Can I Get Pregnant With Lubricant?

Modern corporations working in the healthcare sector offer the widest choice of all kinds of contraceptives. However, despite this, many couples are slow to take advantage of them and prefer to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies by the traditional method of interrupted sexual intercourse. Undoubtedly, this method has its own advantages and risks. The latter are often misleading and the girls have doubts whether it is possible to get pregnant from the lubrication given out by the male sexual organs. We will discuss all the features of this issue in this article.

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Features male secretions

Men's highlight - not that other, as predeyakulyatsionnaya grease, also called Cowper's fluid. It has no odor or color and is secreted by the sexual organ when sexual arousal occurs. From the physiological point of view, this substance i

s necessary for softening the walls of the vagina and easier penetration during the intimate communication of partners. For this reason, it is worth noting that the releasing pre-fluidization fluid is quite normal, not indicative of any deviations.

For each individual male body, the volume of Cooper lubricant is different. Some of the stronger sex like mucus is not released at all, while in others it may be equal to the amount of semen volume during intercourse - up to 5 ml.

Male secretions play a special role in physiological development. In addition to the pre-ejaculate lubricant it is used to neutralize the acidic environment of the vagina partner, which is a harmful environment for the life of sperm. The residual level of acidity in the urethra of the man and the woman's vagina guarantees a better chance of conception. Once in the partner's womb predeyakulyatsionny secret alter his environment more favorable to allow normal sperm penetration inside.

A viscous lubricant is also needed to clean the remaining uric acid from the urethra. Thanks to this, favorable conditions are created for the unhindered exit of the seed. This is the most likely moment when deciding whether a partner can become pregnant from lubrication. The fact is that the male secret, passing through the channel, can take with it the remains of seminal fluid from past ejaculation. Ejaculate, accumulating in the bulb of the urethra, can be in the active state for 1-4 days. This is fraught with an unplanned pregnancy.


structure of male secretions

In considering whether it is possible to conceive of grease, excretions, mucous worth more to study the composition predeyakulyata. According to medical research, the structure of the male secret does not include spermatozoa. The reason lies in the fact that the seminal fluid and lubricant are produced by completely different glands of the body. However, as described above, sperm can get into Cooper's lubricant, which remained from the past ejaculation of the partner. Despite many fears and some opinions of doctors, the volume of sperm is usually insignificant and this factor can not lead to conception.

If you look at the process of getting sperm to the egg in more detail, the answer will also become obvious. As mentioned above, the inner environment of the woman's vagina due to high acidity is detrimental to the seed. A few hours after the ejaculation of sperm volume a considerable part dies and only a certain number of the most mobile enters hereinafter - penetrate in the cervix, and then in the uterus itself. The neck of the organ is also filled with a special mucus, which creates a kind of barrier for the penetration of all microorganisms inside. Together with protective functions, it becomes another obstacle in the path of seminal fluid.

From the uterus the most active spermatozoa enter the fallopian tubes, while during movement their direction is the reverse of the fluid flow. Fertilization of the egg is carried out directly in the ampullar section of the fallopian tube, where the mature egg is. Achieves its goal, only 1 sperm, the rest are necessary to prepare for unhindered entry of ejaculatory fluid and die inside the female body. By the way, scientific research claims that one drop of male ejaculate contains more than 1 million spermatozoa.

In male physiology, all the discharge that appears during sexual intercourse or the moment of high excitement, are divided into two groups:

  • oil;
  • smegmu.

Smegma is a mixture of the secretion of the sebaceous glands, as well as dead epithelial cells and moisture, which can remain on the penis with poor hygiene. Such discharges have a white tint and an unpleasant odor, but the seed content in it is zero.

Oil is produced when the penis is in an excited state. This liquid is odorless, completely transparent and can contain a microdose of spermatozoa.

Probability of fertilization from lubricant

In its pure form, the pre-ejaculatory fluid does not contain spermatozoa in the structure. Therefore, the probability of getting pregnant from lubrication is reduced to zero. However, about 30% of women claim that conception occurred precisely from contact with lubricant. This can occur due to ingestion of vaginal secretions of secretions that were in the urethra. Their volume may be insignificant - only a few thousand spermatozoa, but this may be enough for fertilization.

The probability of conception of a child largely depends on the physiology of the female body. The most "risky" period is ovulation, which occurs once in the menstrual cycle. The most favorable for the onset of conception is the first day of ovulation or a six-day period before its onset. This factor significantly increases the probability of conception with unprotected intercourse. Many are also interested in the question of whether it is possible to get pregnant from lubrication after ovulation. Such a phenomenon is not ruled out, but everything depends on the activity of the male body's seed and the viability of the female's ovum.

The possibility of getting pregnant from man's lubrication is affected not only by the structure, but also by the condition of the partner's semen. In addition to genetic factors, its quality is influenced by the presence or absence of infectious diseases. So, at the time of infection, the number of active and "qualitative" spermatozoa is significantly reduced. Getting into the acidic environment of the vagina, they quickly die and the probability of an unplanned pregnancy will be negligible.

It is also worth noting such a nuance. The possibility of conception from getting a male secret with the content of ejaculate exists not only with repeated sexual intercourse. At some representatives of a male of a spermatozoon are so active, that can "live" in the channel till five days. Such "pioneers" are the most viable. For this reason, unprotected sexual intercourse can be risky, even if it happens the first time in a day. In any case, in order to avoid the question of whether you can get pregnant from male lubricants, you should use more reliable methods of contraception.


Risks of interrupted sexual intercourse

Partners who prefer this method of contraception, like the interruption of sexual intercourse, should understand that such a decision entails its consequences. For a man, the main ones are as follows:

  • high probability of premature ejaculation;
  • dysfunction of internal organs;
  • the possibility of neurotic disorders on the background of a constant voltage;
  • decreased potency level.

The main problem is that interrupting an intimate act a few moments before the highest pleasure is a rather difficult task that requires practice and iron self-control. Forced continuous control sharply inhibits the natural process of ejaculation, and besides it leads to a strong psychological discomfort.

For a woman, the method of interrupting sexual intercourse is fraught with consequences such as:

  • nervous tension and inability to relax due to fear of ejaculation inside the vagina;
  • risk of unplanned pregnancy.

In addition, do not forget that unprotected intimate communication leads to unpleasant, and sometimes sad consequences due to infection with various sexually transmitted diseases. In any case, doctors recommend to be protected by condom. This is the most safe and affordable method of contraception for today.

Safe-sexual communication


Thus, we examined the characteristics of male physiology regarding ejaculatory functions and disassembled the question of whether it is possible to become pregnant from lubrication of excreta. The conclusion is unambiguous - the risk of unplanned conception is still there, but it is not large. This phenomenon can be observed due to the penetration of spermatozoa in the pre-ejaculate, which remained in the canal. It is also necessary to clearly understand that the interruption of sexual intercourse is a risky method of contraception. Gynecologists refer him to the most unreliable of all existing.

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