Instructions for the pregnancy test

The delay in menstruation is always an exciting moment. It is at these moments that dying doubt or expectation of pregnancy arise. Undoubtedly, the most accurate method to confirm or dispel conjectures will be a visit to a gynecologist, but he is not the only one. The rapid development of technological progress, including in the field of medicine and gynecology, allows modern women to initially independently diagnose the nature of the delay.

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  • Pregnancy test: how to determine?
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For over 15 years, any woman can use the system quik-diagnostic determinationPregnancy at home using elementary tests. A variety of packages and names are dazzling on the shelves of pharmacies and supermarkets, promising a 100% result in 2 minutes

. But no matter how different the price and name, the principle of all preliminary pregnancy tests is the same - the determination of the level of chronic gonadotropin in the morning urine of a woman. The difference, except for the price, only in the type of reagents used, the form and the level of supply.

Pregnancy test: how to determine?


  1. After fertilization of the egg in the body, women immediately begin to experience global hormonal changes. It is on the determination of the level of one of these hormones that all preliminary pregnancy tests are based.
  2. Approximately up to 7 days after the formation of the zygote, the egg ends its wandering through the fallopian tubes and is fixed to the uterine wall. The active phase of growth and development of the future fetus begins, which is accompanied by the release of the chorionic hormone( hCG).
  3. For a more accurate determination of the condition in the instructions for pregnancy tests, urine tests can be performed no earlier than 7 days after the expected conception. In the early term, the level of the gonadotropin hormone is still not high enough, therefore even in the case of pregnancy, in the early days the testimony is rather unreliable and may even be negative. Just a week later, the concentration of the hormone reaches the required minimum in order to do a pregnancy test. And even in this case there is only a certain probability of accuracy.

When to do a pregnancy test to get an accurate result?


  1. Ideally, the recommendations of the pregnancy test instructions indicate the first days of menstrual bleeding for analysis. In fact, most of the quik diagnostic tests offered to women can not accurately determine pregnancy before the delay, and only a small part of the manufacturers provides a small guarantee for its detection at such an early time.
  2. In the majority for the analysis it is necessary to collect morning urine, although some tests do not adhere to this rule. It is believed that in the morning, the concentration of hCG is the highest and most reliable. Knowingly, the determination of the basal temperature of the vagina, as a way to detect pregnancy, must also be measured exclusively in the morning.
  3. Although the technology of all quik tests is fundamentally the same, but depending on the manufacturer and the nature of the reagent on the test strip, the procedure can have minor nuances. Carefully study the instructions before use and strictly adhere to them.
  4. In any case, the final result, no matter how many tests you do, will be able to tell only the doctor. In addition, even with a positive test result, there is a possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, if you saw "two strips" on the results of your analysis, do not postpone the trip to the gynecologist.

Pregnancy test Clearblue


  1. The electronic pregnancy test Clearblue differs from modern inkjet strips with greater reliability and reliable interpretation of the result.
  2. The manufacturer guarantees high accuracy from the first day of menstrual bleeding and even claims a high test efficiency 4 days before the expected date of the month.
  3. Additionally, electronic display clearly shows the result of a "+" symbols or "-", whereas conventional open strip may cause some doubt due to the different species, the degree and intensity of staining results.
  4. Also an additional pleasant feature of Clearblue's electronic tests is the possibility of determining the gestational age, that is, the exact date of conception. Since this pregnancy test is a one-step test, to obtain the result, simply place the reservoir under the urine stream.

Undoubtedly, digital tests are very convenient and simple solution in use. Of course, the price for such innovative achievements is higher than the usual test strips. But Clearblue can offer a wide range of tests of various price categories with the same quality. This is the usual line tests Clearblue compact, no different in properties from tests of other manufacturers, as well as the Clearblue Plus - with the best design and a broader and more accurate litmus strip.

operating principle of the pregnancy test Clearblue

  1. electronic test technology works Clearblue is fundamentally no different from all modern home quik-test to determine pregnancy. Inside the reservoir, the same level of gonadotropin hormone levels occur when the urine sample touches the selected reagent.
  2. After contacting the test strip with the reagent, processing of the result begins, about which the woman is informed by an electronic board with the hourglass designation.
  3. After 3 minutes, in the corresponding window you can see the result in the form of a clear symbol "+" or "-".Feature
  4. obtaining test results Clearblue pregnancy is that the analysis remains in the display for the day, while in the conventional open strips with reagent by evaporation, and the result disappears.

Instructions for the Pregnancy Test Clearblue


  1. Do the test in the morning no more than 4 days before the expected date of menstrual bleeding.
  2. Do not drink a lot of liquids of any kind before conducting the test.
  3. Follow the Clearblue pregnancy test instructions clearly.
  4. C sampler applicator Clearblue remove the protective cap, place under a stream of urine for 3 - 5 seconds, the test piece of litmus paper with the reagent.
  5. Wait until the hourglass icon is turned on in the digital display. The analysis usually lasts for 3 minutes, and the result fixes the scoreboard for a period of up to 24 hours.
  6. After completion of the test, the electronic window will show a distinct result in the form of icons "+" or "-".
  7. If you see a "-" sign in the window, you are not pregnant.
  8. The test will show the pregnancy if you see the "+" icon on the liquid crystal display.
  9. If the result is positive, additional information on the number of weeks of pregnancy is displayed on the electronic display: 1-2, 2-3 and 3+.Notations show the corresponding number of calendar weeks from the moment of conception.

Pregnancy test Evitest


The technology of pregnancy tests Evitest is based on the same principle of determining the level of hCG in a woman's urine as all other manufacturers. A certain reagent is applied to the absorbent test strip, which shows one or another information depending on the reaction with the hormone.

Differences of pregnancy tests of this manufacturer are its individual advantages:

  • thanks to the used reagents, the sensitivity of pregnancy tests Evitest is 20mME / ml;
  • the accuracy of test results declared by brand representatives is defined as more than 99%;
  • the ability to accurately determine a woman's position from the first day of menstrual bleeding;
  • The ease of use of the Evitest strips is the hallmark of their design;
  • get the result within 5 minutes;
  • wide selection of different types of tests for any budget and requirements;
  • guarantee the use of high-quality materials with verification at each stage of production, which guarantees the result.

Types of pregnancy tests Evitest


  1. Evitest One is an elementary open test consisting of a rectangular 4 mm strip. On one side of the rectangle is a litmus reagent with the levels of immersion in the urine sample in the form: "max" and "min".On the opposite side there is a field for the manifestation of results. The reagents used in such test strips are extremely sensitive to humidity, therefore they are sold in sealed packages with special preparations from dampness.
  2. Evitest Plus - sometimes for a more accurate result, one strip is not enough. The manufacturer Evitest provided for this possibility, and to increase the effectiveness began to produce a set of two similar strips. The purpose of the second strip is to clarify the results of the analysis of the first after some time. In any case, even if this time the result is negative, you can use the second strip if necessary in the future. In addition, such a kit is much cheaper than you would buy two similar test strips separately.
  3. Evitest Proof - refers to more complex and therefore accurate pregnancy tests that can be carried out at home. The Evitest Proof bundle includes a cassette for analysis and a special pipette. Such a test simulates the similarity of the actual laboratory analysis and is highly clear, since it is believed that an individual urine sample reacts better with the reagent when applied neatly on the process.
  4. Evitest Perfect - refers to jet pregnancy tests containing a strip of reagent inside a special holder with a tip. This line of tests is expensive, but it is easy to collect analysis, comfortable to use, sterile and accurate. In this case, the result clearly appears on a special scoreboard.

Instructions for the pregnancy test Evitest One

Evitest One

  1. Use the morning urine test.
  2. Prepare a clean, dry container and collect a urine sample.
  3. With dry hands, remove the test strip from the sealed factory bag. Do not carry out the test in a damp room. The bath in which the morning shower has just been taken is not suitable.
  4. Lower the strip to the specified max mark and hold it upright for 5-7 seconds.5. Then put the test on a dry surface in a horizontal position and wait for the test results to be 3 to 5 minutes.
  5. Do not hold the strip for more than 10 minutes.
  6. The result in one clear bright red strip defines the test as negative.
  7. Two distinct strips determine the result as a pregnancy. If on the test you see both strips, but one of them is not pronounced, then the probability of your pregnancy in this case is higher.