Prayer for the Matrona of the Moscow

The Orthodox prayer for the Holy Matron of Moscow about pregnancy has long been considered truly miraculous. In its effectiveness, the doctors themselves believed, and scientists from America proved the benefits of prayer in a scientific way. When a person makes a prayer, all the current processes of life come to normal, the pressure stabilizes, the level of cholesterol decreases, and psychological help is provided. However, whatever the case, all the benefits are bestowed on a person by his faith, and if you really believe in Matrona's help, she will certainly help.

Help Matrona

Maternal instincts sooner or later wake up in every woman. When for some reason, after numerous attempts and campaigns to doctors do not get pregna

nt, a woman turns for help to the saints.
Unfortunately, many do not know who to pray to and what to say in their request to the saint. Not everyone is aware of the fact that before you begin a sincere prayer, you must cleanse the soul of sinful and heavy thoughts. A life of sin and an unwillingness to repent very often lead to discomforts, in particular, to infertility and other problems with childbirth.
In the desire to become pregnant and with the request for safe deliveries, every woman should ask for help from the Great Godfather of Matrona Moskovskaya, for on her deathbed an old woman bequeathed to people to come to her as a living, tell about illnesses, and she will see everyone and help.
Since that time, pilgrims and believers from everywhere come to the miraculous icon and relics of the saint, talk about their problems, and young women are praying to become pregnant.


Brief life of the holy

Matrona Moskovskaya's family lived in the Tula province, the village of Sebino. Lived in poverty and constant need, and after learning that soon they will have a fourth child, no longer young parents, Dimitry and Natalia, with a sorrow in their heart decided to donate it to an orphanage for unsecured children after birth. The ability to feed another child in people simply was not there.
However, before the birth of Natalia had a strange dream, as if her future daughter in the form of a white bird with a human face and closed eyes sat down on her arm. Considering this sign from above, the woman decided to leave the child. In 1885 a blind girl was born, but her parents took her with all her heart and loved her child.
The girl was baptized with the Matrona, and when the priest performed the baptism in the church and lowered the child into the font, a fragrant pillar appeared over her, then Father Vasily told the parents that their daughter would be a saint, adding that she would predict even his death in due time.
As a testament to the election of God, on Matrona's breast was a sign in the form of a cross. At the age of eight, the girl acquired the gift of clairvoyance and healing. From an early age I went to the temple, surrounded myself with icons and prayer. At the age of 17, Matronushka's legs were refused and until the end of her days she practically did not move. Lived righteous in many cities, everywhere they treated her well and anxiously. Blessed helped all needy. All that was asked Matron Moscow, soon come true.
came to her with illnesses, unrequited love, with damage, loss, problems at work or at home. Young girls asked mother to help get pregnant, and Matrona helped them in this prayerful petition to God. The saint predicted and the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, she once said that there will be a lot of people killed, but the Russian people will be the winner.
Much did not like to talk, people answered briefly, each soul of the human was consoled.
In May 1952, Blessed Matrona Moscow was fasting, and before her death she told all people to come to her for help, she would certainly help.


Healing with Prayer

Very often, Matronushka was visited by girls and women who could not give birth. And till now with pure faith they go to the miraculous icon of

saint with bouquets of an odd number, like to live. Ask matron about pregnancy in the Holy Intercession Monastery in Moscow, where the icon and power of the old man is located. They say that you have to come to the relics three times.
Many cases of miraculous healing are known to the servant of the monastery and the monastic order. Prayer Matronushka really heals. At the grave of the saint at the Danilovsky cemetery people leave notes with requests, acquire the actual icons with her image.
To address the mother do not need to go to Moscow, just light a candle in front of her icon, order the service and sincerely ask. The Matron's prayer for conception can be spoken in his own words, or read. In an appeal to give a child, women have faith in accomplishment, inner strength and spirit.

Prayer for Pregnancy

Before you read the prayer of the Matron, in order to become pregnant, you need to mentally ask the old man about forgiveness and pardon. And if you are going to go to the Russian capital to the icon and the relics of Matrona of Moscow and ask for the conception, then the day before you need to endure a 9-day fast.
The text of the prayer for the conception of the child:


In the Holy Intercession Monastery

In the monastery at the relics of Matrona Moskovskaya there are always huge queues, this should be known when going to Moscow.
In imperishable relics you need to cross twice and bow, then apply the forehead to the feet or hands, but not to the face( this is forbidden).After this, it is necessary to step aside and again cover yourself with the sign of the cross.
You can ask about conception and pregnancy in these words: "Mother Matronushka, give me hope. Have mercy and forgive me. Give me the joy of motherhood. Help me. Thank you, Mother. "
And if there are no words, then just say: "Holy righteous old Matrono, pray God for us."

Wonderful Healing

As already mentioned, there are many evidences of healing from infertility of women who asked for help from Matrona Moskovskaya.
As Anna tells, having experienced such grace, she and her husband could not conceive a child for 4 years. With a contrite heart, a woman once came to the image of a saint and told her misfortune. Less than 7 days later, her health changed dramatically, and Anna found out about her pregnancy at the next examination.
This one of the few examples says that you can not give up, you can not give up, you need to visit the temple of God and pray, ask for the gift of a child.
Arrive in Moscow to Matrona from other countries. The history of Daria from Australia is well known. Coming to the Russian capital, the girl always came to the icon of the saint, applied and prayed for pregnancy. A month later her petitions were heard, and Daria found out that she would soon become a mother.
Everyone who knew and saw the Matron in his lifetime speaks of her as a man of extraordinary kindness and mercy. Mother asked people to pray and be baptized, because the cross sign protects a person.
The Tyurin family from Tatarstan lost all hope of becoming parents, as 8 years in a row all attempts to become pregnant were in vain, and doctors put a hopeless diagnosis - infertility. On the advice of her friend, Natalia decided to seek help from Matrona Moskovskaya. As it should, she went to the relics three times, but nothing happened. After the fourth trip to the saint, she sensed unusual sensations in her body. As it turned out later - the woman was pregnant and was waiting for the appearance of the long-awaited child.
Prayer for the blessed about pregnancy really helps, and everyone who prayerfully turned to her felt spiritual support.
During Matron's lifetime, she urged people to sincerely believe in the power of prayer, for the Lord does not leave anyone. This was her only request. She was elected to help people, which she dedicated her whole life to.
In a sign of respect and immense gratitude, pilgrims from everywhere are carrying flowers to the imperishable relics of the Matrona of Moscow. Her name is known to millions of people around the world, and everyone who turns to help the blessed one feels her invisible help.

How to pray for the birth of a baby

Young couples who dream and pray to the Lord about the appearance of a child should often confess and receive communion. Sexual life should not be erratic, and spouses should regularly attend church services. During long fasting and fasting days, the Church does not recommend making love. To conceive a child is not necessary on Sundays and, directly on the day of the wedding, since this sacred mystery can not be defiled with carnal pleasures.
Do not be skeptical about this, the faith of the Orthodox faith is truly the strongest, and if the prayer for the gift of the heir is from a pure heart, then it will always be heard.

Prayer for Matrona of Moscow