Can I get pregnant with a condom?

A popular and inexpensive means for contraception is a condom. If you believe what is written on the packaging, then it protects the woman from probable conception by 99%.But according to statistics, there is a certain percentage of women who manage to get pregnant even with a condom. Why this happens and whether it is possible to get pregnant through a condom - let's try to figure it out.

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  • What is a condom and how to use it correctly
  • What do we know from the history of
  • How to use
  • What are the benefits of the contraceptive
  • What is the probability of getting pregnant with a condom?
  • What should I do not to get pregnant?
  • And what else to consider

What is a condom and how to use it correctly

A condom is a latex product made of very fine rubber that prevents sperm from entering the vagina. The product is disposable and is applied as needed. You can buy a condom in every pharmacy, as well as in any grocery store and supermarket.

Looks like a thin transparent elastic cap that is worn on the erect penis. There are several dozens of variants of this contraceptive: with double lubrication, with bulges, with additional tendrils. You can also choose the product to your taste in the literal sense of the word - with a strawberry flavor, with the aroma of vanilla, chocolate, banana, rose and even tobacco. In addition, you can purchase exclusive and expensive models of condoms, with patterns and gold plating or products that are cheaper, featuring a bright color scheme.


What we know from the history of

Interestingly, but mankind has long worried about the problem of sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms were first discovered in the 3000 millennium BC.An incredibly interesting legend of the invention of a protective article reads as follows. The Greek king Minos had a very jealous wife. The spouse differed in love and could not resist the charms of young beauties. His wife did not tolerate such behavior of her husband and cursed him. Every time, as soon as he went to bed with a new girl, poisonous scorpions and snakes came out of him, who bit his partner to death. About the features of the king quickly learned everything in the neighborhood and the ladies began to avoid meeting him. But the king himself did not reconcile with such an unknown originality and came up with the following: he would insert a bladder of a mountain goat into the vagina of another girl. Surprisingly, she survived, and her wife did not recognize anything. So the first condom appeared. But this is just a legend.

Subsequently, from century to century, scientists have found different information about the evolution of the condom. For example, in Egypt, the first item was made of leather for the pharaoh Tutankhamun. In ancient Rome, a condom was made from resin, and that it did not stick to the genitals, applied a special composition. A little later, the Romans began to take with them on a long journey the dried guts of sheep.

From the history of the Middle Ages, we can learn that the Columbus team that returned from the expedition brought with it not only rubber, but also syphilis. It was from this moment that a new era of development and improvement of the condom began, which was originally used as a protection against venereal diseases.


How to use

How to use a condom correctly:

  1. So, you have a package of condoms in your hands. Take one article in hand and feel the contents. On sensations - inside there is a soft round object. If the package is broken or you are not sure what is in the middle, it is better to take another pack.
  2. To remove a rubber product from the packaging, do not use sharp objects. So it's better to put the scissors or knife aside. By the way, teeth are also not desirable to open a condom, it can be damaged. Do not rush, no matter how much you want to use it faster, find the notch on one side of the package and open it neatly.
  3. Take the product with two fingers. Remember that they only wear a condom before a sexual intercourse on the erect penis.
  4. It is important to wear it correctly so that there is little free space between the head and the product for the seminal fluid. Caution: the so-called formed pocket should not contain air, as this can lead to deformation of the condom during the act.
  5. Gently unfold the product. If you can not do it, then you turned the wrong condom. Change position, pinch it from above with your fingers behind the tip and unfold for the entire length of the penis.
  6. After sexual intercourse, when the ejaculation occurred, the condom can be removed from a still dense penis. Gently hold it with one hand so that it does not slip and does not remain in the woman's vagina. Discard the used condom only in the trash can, it is forbidden to throw the rubber product into the toilet.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in using a condom, it reliably protects not only from venereal diseases, but also from unwanted pregnancy. Exceptions can be if the couple uses products with nozzles or glow in the dark. The packaging of such condoms will indicate that they are not a protection against pregnancy and infections. So before using a rubber product "with additions" in practice, it is better to carefully read the information on the packaging, or even better - read the instructions at the same time.


What are the advantages of the

contraceptive? First of all, the condom protects partners from infection with sexual infections, naturally, with proper use. Therefore, if one partner has an infection or a suspicion of it, then it is just necessary to use condoms.

It is not superfluous to mention such a serious disease as AIDS.Everyone knows that the correct use of a condom is the only way to avoid infection.

The second advantage - the use of this contraceptive is allowed to everyone without exception, and age is not an obstacle. You can use condoms for young couples and people of middle and older age. Contraindications to use, too, no, except that some people are intolerant latex( an extremely rare phenomenon), as well as an allergic reaction to certain types of lubricant, which is applied to the latex surface of the product.


If you use the condom correctly, you can count on 100% protection from infection and conception. If you compare condoms with contraceptives and an intrauterine device, condoms do not have such contraindications and side effects as from other contraceptives.

And most importantly, it's easy to use. A condom can either be used or not, no interference in the body, compliance with the scheme( with oral contraceptives) is not necessary.

As everyone knows about the merits of "rubber product number 2", it is not superfluous to mention the shortcomings. This is more about men, but women are no exception. According to many couples, during sexual intercourse, partners note a decrease in sensitivity. In addition, you have to interrupt in the middle of a love act to put on rubber protection.

What is the probability of becoming pregnant with a condom?

If everything is so simple and you can almost 100% be sure that conception will not happen, so why do some women manage to get pregnant even through a condom? According to gynecologists, to expect that pregnancy will not come with 100% certainty can only be if you completely refrain from having sexual intercourse. There is no sex life - there is no pregnancy. After all, no method of contraception can guarantee that pregnancy will not occur or the infection does not join.

This type of abstinence tactics does not suit many, so most women prefer a simple method of contraception - the use of a condom. So, can you get pregnant if you use a condom? It turns out - it's possible.

Why a woman becomes pregnant using a condom:

  1. A condom can fail if it is misused. Not everyone knows that the product is worn only on the erect penis. If the erection is weak, then it is possible that the product will slide and will end up in the vagina.
  2. The probability that the condom will roll down and remain in the vagina increases after the discharge of the semen. Then the sperm and gets into the vagina.
  3. To increase the reliability of many couples come up with their own methods of contraception. For example, put on two condoms at once. The result is deplorable - double "protection" easily slips and a woman can become pregnant even with several condoms, since sperm enter the vagina.
  4. The woman became pregnant because the condom had torn. This happens often. There may be several reasons. The first - if as a lubricant( additional lubricant) are used not special means purchased at the pharmacy, but what is at hand at the time of sexual intercourse: Vaseline, baby cream or, in general, face cream and even vegetable oil. Since latex often does not withstand such a "fat" load, the condom can tear at the most inopportune moment. The second reason is the insufficient amount of self-lubrication due to the fact that the sexual intercourse began earlier, and the prelude time was shortened. In addition, if a man has a hot temper, the condom can easily tear, and the movements during the act can be so vigorous that the couple will not even notice it. As a result - with such sex you can get pregnant even in a condom.
  5. Tearing "product number 2" can also be due to the fact that the size of the penis is greater than the product itself. In this case, you need to consider this individual feature when buying condoms.


During sexual intercourse, a condom may not break, but pregnancy will come. The woman spreads her hands, the man is perplexed - how can one get pregnant through a condom? It turns out - it is possible and very easy. The fact is that with energetic movements during intercourse in some places latex stretches and forms microcracks. In general, everything looks decent, the condom is whole - there is nothing to worry about, and conception is happening. Just mysticism. With the naked eye, it is impossible to see microcracks, and in fact through them the most active spermatozoa penetrate. And, according to scientific research, the thickness of the standard condom is 50 microns, and the "size" of one sperm is 1.5 microns. So it turns out that if nature is so ordered, then pregnancy can even come with a condom, because agile spermatozoa easily "open" the doors and overcome the barrier of fine latex.

What can I recommend in such cases? Buy latex products with high strength( wall thickness up to 0.06 mm, you can buy tight condoms for anal sex, thickness up to 0.09 mm, but you will hardly like it, because the sensations will not be so bright) or special lubrication.

What should I do not to get pregnant?

Most often, pregnancy with a condom comes because the couple do not know how to use the product and how to store it.

What you need to know each girl:

  • do not wear rubber products in your pocket or purse. In a confined space, condoms often overheat and quickly deteriorate;
  • do not open the product with teeth, nail files and manicure scissors - it is easy to damage the thin coating;
  • if the package is deformed - safely discard the product;
  • expired shelf life - these condoms are also subject to disposal, because they lose their properties;
  • do not allow a partner to put on a condom in the middle of the act or at the end, when the lubricant( the presumed liquid has already started to separate, because it also contains a certain percentage of active sperm);
  • use two products at once, contraception does not increase from this, as many believe, but on the contrary - it decreases;Use
  • repeatedly. Do not skimp on it, it's ridiculous and unacceptable. It is impossible with the used condom to hope that pregnancy will not come, but there can be no talk about protection from sexually transmitted diseases;
  • after the end of intercourse, one can not leave a limp cock in the vagina, as the fluid can leak out of the condom and get into the vagina;
  • do not use fat-containing and oil-containing products to mitigate the act. For this purpose, there are specially designed products( water-based lubricants);
  • if you feel that the product has been torn, remove the condom from the vagina and take a new one. After lovemaking, urgent measures must be taken to avoid becoming pregnant( douching, taking contraceptives, etc.).

And what else should I take into account

If you have chosen a condom as a contraceptive method, then it is advisable to familiarize yourself with its types. It's not about the color, smell and the presence of additional details to enhance the sensations. You should know that most affordable rubber products are made of latex. If for some reason they do not suit you, dryness in the vagina occurs, which can lead to its rupture, it is better to try polyurethane products. They are more reliable, but also slightly more expensive than latex ones.

Buy condoms only in pharmacies, as they are stored by all the rules. And let the pharmacy cost of the condom is different from those that can be found on the shelves of the markets, do not think about saving. The reason for pregnancy with a condom can be just in the wrong storage of products.


If you have stocked condoms for future use, it is better to store them in a cool dark place, in the medicine cabinet or bedside table. And do not forget about the timing. Expired products can not be used. And yet, you can not use the products if the package does not have a batch number, expiration date and manufacturer.

If you do everything right, and pregnancy has come, act as your heart tells, but remember that becoming a mother is a huge happiness!