Methods of stimulation of ovulation

Nothing pleases a woman if she wants to become pregnant, but nothing comes out. Such a problem becomes a family tragedy. The woman becomes irritated, constantly thinks about what she wants to give birth to a baby, dreams about how to take care of him and what wheelchair is better to buy. But these dreams can not bring pleasure, while a woman gnaws herself with only one thought - how to become pregnant. Physical inferiority often becomes the cause of scandals in the family, and sometimes leads to divorce. Currently, the topic of infertility has become very relevant and leading, among the problems of the spouses. Stimulation of ovulation every year helps hundreds, and even thousands of women become mothers and give birth to a child. Today we will talk in more detail about who needs stimulation, how it is done, which drugs will help stimulate the maturation of the egg and in which cases the procedure is contraindicated.


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Stimulation of ovulation. What is the need for

Often among the conversations of gynecologists you can hear a term such as "activation", this is the stimulation of ovulation. This technique has long been practiced in medicine and is considered one of the successful methods of combating female infertility. After treatment or "activation" of the work of the organs of the female reproductive system in 70 cases out of 100, a long-awaited pregnancy begins. This method of treating infertility is not suitable for every patient. Ideal this method will be for those women who have healthy eggs in the ovaries, but there is no stage of ripening. Besides this, in addition to the treatment of infertility, the activation of ovulation is a good way to treat polycystosis.

It turns out that most often resort to this procedure only those women who can not conceive a child within 12 months naturally without using contraception, which goes without saying. Also, the stimulation of the maturation of eggs is carried out also in couples aged 35 years and over. In this case, it takes only 6 months to expect acceptable time limits for the indication of the procedure.


The exception is a small percentage of women with a complete lack of ovulation, then stimulation is prohibited. Women are at risk of complete obstruction of the fallopian tubes, because as a result of the stimulation, pregnancy may occur, but the fetal egg will not attach to the uterine wall, but to the tube - that is, an ectopic pregnancy will occur.

The reasons for the lack of ovulation

Due to different circumstances in the female body, ovules do not ripen.

The absence of ovulation can be caused by such factors:

  • hormonal disruption( eg, long-term use of birth control medications).It takes time for the body to regain its functions. Sometimes it takes months;
  • physically load, sport enthusiasm;
  • disease;
  • light weight( less than 50 kg);
  • gynecological diseases.

Who needs stimulation

As already mentioned earlier, if a woman does not have ovulation or she is very rare, then after the examination and permission of the doctor, you can "activate".The scheme of stimulation of ovulation is developed by the attending physician, taking into account the state of the patient's health and age.

For medical reasons, it is allowed to stimulate if a married couple with unprotected sex( regular 2-3 times a week) during the year can not conceive a child. For couples who have reached the age of 35, they allow stimulation after a 6-month "check", that is, unprotected sex regular life for six months.

In case of male infertility, stimulation is not performed, therefore, at the time of the woman's request to the gynecologist, it is necessary to conduct a full examination of both spouses.

It is important that if the tubal obstruction is obstructed, the situation can be solved in a positive way if the woman has undergone laparoscopy.

Due to a number of definite indications, stimulation of egg maturation is not carried out:

  • in case of ovarian inflammation;
  • inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs( problems with kidney function, intestines, gynecological diseases);
  • hormonal disorder;
  • the onset of menopause.

In any case, the stimulation of ovulation should be allowed only by the attending physician and only after a thorough examination, starting with the blood test and ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs and mammary glands. In addition, it is necessary to identify the patency of the fallopian tubes, to determine the level of hormones in the blood. It is also important to take into account the patient's age and the presence of "women's history" - the number of abortions, miscarriages, scraping, bleeding, inflammation and wearing an intrauterine device. Immediately prior to stimulation, it is important to pass tests to prescribe appropriate pills for stimulation of ovulation during treatment.

Female doctor discussing with a patient

Stimulation of ovulation by folk remedies

There are 2 options for "activating" the launch of eggs:

  1. Folk methods.
  2. Taking medication.

Consider both options. So, let's start with the fact that many couples take a mutual decision to start stimulation in a mild or natural way, that is, to be treated with folk remedies and do not resort to taking medications. On the one hand it's good. No matter what the age of a woman, only one thing is important - the burden on the body will not be so significant.

Herbs for ovulation

Stimulation of egg maturation is performed with natural medicinal tinctures and herbal decoctions. The list of medicinal plants is as follows: sage, red brush and boric uterus. Phytopreparations are sold in any pharmacy, the cost is low, so treatment will be available to everyone.


How to speed up ovulation:

  1. Sage. It contains many estrogens. Take sage is necessary by all rules, so as not to harm the body. We make a decoction like this: take 1 tbsp. Dry chemical herbs, pour 250 ml of boiling water, close the lid and leave for half an hour. Then strain the medicinal tincture and take according to this pattern: 10 days for ¼ cup 1 time per day, start from the 1st phase of the cycle on the 5th, maximum 7th day, drink 3 months in a row. You can strengthen the effect and add to the sage dry linden. Raw materials are taken in equal proportions. The broth helps to accelerate the maturation of the egg and the growth of the endometrium( favorable conditions for conception).Attention! It is forbidden to take sage with polycysticosis.
  2. From the second half of the cycle, you can proceed to receive the hog uterus. The herb contains the main hormone progesterone, which is necessary at an early pregnancy. When fertilized, the egg can die if the body lacks this hormone. The broth is prepared in the same way, 1 tablespoon is a day.
  3. Combines the grass of the hog queen with a red brush, it successfully treats female diseases.

There are other folk methods of stimulating ovulation. For example, a romantic method of treatment - you must drink tea from the petals of roses. The petals contain a large amount of vitamin E, which positively affects the female body.

You can also combine the reception of medicinal herbs with aloe juice, a popular drug from thousands of diseases "Mumiye" and even eating ordinary quince. The list will continue the decoction of plantain, rosemary, elderberry flowers. When ovulation has taken place, the medication continues.

Mud to stimulate

Along with the reception of herbal decoctions, you can try and this method of treatment, as the use of therapeutic mud. Doctors recommend a woman to go to the popular resort of Saki, in which there are many sanatoriums that specialize specifically in the treatment of female diseases.


Treatment scheme: warm mud, as an independent component or in combination with laminaria, is spread on the abdomen for 20 minutes, then washed off with water. This treatment is used one day before the ovulation does not come. To improve the effect, tampons with mud are inserted for 20 minutes into the vagina.

To stimulate ovulation in case of polycystic disease, neoplasms of any nature and endometriosis is prohibited.

Acupuncture for stimulation

Did you find a professional? Fine, then, go through the acupuncture course. Only before lying on the couch and trusting the specialist, it is necessary to clearly explain the purpose of treatment. With the help of acupuncture, you can act on the slumbering parts of the body and thus "reach out" and start the work of the organs, achieving stabilization of the cycle.

Treatment with folk methods gives a definite result, but it is also necessary to take into account contraindications. If the side effect of taking medicines to doctors is known, then no one has studied cardiovascular drugs.

Acupuncture therapy of a young woman

Taking vitamins for ovulation

If you are preparing to become a mother, you need to think about the woman getting all the necessary nutrients, especially at the preparation stage. Help to cope with the lack of vitamins and minerals will help the use of vitamin and mineral complexes.


What to pay attention to and take into account that there was an incentive for ovulation and come closer to the cherished goal:

  1. First, it is not to forget about the most important vitamin for a woman - folic acid. Its deficiency can be dangerous for the normal development of pregnancy in the early stages.
  2. The second is potassium iodide. All that a woman needs to do is eat iodized salt. That is, it is desirable to replace the usual salt with iodized salt.

On the advice of a gynecologist, the spouses can also hear such information that it is impossible to effectively stimulate ovulation without taking vitamins. These include vitamins C, E, A and B. Do not forget that simply taking vitamins will not be enough, an integrated approach to solving the problem is needed.

Stimulation of ovulation with IVF

When it is impossible to conceive a child naturally, the modern and effective method of artificial insemination - IVF - comes to the rescue. It is permissible to resort to such a method if the woman has no mother tubes or if the man does not have spermatozoa in the seminal fluid, or there are very few of them and their mobility is reduced.


On the 19th-23rd day of the cycle, a woman is given a special preparation that will prepare the body for the maturation of the eggs. Then, under constant monitoring of ultrasound, a change in the follicles is tracked, then at a convenient moment the doctors take a puncture and "take" the egg for fertilization in vitro. If everything went well, then the embryo "moves" back to the female body. After 2 weeks, a woman can make the first pregnancy test.

What are the risks of stimulating the operation of the ovaries in IVF:

  • the emergence of allergies;
  • Ovarian Re-stimulation;
  • attachment of the fetal egg outside the uterus.

Ovulation stimulation products

Your doctor may recommend 2 options for infertility medication:

  1. Taking an oral medication.
  2. Introduction of injections.

Ovulation Stimulation Klostilbegitom

Klostilbegit is an effective drug that quickly helps to get pregnant. According to couples who chose this option of stimulating ovulation, it can be concluded that the pills really help to get pregnant. The drug is characterized by a simple scheme of application and inexpensive cost.

Currently, Klostilbegit is used to stimulate ovulation, but its mechanism of action has not been studied to the end. It is interesting, but initially these pills were intended for obtaining another effect - the contraceptive, but the result after use turned out to be the opposite. As a result of taking this drug, several follicles can simultaneously mature, which leads to a multiple pregnancy.

After a series of mandatory examinations( ultrasound, tests, smears), the doctor makes an individual scheme of taking the drug taking into account the age of the woman and other factors. The classic reception of the stimulant is as follows: taking clostibegite should start from the 5th day of the cycle on the 9th tablet for 1 tablet a day. In addition to this, the doctor can prescribe a Pureghon. Then the scheme is slightly different: the first drug is appointed from 3 to 7 days of the cycle, and then the 2nd drug. When taking stimulant medicines, several times ultrasound should be done to track the maturation of the follicle. Having reached the size of 18 mm, the previous preparations are canceled and they are prescribed to take Pregnil, which helps to mature the oocytes. Already on the 24-36th hour after taking the drug, ovulation occurs. Through continuous monitoring with ultrasound, the doctor will prescribe a favorable time for conception.

Important. According to the instructions, stimulating ovulation drugs can not be taken more than 5, a maximum of 6 times in a lifetime. Otherwise, ovarian exhaustion may develop, as a result, pregnancy may never occur, as all eggs will be consumed.

Women are often interested in when to expect pregnancy. According to statistical data, only in 10% of couples pregnancy occurs from the first time.

By the way, if a man has insufficient number of active spermatozoa in the seminal fluid, then Klostilbegit will help to solve this problem.

Ovulation stimulation Gonalom

The official name of a powerful stimulant of ovulation is Gonal-F.In the pharmacy, he is released only on prescription.

When a strong hormone is prescribed:

  1. No ovulation.
  2. Small cysts on the ovaries.
  3. Anovulatory infertility.
  4. When there is no effect of using other ovulation stimulating drugs.
  5. Hormonal failure.
  6. Planning pregnancy using the IVF method.

Gonal is available in ampoules with powder. It is diluted with water for injection right before the introduction. You can use ready-made special handles with diluted solution. Concentration of Gonal can be different.

What are the advantages of the syringe handle:

  • 3 doses - 22, 33 and 66 mcg;
  • solution does not need to be prepared before each injection;
  • does not need to regulate a single amount of administration of the active component;
  • versatility and painlessness. The patient herself can inject herself.

The lack of Gonal is the only one - high cost.

On the handle with the medicine is a dispenser with a scale. A woman should strictly adhere to the doctor's recommendations and introduce a single dose of the drug. This is easily done by adjusting the position of the syringe.

Flasks with powder are available in 2 doses together with syringes( 5.5 and 11 μg).Dilute the powder with saline immediately before the administration of the drug. The doctor must clearly calculate the amount of powder and water.


How to administer Gonal:

  1. Subcutaneous injections involve thorough preparation, that is, you need to wash your hands with soap, treat them with an antiseptic or alcohol.
  2. Remove the protective caps from the syringe pen, set the dose and connect the needle. Flask with powder diluted with water and dial into the syringe the right amount.
  3. The injection site is treated with Sterilium, iodine or alcohol, pierced with a needle( perpendicularly) and inserted under the skin. The needle is very thin, so the puncture is almost painless.
  4. After inserting the correct amount of medicine, the needle is removed and a dry wadded disc is applied to the puncture site.

Because this drug is classified as "heavy artillery", the woman should be prepared for the appearance of side effects:

  • headaches;
  • weakness;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • elevated body temperature;
  • allergic rashes;
  • ovarian enlargement;
  • pain and lower abdomen;
  • cyst rupture;
  • formation of thrombi;
  • is a multiple pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy.

As we see a strong negative effect on the female body of a powerful drug, the doctor should prescribe the correct dose and, at the time of taking the drug, monitor the patient's condition. The correct decision, if a woman for the period of stimulation will be under the constant supervision of specialists, it is easier to analyze the condition of the ovaries and carry out ultrasound on time.

During the "activation" you need to be ready and to the fact that pregnancy after stimulation of ovulation may not occur from the first time. A negative result is an occasion to conduct an additional examination and to find the cause that prevents conception. Very often, according to many women, after unsuccessful stimulation, they often become pregnant without intervention after 2-3 months. So it's better not to rush things and wait, maybe the body will "wake up" and start to work properly.