34 week of pregnancy

Pregnancy women at 34 weeks - this is the end of the 8th month. The most appropriate time to prepare for the long-awaited event: to acquire the things necessary for the baby, to be determined with the choice of the maternity hospital, to collect the bag. And in order for this period was the most prosperous way without any complications, we consider all the features of the fetus and become familiar with the general recommendations.


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34 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to the fruit

Kid already has enough of formationbodies and is almost ready for life activity outside the womb.

For this period of gestation crumbs characterized by the following changes:

  1. baby's lungs are developed enough in the case of the onset of labor before term he can breathe on his own.
  2. his body weight of about 2-2.5 kg and growth reaches 42-44 cm.
  3. Fruit 34 week gestation continued to gain weight, body proportions become more distinct.
  4. There is active development of the facial skull, respiratory system and heart.
  5. The formation of the nervous system comes to a final stage.
  6. Skin covers are smoothed and become more pale, the lanugo fluff and original grease disappear.
  7. The adrenal glands of the fetus are already functioning at full strength. As a result of their work, a woman receives a hormone responsible for lactation. Its concentration in the child's body at the moment exceeds the concentration in an adult by 10 times.
  8. The adrenal glands are significantly enlarged in size, but after the baby is born they will decrease.
  9. A child in 34 weeks of pregnancy sucks a finger and so acquires the skill that he will need to suckle.
  10. He also trains the digestive system by swallowing the amniotic fluid.

At this time the child takes the position necessary for childbirth, that is, down the head. In some cases, it is still in the wrong position, but before the onset of labor, the baby still has time to turn in the right direction.

34 week of pregnancy: the expectant mother feel

Many women are interested in the question to the 34 week of pregnancy: what is happening in their body. Since the child by this time has grown significantly in the uterus to him already closely. The kid does not have the ability to move freely and therefore his activity is noticeably reduced. He jostles less often, but at the same time is stronger, which causes inconvenience to the future mother. Disposed head down, the crumb can intensively move the legs, resulting in a woman experiencing pain in the ribs.

In addition, the mammary glands continue to grow in size. A woman can observe the secretion of colostrum. As a result of the work of placental hormones, the breast begins to produce milk. However, do not worry, becauseTo avoid painful sensations in the chest will help a special bra.

By this time the child by his activity is already able to show discontent or joy. A woman at this stage should especially avoid stressful situations, as well as irritants such as loud sounds or bright lights. The kid can react with sharp movements, as a result of which his position will change and he will take an improper presentation for the birth.

With the approach of the crucial moment, the experiences of the future mother are also growing. This negatively affects the emotional state of a woman. The kid at this stage is already able to feel the mood of the mother, so she should receive only positive emotions. It is necessary to refrain from viewing criminal programs, horror films and other similar television products. To stabilize the emotional background, you can use the advice of psychologists.

Based on the results of observations, experts came to the conclusion that to get Mom out of the state of psychological stress can be a usual laugh. At the moment when mom laughs, the baby also feels pleasure and smiles.

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Pain at 34 weeks of gestation

The future mother is concerned about the pain in the back, abdomen and waist. This gives a certain discomfort, but do not worry about this. In most cases, these pain sensations are of a natural nature and result from an increase in the size of the uterus and abdomen. In addition, there is a gradual softening of the joints and ligaments, thus, the woman's organism creates conditions for the child to pass through the birth canal.

When the 34th week of pregnancy comes, the lower abdomen hurts. The nature of the pains resembles unpleasant sensations during menstruation. However, in some situations, pain in the lower back and abdomen may signal a risk of premature delivery.

The cause for concern may be pains of a prolonged nature, which are repeated at regular intervals. Especially if a woman has not experienced such sensations before. Also, it is worth immediately contacting a doctor if the woman has noticed a belly drop, a discharge of cork, amniotic fluid, regular uterine contractions.

At this stage, special attention should be given to uterine contractions. For the 34th week of the term, this phenomenon is typical of the Brexton-Higgs fights. These are false fights, by which the uterus trains before delivery. A woman can feel pain in this process. To distinguish false bouts is possible by their irregular occurrence. If the symptoms become regular, and in addition there are other signs that indicate the onset of labor, it is urgent to seek medical help.

A characteristic feature of this stage of pregnancy is also swelling that disturbs a woman in the area of ​​ankles, feet, hands, face. To reduce puffiness, it is recommended to rest longer and avoid sudden movements. The legs should be kept in a horizontal position longer. Normally, swelling in pregnancy 34 weeks should not last more than a day. If at the end of this time the woman's condition is not normalized, you need to go to the hospital, because long-term symptoms can be a sign of dropsy of pregnant women. It is worth while to watch out if the localization of edema has increased, as a result of which they can appear in the region of the shins and abdominal wall.

Belly at 34 weeks gestation

The abdomen at this stage of fetal bearing has already acquired considerable dimensions, it is placed at a height of 14 cm above the navel. The uterus has increased 500 times compared with its original parameters and the woman faces the need to select special clothes. Features of the growth of the abdomen are reduced to such aspects:

  1. It should be very careful when driving, do not make sharp turns.
  2. Abdominal skin needs special care. To avoid the appearance of stretch marks, the skin should be lubricated with specially designed for this purpose means.
  3. At the first pregnancy in a future mother, as a result of pressure in the abdomen, unpleasant sensations often arise. The reason for this is the lowering of the fetus, which is already trying to take the right position. Discomfort appears at the moment when the baby's head is pressed against the entrance to the birth canal. Similar sensations can be observed during other weeks.


Weight at 34 weeks of gestation

The body weight of a woman at this stage should differ from the baseline by 11-12 kg. The weight of the expectant mother in the last stages of pregnancy needs constant monitoring, since excess of its rate can cause complications. If there is an increase in weight over the permissible values, a woman should follow a diet.

It is recommended to reduce the intake of fats and digestible carbohydrates. However, when choosing a dietary diet, you should always consult with your doctor. Since it is important not only to reduce body weight, but also to ensure that the intake of all necessary vitamins and substances into the body.

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Necessary examinations at 34 weeks of pregnancy

A woman's examination with ultrasound is done at the stage of 32-34 weeks and in the overwhelming majority of cases it has already been passed for 34 weeks. But there are certain indications, in the presence of which ultrasound diagnosis should be done at this stage.

  1. Uzi at 34 weeks of gestation gives a presentation to the doctor about the condition of the amniotic fluid, the placenta, the umbilical cord, the placement of the fetus in the uterus. Ultrasound helps the doctor to understand whether natural delivery is possible. And also make sure that the child does not wrap around the umbilical cord.
  2. In case of doubt about the normal development of the fetus, a biophysical study is conducted. It is based on a special system of assessments. In the course of the study five indicators of the vital activity of the child are studied:
  • motor activity is determined by performing an ultrasound study, during which the doctor calculates the number of movements for a certain period of time. A disappointing result is a complete lack of movement or an insufficient number of shocks;
  • the child's breathing is determined by observing the movement and expansion of the chest. The doctor uses ultrasound to count the baby's breaths during a certain time period and, on the basis of the results obtained, draws a conclusion;
  • the index of a tonus of a fruit is defined or determined on the basis of supervision of movement of arms or handles and legs. The study is also performed by means of an ultrasound device;
  • volume of amniotic fluid. The doctor determines whether the volume of water is sufficient or if there is a lack of it. In some cases, amniotic fluid may be completely absent, this indicates an anomaly of development;
  • fetal heart rate.
  1. Based on the biochemical study, the physician gets an idea of ​​the state of the fetus. Low results are an indication for transient delivery. With satisfactory parameters, the doctor may recommend a second trial after 1-2 weeks. During scheduled hospital visits, the woman is weighed, the doctor measures blood pressure, determines the level of placement of the uterine fundus, and listens to the child's heartbeat.
  2. Also in the list of necessary examinations at this time is a smear and urine analysis. In the presence of characteristic indications, the doctor prescribes cardiotocography. This study allows you to track the intensity of contractions of the uterus and the heart rhythm of the baby. If necessary, the woman undergoes dopplerography - a kind of study that gives an idea of ​​the blood flow in the placenta, mother vessels and vessels of the child.


Allocations at week 34

Normal discharge is mild, light color. In the secretions, mucus may be present in a small amount, this is also a normal symptom and is associated with the opening of the cervix. If a woman watches purulent discharges of green or gray color, having a curdled structure, and sensations of itching or burning, she is an excuse for promptly seeking the help of a doctor. These symptoms can indicate the presence of infection in the mother's body. This condition is dangerous first of all in that a child can become infected. Therefore, in this situation, a woman needs qualified medical care.

Also a disturbing symptom is the discharge in which blood is present. This phenomenon has dangerous causes. Bloody discharge can indicate a placental abruption. As a result, the child lacks oxygen, which triggers the development of hypoxia. Also, blood may appear as a result of placenta previa. But at this stage of pregnancy this can be prevented through regular preliminary studies.

At week 34, there is a possibility of premature water waste. This can be a large flow or the allocation of small portions. The last symptom can signal the exhaustion and defective changes in the membranes. When watery discharge appears, you need to contact the hospital in the shortest possible time.

Birth at 34 weeks gestation

The time for labor at this stage of pregnancy has not yet come. But due to some factors the baby can appear and at 34 week. Such a situation is undesirable for the child, but at the same time is not critical. At this stage, the baby has formed all the organs, his systems are working in full, so that the child is almost ready for life outside the mother's abdomen.

It is possible to state with 100% probability that such a child will later develop on a par with his full-grown peers. Of course, after birth, he will need special care, and he will spend some time in the neonatal center under the supervision of specialists. But then, when all the risks are behind and the kid is at home, he will fully develop, and in time will not differ from the children who appeared in the prescribed time.


Intimate relations at 34 weeks of gestation

At this stage of pregnancy it is recommended to exclude intimate intimacy. This is due to the fact that at this stage the preparation of the birth canal for the birth of a child reaches its greatest activity. And in the course of this process, it is extremely undesirable to penetrate the infection into the woman's body. Also, as a result of an intimate contact at the 34th week of the term, the baby can turn over and take the most disadvantageous position for its appearance.

General recommendations at week 34

To make pregnancy at 34 weeks proceed safely, you should follow some recommendations:

  1. Starting from this period, the doctor should be examined every 10 days. Also, you need to undergo a cardiac monitor, which will help to track the child's heart and get a complete picture of his well-being.
  2. In the diet of the expectant mother should be present a sufficient number of vitamins and trace elements. Since the child needs constant intake of nutrients, the amount of food consumed should be increased 2 times. But it should not be sweets and pastries, but products that will bring maximum benefit to mom and baby. It is fish, meat of dietary species, vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products.
  3. Cooking is better for a couple and temporarily eliminate fried foods, as it provokes heartburn. If a woman can not refuse fried foods, it is absolutely necessary to reduce their consumption to a minimum.
  4. When compiling a diet, you need to consider the calorie content of the products. After 34 weeks the motor activity of a woman decreased significantly, the calorie consumption decreased and as a result of overeating the future mother can gain excessive weight. And this can cause complications. It will also be useful to reduce salt intake to 4 g per day. Replacing the usual products can become sea salt.
  5. A woman should also keep track of the amount of fluid that she consumes, as well as the amount of urine released. It is necessary to avoid fluid retention in the body, becauseThis will lead to the appearance of edema. If the future mother noticed that the fluid is not output in full, you can correct the situation by arranging unloading days.
  6. Mom's diet at this time should be apples, cottage cheese, vegetables or other light foods. In addition, it is recommended to take vitamins E and K. This will prevent bleeding at the time of delivery and avoid premature delivery.
  7. 34 week is the most suitable time to start learning Kegel exercises. This is a special exercise, the implementation of which promotes the training of the muscles of the vagina, which subsequently facilitates the process of childbirth. Exercise is quite simple and consists in the gradual tension and relaxation of the vaginal muscles.
  8. At this time, you can also do swimming and yoga. But the load should be moderate, and the exercises are adapted to the condition of the woman.

At the time of 34 weeks, there is very little time left until the appearance of the baby. This period of pregnancy has its own peculiarities concerning the development of the child and the well-being of the future mother. The fulfillment of all the requirements and recommendations will allow a woman to minimize the unpleasant feelings typical for 34 weeks and properly prepare for the most important event - the birth of a child.

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