9th week of pregnancy

9 obstetric pregnancy week is approximately 7 weeks from conception. While it is impossible to determine the exact duration of pregnancy, because ovulation in each of the women can occur on different days of the cycle. If a woman is pregnant for the first time and is on the 9th week of pregnancy, she still does not quite understand what happens to her body, how it changes and whether everything is ok with the baby.

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  • Fetal development at 9th week of pregnancy
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Abdomen at the 9th week of pregnancy

The uterus at the 9th week of pregnancy is actively growing, occupying the entire area of ​​the pelvis. From today's size to the most genera, it will increase almost 500 times, but for now it can be c

ompared to a small grapefruit. In some women, the stomach at the 9th week of pregnancy is still almost invisible, while in others it is already possible to see some outlines. It depends on the size of the uterus, the amount of amniotic fluid and the size of the fetus. If the future mother has not yet applied to a women's consultation, it's time to do it. It is very important to observe at the gynecologist, in time to reveal all available chronic diseases. Perhaps, additional consultations of narrow experts - an ENT, the stomatologist, the oculist and others will be necessary.

The size of the fruit at this time can be compared with the parameters of the average grapes, about 1 inch. Weight, as a rule, is about 28 grams, but due to the active formation of legs and pens, the baby will soon grow and gain weight. The face of the baby can be seen more clearly, the genital organs have practically formed, but it is still difficult to determine the gender of the child. Closer to the 20th week of pregnancy, it becomes clear who lives in the mother's tummy. Being at the 9th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother with great interest wants to know what is happening to her baby.

The way a baby looks in the first trimester of pregnancy, and 9 weeks is the first trimester, the mother can see the ultrasound device on the picture. Ultrasound at the 9th week of pregnancy can be done and even necessary. This procedure in many cases allows you to identify visible defects in the development of the fetus, determine a multiple pregnancy and so on.

Below in the photo shows 9 weeks of pregnancy and photo of the fetus.


The ultrasound shows a fetal sac, inside which is an embryo. Since the baby can already swim in amniotic fluid, then in this picture he turned his back to the front wall of the uterus. Useful and nutritious matter for the baby delivers the placenta. The bony system is strengthened, and the child can already gently bend the small elbows. The head is rounded, but still pressed against the chest. There is a development of the brain, in which by this time two hemispheres have already been formed.

9 week of pregnancy. The first actions of

The beginning of the 3rd month of pregnancy is the 9th week. A decent period at which the active phase of the formation of the main organs, blood and motor systems of the embryo takes place.

If you are on the 9th week of pregnancy, have not yet registered in the women's consultation, now you need to do this, at least to be sure of your baby's well-being. The attending doctor who will lead your pregnancy will prescribe the necessary tests. This is a general analysis of urine and blood, HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B. The gynecologist will take a smear to determine the flora in the vagina, you will pass tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia.

It is very important to pass tests for cytomegalovirus, rubella, toxoplasmosis. These seemingly innocuous infections for a healthy person can become a serious obstacle to the normal development of the baby. A pregnant woman should avoid contact with sick people, even if it is an ordinary cold.

Sensations at the 9th week of pregnancy

Specialists in obstetrician-gynecologists know that 9th week of pregnancy, like the entire 1st trimester, is a very important and crucial moment when it is necessary to know exactly what is happening to a woman during this period and what feelings are characteristic, and what is the reasonTo see a doctor.

The weight of the parturient is changing, mostly women are gaining weight, but with an intensive toxicosis, an opposite reaction can occur-a decrease in body weight. After passing through unpleasant symptoms, the weight begins to grow again.

The amount of blood increases, and adipose tissue accumulates. Thus, the mother's body prepares for feeding the baby with milk.

Sometimes the symptoms of anemia may appear in the pregnant woman due to uneven growth of red blood cells with increasing blood volume. In this case, the woman is prescribed additional iron supplements for food. It can be vitamin-mineral complexes, and there can be allowed products with sufficient iron content. It is strictly forbidden to start anemia, since this disease can lead not only to increased fatigability and weakness of a woman, but also to the death of the fetus.
In some pregnant women at the 9th week of the 1st trimester, skin and hair can become dry. It is due to the fact that a large amount of water is required for the baby, so, Mom should drink more liquid and eat juicy fruit.
Since the baby in the process of its development is in great need of calcium, it is important for a pregnant woman to take care of sensitive teeth, which just will not be enough for this mineral.


The main signs of the 9th week of pregnancy

At the 9th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother feels more confident and calm. The period of pregnancy for a woman is not only pleasant with the expectations of the appearance of a future baby - how it will be, to whom it will look like, what color the eyes, hair will have. In addition, it is also a very important and difficult period.9 week of pregnancy brings a new sensation to the future mother.

There are several main signs of pregnancy at this time:

  • in some women the first toxicosis has already passed, in others it is just beginning. A future mother may suffer from dizziness, morning sickness and even vomiting, sensitivity to various smells increases. The appetite may completely disappear;
  • mammary glands increase in size, the nipples become sensitive to any touch. It's time to think about a new comfortable bra. It is desirable that he had wide straps, comfortable cups made of natural fabric;
  • viscous and transparent discharge at the 9th week of pregnancy are permissible;
  • a woman can feel a slight heaviness in the lower abdomen.

Fetal development at week 9 of pregnancy

At 9 weeks of gestation, the development of the embryo is actively continuing, it is more like a little man:

  1. At 9 weeks of gestation, the coccyx-parietal fetal size is about 2.3 mm.
  2. The weight of the embryo is approximately 5 g.
  3. The part of the brain that is responsible for coordinating the movement begins to form - the cerebellum.
  4. Fully formed body that produces hormones - the pituitary gland.
  5. The lymphatic system is actively developing.
  6. It is still impossible to determine the sex of the baby, but the genitals are already laid. The boys are laying the sex cells, which later will grow into spermatozoa, and in girls there is a "population" of ovaries with a large number of the first oocytes.
  7. There is an umbilical cord between the mother's placenta and the fetal body. This 3 vessels - 1 large, delivering the fetus oxygenated blood, and 2 small, removing the oxygen released from oxygen and metabolic products.
  8. Internal organs - the liver and kidneys begin to form. After a while they will already be functioning, but for now the first blood of the future baby begins to be produced in them.
  9. Using ultra-sensitive modern equipment, you can catch the first brain impulses of the fetus. The baby begins to show the first reflexes.
  10. During this period, the formation of the nose( nasal fossa and folds), lips, tongue, ears.
  11. The upper limbs( handles) of the baby continue to lengthen. Between the fingers, which until they look like small little tubercles, grooves begin to appear. You can see the thumb. On the lower limbs( legs) of the baby finger plates are formed. The kid makes the first movements of handles and legs.


Chorion presentation at the 9th week of pregnancy

Chorion in the medical concept is a placenta on the 1st trimester of pregnancy and is responsible for the production of hormones. In simple terms, the placenta is a child's place, which is connected to the fetus by the umbilical cord and, thus, the child's connection to the mother's organism is realized. The state of presentation is determined on the ultrasound machine. This is when the child's place is located less than 6-centimeter distance from the internal throat of the uterus. This unwanted position of the chorion can provoke such consequences:

  • miscarriage or cesarean delivery;
  • placental abruption and severe bleeding. This condition is extremely dangerous for the life of a pregnant woman and a child who can feel hypoxia and die.

A number of preventive measures will help to avoid the unpleasant condition of the chorion presentation at the 9th week of pregnancy:

  1. Regularly and often visit a doctor for examination and exclusion of the disease. Involvement of the presentation may be previously performed scraping, abortion. Uterine fibroids and polyps can also cause this disease. In the risk zone are women older than 35 years and older.
  2. Healthy lifestyle. The observance of precautionary measures will prevent the disease and avoid it. Women who are at risk, doctors recommend to exclude sex with her husband and regularly undergo an ultrasound examination.


Women's diet at week 9 of pregnancy

The 9th week of pregnancy is characterized by active growth of the baby. He has a bookmark of internal organs, blood and bone system. All the necessary vitamins and microelements are obtained from the mother. Therefore, to ensure that the woman's body is not depleted, she must eat well and eat well, eating foods rich in B vitamins, vitamin E, multicarotene, vitamin C. It is also important that the woman's diet contains foods containing calcium, magnesium and especiallyFolic acid. There are several recommendations on the diet of the future mother at the 9th week of pregnancy:

  1. One of the main rules - do not overeat, eat small portions 4-5 times a day.
  2. Breakfast of the future mother should be full. It can be milk porridge, muesli with milk, bread from durum wheat, fruit, loose tea with lemon.
  3. Lunch can consist of light first courses, vegetable salad with garnish, fish or meat dish, fruit or herbal tea.
  4. A good snack may be fruit, yogurt, juice, a sandwich with lean meat or hard cheese.
  5. Dinner should be easy from low-fat dishes - boiled meat or fish for a couple with vegetables. Also, an excellent dinner will be some dairy product - kefir or yogurt with a roll, home-made cottage cheese with fruit.
  6. Future moms are not recommended to eat fatty meat dishes, spicy pizza, raw eggs, sausages, boiled and smoked sausages, smoked fish, all sharp and fried dishes.
  7. Do not use stale or late products, it can lead to food poisoning, which is very dangerous for a future mother.
  8. All fruits and vegetables that you plan to consume in raw form must be thoroughly washed with running water.
  9. It is undesirable to introduce into the diet exotic fruits that you have not tried before pregnancy. They can cause an allergic reaction.
  10. Be careful with seafood. They can be present in your diet only if you are completely sure of their quality.
  11. Do not abuse coffee. Use this drink only in the morning, adding milk to it.
  12. Exclude from the diet sweet carbonated drinks, and from the mineral water, release the gases.
  13. Observe the rules of hygiene, always wash your hands before preparing food and before using it.
  14. Restrict the consumption of sugar, flour and confectionery. This can lead to rapid weight gain not only for mom, but for the baby.
  15. Try slightly nedosalivat dishes and abandon the salinity. They cause thirst, which leads to a large intake of fluid, which in turn can cause swelling. But you should not completely abandon salt.
  16. Today in pharmacies there are many multivitamins and supplements for pregnant women. Do not take them without first consulting your gynecologist. All vitamin supplements can not only benefit, but also harm.

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Basic rules and recommendations for the 9th week:

  1. Many women are afraid of having sex during pregnancy. Intimate life in the early days is not prohibited, but only in the absence of contraindications, among which there may be blood or brown discharge, increased uterine tone and other threats of abortion. In any case, the future mother needs to consult with her gynecologist, to exclude all contraindications and not to deprive themselves of an intimate life because of far-fetched fears.
  2. Pregnancy causes minor discharge from the vagina. The norm is if the color of the discharge is white or yellowish, and there will be no painful sensations. In the case where discharge is brown, it hurts the abdomen or loin, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor.
  3. The kidneys of the child by the beginning of the 9th week are being completed and begin to function. This circumstance gives a load on the kidneys of a pregnant woman. In this case, it is necessary to regularly measure blood pressure, limit fluid intake at night and salt.
  4. Do not deny yourself a walk, but alcohol should be eliminated completely. Avoid stresses that adversely affect the development and health of the child.
  5. Protect your baby from exposure to tobacco smoke. The fact is that this poison blocks the access of oxygen to the baby, thereby causing the increased heart rate of the small organism. Smoking and being a passive smoker is prohibited, since this can provoke not only a decrease in the body weight of the child, but also a sudden infant mortality syndrome.
  6. If at the 9th week you are still experiencing periodic headaches caused by high or low blood pressure, hormonal changes or stress, then special compresses will help get rid of them, which will help to avoid taking medications. Apply a cold or warm compress to your head, it will help you reduce pain. In addition, the expansion of blood vessels is also facilitated by a cool shower.
  7. While staying in the "interesting" position it is worth forgetting about intensive physical exertion. But do not overdo it, doing intensive workouts, you can provoke an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.
  8. Recommended use of a useful component for pregnant women - Vitamin E. The body of a pregnant woman, thanks to this vitamin is cleared, immunity is strengthened. And at the 9th week of pregnancy, vitamin E takes part in the formation of the placenta, the body responsible for delivering nutrients from the mother to the baby.

9 week of pregnancy.