25th week of pregnancy

Probably, for 7 months of "interesting position" you have already got used to feel yourself as the mummy under which heart slowly develops and grows small. Do you want to see him quickly and press him to yourself, giving his love, care and warmth? Do not hurry! Appear to the light of your baby is still early - let him still have a little soak in the womb.


25 week of pregnancy - developingfruit

The appearance and size of the growing child

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At 25 weeks' gestation, the average fruit weight is about 700 grams, and its growth up to 34.5 cm. Just imagine a baby isbig! In the crumb, which still lives inside the mother, formed the features with which he will be born. On ultrasound, especially attentive parents even rush to draw conclusions: whose future heir or heiress sponges, and whose nose - on whom the kid looks like.

The baby has "pleasant wrinkles": the cheeks appear, the roundness of the buttocks, the pads of the fingers grow together - an individual fingerprint pattern is formed.

The bone system has largely been formed, but here the cartilage, especially in the auricles, is still soft. By the way, it is on the compaction of cartilages in this part of the infant's body that doctors determine whether a child born on such an early date is viable.

The baby has already formed an inner ear, helping to navigate in space and engage in a comfortable position in the womb.

25th week of pregnancy: the development of the internal organs of the fetus

A baby who has not seen the white light, have already been formed and fully functioning, some systems: the intestines, liver, stomach, pancreas. All products used by the mother are tested for fitness. Everything that the kid does not like, gives him discomfort, conveying these feelings and mother.

Heart baby has already been formed, it can be good to hear, not only by means of the device for ultrasound, but simply put your ear to the mother's belly, where it is constantly flounder and go about their important things toddler. Now there are a lot of devices that allow the whole family to join the pleasant time of "motherhood".If your family has an older child or the father expresses an active desire to learn everything that happens to the child in the abdomen, you can buy special headphones and listen to what the kid does. You will hear not only his frequent heartbeat, but also tapping, and hiccoughing and other actions that he performs in the abdomen of his mother.

To determine the sex of the fetus on the 25th week of pregnancy is not difficult. Probably, the attending physician has already suggested to you whom you expect. If not, it's time to go on ultrasound and reveal all the cards. The sex organs of the boy have already been fully formed by this time. The vagina of the girl continues to be actively formed.

The function of hematopoiesis( the formation of mature blood cells) is now completely performed by the bone marrow, relieving the liver and spleen of the child from additional functions unusual for them. The brain continually develops, more complex neural connections are created and more serious cells are formed in terms of the degree of complexity.

It is believed that the child's airways at the 25th week of pregnancy are already completely formed, however, this is not entirely true. Yes, the lungs were formed, but the baby is not yet able to breathe outside the mother's womb. To ensure that the baby can easily breathe atmospheric air, he still has to accumulate a sufficient amount of surfactant - a substance that helps to adapt to the terrestrial air.

25th week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby in an emotional sense

25 weeks

The baby already feels all the emotions that mom feels, and experiences them all along with her. It is not even worth recalling that a woman has a very close relationship with her child, therefore, from the moment of the beginning of pregnancy and for a long time after the birth of the baby, first of all think about it. Now there is no place for your own emotions. Mom must protect herself from anything that could bring discomfort to her life. It is necessary to think only of pleasant moments, to experience the brightest and rosy feelings, to be ready to share only the best with your baby, then the child who will be born in love and affection will give his parents the joy and serenity given to him during pregnancy in full.

Your baby has already learned to navigate in space and, most likely, has taken the right position( the head down), in which he will be several weeks before the birth.

You can already start to be proud of your baby - he made the first important choice in his life: he decided to be right-handed or left-handed. He realized this, when he squeezed his fingers in his hands into fists - another reason for pride. Of course, you should not bypass the question of nutrition. The mother's full nutrition provides the child with joy, because it can fully develop and grow. The child has a certain "filter" of taste preferences. If Mom is eating something unusual or tasteless for a child, then he begins to frown and grimace in the womb, demonstrating his dissatisfaction with the "eaten".

25th week of pregnancy: how is the baby in the womb

We already noted that the child is probably already in the right position: the head down, and will not change its position until the very birth. However, do not rush to sound the alarm if the obstetrician-gynecologist tells you that the child has not yet turned over. In this there is nothing to worry about! The crumb still has plenty of time to "go down" - it is not going to "go out" yet.

Premature delivery at week 25

For many mothers, 25th week of pregnancy becomes a kind of "salvation" border. It is about those individuals who have a difficult pregnancy, and at times there are threats of miscarriage. Yes, at such an early time it is not necessary to say that the baby is already fully formed and ready for "survival", however, childbirth at this time can still lead to a benign outcome - the baby can be saved.

For the present the child is not fully developed breathing system, but he can breathe through a special apparatus. And the heat exchange will be maintained in a certain "chamber", created personally for premature babies.

Once again, we make a reservation: childbirth on the 25th week of pregnancy is a very dangerous event for the baby's life. The probability of survival here is minimal, but it is not ruled out, so it can give extra peace of mind to many mothers.

25th week of pregnancy: what happens with mom

Changes with tummy

25th week of pregnancy

Definitely, exactly by the time of 25 weeks mom felt how her tummy began to grow at a frantic pace. At first it was barely noticeable, then it grew bigger and bigger, and now it starts to slightly "interfere".Of course, there is still no need to ask someone to tie shoelaces on sneakers or to ask for help, climbing the stairs, but this point in the list of "pregnancy" is just around the corner.

Normally, the stomach at the 25th week of pregnancy already resembles a round ball, which can be clearly round in shape or slightly flattened. Of course, the volume of the abdomen in different women will increase in different ways: it depends on the genetics, mass and volume of the woman's body when she was not pregnant and the pace of development of the fruit. On average, there is an increase in the volume of the stomach by 1 cm per week. Your doctor is already studying this point in detail and measuring the abdomen, recording everything in your map. This is necessary to track possible deviations.

25th week of pregnancy - the uterus is developing more actively

Head down

We remember well that the womb is the very shelter that saves your crumb from attacks from the outside world. Since the baby is already grown up, he needs more free space, which is why your uterus in size can "compete" with a football. Elevation of the uterus above the pubis at about a distance of 25 cm. Changes in the height of the uterus, your attending physician should measure each visit and record on the map, monitoring the dynamics of changes in the same way as with the abdominal girth.

What is useful is a detailed report on the dynamics of changes in the height of the uterus? The thing is that there are certain norms that every doctor should adhere to when examining the health of his patient and the baby that grows inside of her. If the uterus changes insignificantly or there is no change at all - this is the reason for the anxiety. Most likely, the baby is not developing well, something is not enough for development. In this case, Mom is sent for additional research and reveals the cause of the deviation from the norm. The established cause of the problem helps to eliminate the very problem and help the child to develop again at the necessary pace.

On the other hand, overly active growth of the baby is also a deviation and needs to be adjusted. Perhaps, Mom on the basis of strong care and caring for her child consumes too much sweet or flour, acute or salty, and therefore provokes a disproportionate increase in the uterus, thereby complicating the life of her baby.

Water and nutrition on 25th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy nutrition

If Mom does not have toxicosis, she can eat any food in the right quantities, then she will not have problems with compiling a full-fledged diet. You just need to take care of that there are more useful products enriched with vitamins and nutrients, and less harmful, but loved by many fried, salty and spicy dishes.

If the expectant mother realizes that she can not cope with the planning of her diet, or if the tests show that he is obviously overeating, there is nothing to worry about seeking advice from a specialist! Of course, it's now about your treating doctor-gynecologist. It is he who will help and tell you what foods you should eat in your diet, and what dishes should be discarded altogether.

An important item in the formulation of proper nutrition is the use of water. It is especially difficult to adhere to the rules for future mothers who carry the child on the last terms in the summer hot season. You want to drink almost always, but there are certain restrictions on the amount of fluid consumed. What can you advise here? Only endure. Remember that a small life develops inside of you, which needs care and support more than you need - cold water, which will later turn into edema that will cause discomfort to the baby and mom.

Mom's feelings on the 25th week of pregnancy


Many mothers at this time are puzzled by the issue of premature birth. Most often, such unpleasant thoughts arise in those pregnant women who are at risk: there were abortions, adverse previous pregnancies, serious physical stress, poor health.

Of course, we already said earlier that a child born at 25 weeks has all chances to survive, but it is unlikely that some mother will want to risk the life of her own child, therefore, for ladies who put possible premature births, a special regime, Called sparing( in exceptional cases, doctors advise adhering strictly to the bed rest regime).

In addition to the usual fears and associated uncomfortable sensations, a woman may be troubled by other pains at the 25th week of pregnancy. For example, it will not be possible to get rid of the drawing and aching pain in the lower back - this discomfort is caused by a serious load on the spine. With the habit of "carrying" a big belly, the woman's body tries to achieve balance, but instead only "bends" forward and back, delivering a lot of unpleasant sensations.

Lower back pain may also be accompanied by increasing pain in the legs. At 6-7 months of pregnancy, the severity is not very strong. However, it is necessary to minimize the load on the legs, but not to give up movement. Everything should be in moderation. Remember: it's comfortable for you - cozy baby.

In addition to the pain caused by natural physiological processes, there are pains caused by the conditionally external factor. Of course, we are talking about a child who grows up inside mom and wants to be active. The kid wants to fully experience all the possibilities of his body, so he actively turns and shoves hands and feet, getting to his mother not only in the abdominal wall, but also in the ribs, which causes quite a strong discomfort. It is necessary to learn to take such kicks with love without getting irritated. Any negativity is minimized.

25th week of pregnancy - stomach aches

Pain pregnancy

It is not uncommon for future expectant mothers to complain that they are experiencing painful or abdominal pains. On the one hand, nothing is interesting and new in such complaints: the baby grows, kicks, the uterus begins to shrink more intensively, it goes without saying that the stomach will ache. However, if we evaluate the situation from the other side, then there is still cause for concern.

A future mother should carefully monitor her health throughout her pregnancy, and from the middle of the second trimester do this especially carefully. Because at any time, premature birth can begin, and in the early stages they are fraught with the loss of a child. It is important to note for yourself the nature of pain. If the mother feels that the lower abdomen sometimes sips or grasps slightly - you should not worry, although it is necessary at the reception to notify your doctor about it. Perhaps, the kid is missing something and because of this he is behaving excessively actively, delivering unpleasant pain to the mother in the abdominal region. Obstetrician-gynecologist will always tell you how it is more correct to act in a certain situation - he is leading your pregnancy and knows better than other "advisors" how to behave to the future mother.

If you have met a very harsh and unpleasant pain that is not passing or growing in character( or bloodshed began!), Immediately call for an ambulance and go to the hospital for an examination.

How to ensure a comfortable course of the 25th week of pregnancy

Let's give some general recommendations that will be useful not only at the 25th week of pregnancy, but all the time before delivery:

  1. All the movements should not be very long: sit, stand, walk, Little by little.
  2. Discard shoes on high and unstable heels.
  3. Do not rush to get out of bed: you need to do it carefully. First, helping yourself, turn to your side. Then get up and put both feet to the floor. Get up without sudden movements. So you can be sure that there will be no additional unnecessary strain on the muscles that stimulate the tone of the uterus.
  4. Do not pick up heavy objects. If you are forced to do this by virtue of circumstances, then first sit down, take a heavy object with both hands and get up.
  5. Do not cross your legs and do not sit with your foot on your leg.
  6. Do not reach for objects that are far away from you( this contributes to crocheting the umbilical cord of the baby's neck).
  7. Do not spend the whole day lying on the couch( only if you are not shown bed rest) - do not give up moderate activity.

Preparatory stage for childbirth on the 25th week of pregnancy

Preparing the breast for feeding the baby

From the 25th week you can already actively prepare your breasts to the fact that she will soon "meet" with the child, for whom she will be comfort, nourishment and joy.

You already noticed that the chest is pretty swollen. At 6-7 months many women have colostrum: discharge from the chest, if you grab the nipple on the areola. Of course, this is only a preparatory stage, and in your power to make the breast as ready as possible for feeding the baby. To do this, it is necessary to partially reduce the sensitivity of the nipples.

Take a tight towel( preferably waffle) and every time after the shower lightly rub the nipples with this towel. Do not be zealous and hurt yourself. Easy rubbing will be enough. It is not superfluous to read books or forums on the topic of breastfeeding right now: you will make your future milk rich and nutritious in advance - even while it's all in your thoughts.

Preparing the husband for the forthcoming births

25 weeks of pregnancy - this is a very impressive time. Your man who has been around for all this time, probably managed to get used to many of the moods and desires of a pregnant woman. But it is necessary to start bringing your beloved to the fact that the baby will be born very soon.

Be sure: most men believe that pregnancy ends with childbirth, and life returns to its former course. Of course, this does not happen. After giving birth, many couples are more difficult the first few months than during pregnancy. Talk about this with your husband. Share your experiences, but do not try to frighten him. Your goal is to see the future assistant in the man and prepare him for this role, and not to do everything possible so that he completely detaches himself from the role of a caring father and a loving husband.

And here's what the fetus looks like on the 25th week of pregnancy, photo:

Uzi 25 weeks

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