23 week of pregnancy

When the pregnancy runs without problems, and the baby lives in the tummy of the mother for as long as 23 weeks, the woman fully enjoys the advantages of her "interesting" position. She walks every day, gets enough sleep, eats healthy food and learns not to hurry!


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Meanwhile, on obstetric term of pregnancy in 5,5 months( 23 weeks) the kid continues to actively grow and develop. About this, he tells mom's furious thrusts in the stomach! Let's find out what happens at the 23rd week of pregnancy with a woman and her baby.

Fetus at 23 weeks of gestation

Although according to standard measures 29 - 30 cm and 0.5 kg - the indices are small, for a man growing inside a woman, t

his is another achievement. That is how he managed to grow and grow heavier. Moreover, at the 23rd week of pregnancy the brain size also increases: this is not a modest 2g, as in the second month, due to the regular stay of the mother in the fresh air, the mass of the baby's brain reaches 100g!


By the way, high-grade oxygen "nutrition" was and remains the most important factor of development for the child. If on foot walks mom prefers spending time in front of the TV, the kid will certainly show her his discontent with active jolts in the stomach. Yes, the woman now does not need to freeze and listen sensitively to feel her child - the child at the 23rd week of pregnancy behaves very emotionally and emotionally. Communication with a baby during this period brings a pregnant woman a pleasure, because the wiggling is not strong enough to bring her discomfort, as often happens in the last weeks of a special situation. However, you can not do without pampering, when, for example, a kid does not allow mother to rest at night, continually pushing her legs. Methods of "upbringing" in this case, each woman has her own: someone comforts the prankster with a lullaby, and someone - with gentle strokes of the belly.

Daytime perturbations are a kind of indicator of the well-being of the "puzozhitelya": for a day the future mother has about 10 - 15 tremors. Do not forget that by the 23rd week of pregnancy the child already lives in his rest and wakefulness regime, so it is not surprising that after 1 to 2 hours of active movements he can quiet down. Remember that the reason for immediate access to the doctor is the complete absence of tremors and movements of the baby during the day.


What else happens to the baby at the 23rd week of pregnancy? Functions of all organs and systems of the little man continue to improve. By this time the digestive tract of the fetus has been completely "built": everything is ready for independent work of the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, liver and pancreas. The baby swallows some sugar containing amniotic fluid, which is then transformed into the original infant calmoconium.

The formation of male and female genital organs has ended - the girl and the boy can not be confused, as it sometimes happens on the 12-13 week of pregnancy. The baby's chest grows in size: the lungs will take the first full breath at the moment of birth of the crumbs, but already now the fetus "breathes", performing on the average 55-60 respiratory movements per minute.


The endocrine system becomes more independent in its work: the spleen of the baby begins to function. It produces new blood cells, strictly checking them for "proficiency" - all abnormal lymphocytes are immediately destroyed.

Under the skin of the baby, the fatty layer continues to increase. Despite this, the fetal skin is still wrinkled. The baby's hair at the 23rd week of pregnancy is saturated with a pigment and darkens.

How the future mother changes at the 23rd week of pregnancy

When at 23 weeks of pregnancy the development of the baby is in full swing, his mother also does not sit idly by: by this time she already knows how to get rid of the unpleasant side effects of the "interesting" situation. Heartburn, constipation, calf muscle cramps, hemorrhoids - for each problem a solution has already been found.

It can not be said that at the 23rd week of pregnancy the woman's appearance changes radically, but some metamorphoses are still present.

The skin of many mothers is covered with dark pigmented spots, which are mainly localized on the face, neck and underarms. It is possible and the appearance of extra hair on the body. Fortunately, after birth, these unaesthetic signs of preparation for motherhood will disappear, so the most correct thing is simply not to pay attention to them.

But the future mommy can not get enough of her head of hair, which has become noticeably thicker and healthier. Hair follicles blood is washed with excess, so they do not suffer from a deficiency in useful nutrients. True, there is also the downside of the "ideal hairstyle": the hair that has not left the head of a pregnant woman now, will certainly do so in the first month after delivery. But this is rather a pattern than an unfortunate misunderstanding.


In the 23rd week of pregnancy, the teeth and the skin of the expectant mother need special care. Dental health is threatened by an acute shortage of calcium, most of which is now consumed by the body to meet the needs of a growing life. Problems that affect the condition of the teeth can not be ignored in any case, since the diseased tooth automatically becomes the gate through which a child-dangerous infection can enter the mother's body.

At 23 weeks of pregnancy, sweating significantly increases, which can cause irritation and acne on the face. During the day the expectant mother needs several times to wipe the most problematic places on the skin with antiseptic means. The question of the appearance of stretch marks on the body becomes more and more urgent. To prevent the appearance of striae or at least reduce their number, in the cosmetic bag of the future mother, a moisturizing cream should become a remedy №1.

Pain at the 23rd week of pregnancy

The baby is actively growing, which means that the belly of the future mother is also growing. This process is associated with a shift in the center of gravity, as a result of which a woman begins to increasingly overcome soreness in the back, waist and hip joints. Sometimes there can be a pulling, or even a shooting pain in the pelvic region, however, this can not be called a pathology. The woman does not notice how her body prepares for the forthcoming birth, and meanwhile, the hip bones beforehand soften, so that the fruit can easily overcome the birth canal. There are also pains in the abdomen - they are caused by the pressure of a child, the size of which increases all the time. Of course, all the unpleasant sensations can be reduced if you wear an ankle bandage, give up shoes with high heels, often arrange a 5-minute rest for your legs, sleep on a comfortable bed, avoiding focusing on the stomach while lying down.

After a tiring working day, the worn legs should be pampered with a massage and nutritious cream with a relaxing effect. This will allow the future mother as little as possible to face the painful cramps calf muscles in the middle of the night. Do not forget that your body must necessarily supply with calcium.

And here about the headache, which was a tireless companion of the first trimester of pregnancy, many women on the 23rd week of bearing a baby, fortunately, forget. At this stage of waiting, crumbs attack hormones on the unhappy female body, thoughts clear up, and the head no longer hurts!

Belly at 23 weeks gestation

The expectant mother may still be bothered by pulling and at the same time painful sensations on the sides of the abdomen, especially palpable at the moment of coughing, sneezing or rising from sitting. There is discomfort due to excessive stretching of the muscles, which fix the constantly growing in the volumes of the uterus.

Another notable feature of the second period of pregnancy are the so-called Braxton-Hicks false bouts. In fact, these are the training cuts of the uterus, with the help of which a large muscular organ prepares for the forthcoming ancestral process. From time to time a woman feels uterine cramps, which during normal pregnancy do not have any pain.


It's another matter if sudden abrupt contractions become regular in a short period of time, accompanied by pain and a discharge of amniotic fluid - these are harbingers of premature birth. Needless to say, that the future mother should not lose a minute and call an ambulance as soon as possible?

Constipation can also cause unpleasant, and sometimes painful sensations in the abdomen of a pregnant woman. Systematic difficulties with bowel movement at the 23rd week of pregnancy are not normal, but quite common. Unfortunately, the future mother does not always get to balance her nutrition in such a way as to avoid problems with digestion. However, this does not mean that you need to drop your hands and suffer in silence! Experiment with food, which includes fiber, no one banned, most importantly, that food is easy to digest and benefit the mother and her baby.

Vaginal discharge at 23 weeks of gestation

The nature of the discharge( color, odor) should be treated with due attention: they can tell a lot about the course of pregnancy. At 23 weeks of gestation, the discharge rates are as follows: a clear or light milk secret of a liquid consistency without an odor, not accompanied by any unpleasant sensations.

Abnormal vaginal discharge is considered unnatural color: dirty yellow, gray, green, with an admixture of pus or blood veins. It is also necessary to disturb the curdled or strongly bubbling discharge with a repulsive smell - this is a sure sign of an infectious infection of the genital tract. If to all else the pregnant woman is tormented by itching, severe burning and inflamed irritation of the genitals, she needs to see a doctor as soon as possible! Infection of any origin threatens the baby with intrauterine infection.


Note that natural vaginal discharge due to ignorance can be confused with leaking amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid may be released in small portions and not particularly noticeable. However, it will be better if a woman still notices this complication and informs her doctor in time. In pharmacies, special tests are sold, helping to determine which excreta is troubling the pregnant woman.

Despite the reduction in the risk of spontaneous abortion at week 23, many women continue to face hypertension of the uterus. These are pulling and dull pains that encircle the abdomen, which are cramped in character. Sometimes hypertension is accompanied by smearing spotting. The big danger lies in the fact that secretions can suddenly increase, and bleeding is the first sign of placental abruption. In this case, you need to seek medical help without delay.

Ultrasound at 23 weeks of pregnancy

Of course, future parents, first of all, worried about the issue of the sex of their baby, because in the family there are already heated debates about the choice of name for the future heir. But the main task of ultrasound examination of a pregnant woman at this time is to diagnose the condition of the fetus.


During the procedure, the doctor will determine the size of the baby, correlate them with the current period of pregnancy, make sure that the child develops without pathologies. In addition, he listens as a small heart beats and assesses the quality of motor activity of the fetus. The procedure of ultrasound gives an opportunity to examine the internal organs of the child, determine the dimensions of parts of his body and correlate them with each other - all this is necessary in order to exclude the possibility of pathology. And my mother will receive such a nice photo for the 23rd week of pregnancy:


Also the specialist will pay attention to the size of the uterus and the condition of the placenta. If suddenly it turns out that the placenta is lower than normal, the expectant mother should not worry! As a rule, after a while, the volumes of the uterus will become even larger, and the placenta will occupy its place.

23 week of pregnancy.