy. This analysis involves the examination of the fetus and the placenta, which are located directly inside the uterus. Thanks to this analysis, the doctor can carefully consider the baby and, if possible, correct the anomalies. Fetoscopy is much more effective and better gives an overall picture than the uzi at the 10th week of pregnancy. The procedure is as follows: through the peritoneum to the uterus is introduced the device - a fetoscope( externally it resembles a laparoscope, only in size larger).Remember that this procedure can only be carried out by a highly qualified specialist who has a great practice. This method has a slightly higher percentage of the risk of miscarriage - from 3 to 4%, so before agreeing to such a procedure, consult doctors and make a final balanced decision.

10th week of pregnancy: photo of fetus

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10th week of pregnancy: what happens with mom

10th week of pregnancy for mother is characterized by new sensations. For example, at this time, the future mother can hear the heart of her child. Of course, that requires a special ultrasonic device - Doppler. To hear the heartbeat of your own crumbs is exactly what helps to finally realize that you will soon have the most important person in your life.

For those women for whom the pregnancy has become a very difficult period, starting from 10 weeks, there will be a noticeable relief. You can at any time turn to the hospital, where with the help of special equipment you will be told whether everything is in order with the child.

Before pregnancy, the uterus resembled the shape of a pear, but now it is more like the size of a grapefruit. The abdomen at the 10th week of pregnancy acquires a slight roundness, so about this time the waist begins to blur - clothes, perhaps, will become a bit cramped. In addition, the breast increases, so you need to think about how to reconsider your wardrobe: take small things away, perhaps it will not hurt to take a walk in the shops for a bit.

For a period of 10 weeks, if there are no medical contraindications, you can engage in fitness or light sports. Ideally you are shown leisurely walking or swimming. And such activity is shown during all nine months of pregnancy. It is not necessary to lead an idle way of life during the gestation of a child - this is fraught with a quick set of weight and as a result, you will not only gain much more than you should, but you will also lose weight after giving birth, because they will not go anywhere!


10th week of pregnancy: tips for mom


10th week of pregnancy.