The child is very afraid of poking into the pot: what should parents do in a situation of psychological constipation?

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  • 1. Reasons for constipation
  • 2. Methods for controlling constipation in toddlers
  • 3. Complementary to constipation against
  • 4. How to help a child overcome fear of pot
  • 5. Ways to overcome the pot's fear of a child
  • 6. Prevention of constipation in children

Constipation in children - a phenomenon that can occur at any age. There is a definite dependence: the younger the child, the more often he croaks. Norm for children under 1 year is considered to go to the toilet to a large 5 times a day and even more, and during the newborn period they defecate almost after each feeding. Older children steadily cough twice a day. The absence of feces within a day and a half or two days is already considered constipation.

Causes of constipation

The main cause of poor bowel function and related consequences is most often physiology, but psychological reasons are also common:

  1. The child is afraid of croaking. There is a high probabi
    lity that one day the defecation process was accompanied by painful sensations and now the child is afraid of experiencing pain during feces. Already in a year and a half, the carapace is able to control the body, restraining the urge to go to the toilet - the feces that have not been cleared on time harden, and it becomes even more difficult and painful to descend to the pot. Emotional shock also sometimes causes psychological constipation in crumbs.
  2. Babe protests against accustoming to the pot , defending its independence.
  3. The child is afraid of the pot. A strong desire of moms and loved ones to teach their child as much as possible to walk a lot on the pot is often accompanied by their annoyance and discontent over the soiled panties. Subsequently, the child simply begins to be afraid of the pot, because it is associated with screaming and reproaching him, that is, causing negative feelings.
Psychological constipation The fear of going to the pot may be due to the fact that one day during defecation, the child experienced pain and is afraid of repeating it.

Methods of controlling constipation in

babies Regardless of the physiological or psychological nature of the disease, a similar state of the baby requires intervention. To help in a situation where a child is afraid of croaking, you can use the known methods:

  1. enema or purgative candles. To put an enema or to apply laxative candles it is worth, if the child is not able to poke for more than two days. In any pharmacy now you can buy disposable enemas Mikrolaks or in the old fashion to use a rubber pear. It must be remembered that the injection of candles or the incorrect setting of an enema can cause irritation and the appearance of cracks in the area of ​​the anus, and this can cause painful sensations. With constipation in the house should also have on hand sea buckthorn candles - they quickly and effectively help the healing of the mucous anus.
  2. Balanced power. An integral part of the baby's diet should be vegetables and fruits - the main sources of fiber needed by his body. Of course, you should not force a child to eat vegetables, especially if he does not like vegetables. Just prepare familiar dishes with vegetables - cutlets, casseroles or cereals. It is not necessary to exclude sweets, biscuits, sweets or cakes from the menu altogether, but to try to significantly reduce their use is extremely important. Also start to sow crumbs with carrot, pumpkin juices or a decoction of prunes an hour before or after eating.
  3. Compliance with the drinking regime. One of the causes of constipation is the lack of water in the body. The kid should receive during the day a sufficient amount of liquid: compotes, juices or plain water, but not sweet soda, which is also capable of provoking constipation.
Prunes Prunes are not just a useful dried fruit, but one of the best folk remedies for combating constipation. It can be used not only for children, but also for adults

Additional means against constipation

Prebiotics and probiotics. These agents perfectly stimulate the growth of useful microorganisms and colonize them with the intestinal microflora. Find a suitable drug for a crumb should help a doctor.
  • Cocktail before bedtime. Another effective means for constipation is curdled milk, fermented baked milk or one-day kefir. A glass of one of these drinks at night brings the digestion of a child back to normal.
  • Hot shower. It happens that for some reason some children find it more comfortable and easier to go to great lengths while they are in the shower.
  • How to help a child overcome fear of a pot

    The very first thing to start with if a child is afraid of a pot is to create a psychologically comfortable environment around him. The kid needs to grow and develop in a calm environment, so there should be no quarrels, screams, clarification of relations with him in the house.

    Do not rush your child to go to the potty, and do not scold him if he once again got his clothes dirty or otherwise could not go to the toilet. Such attacks only aggravate the situation, increasing his fear and adding new unpleasant associations with the pot.

    DETAILS: how to teach a child to walk on a pot?
    If the child refuses to sit down on the pot just because he is afraid of it, do not insist on it - it is better to postpone for a while all attempts to get the crumb to poke on the pot. The desire to use the pot for the intended purpose should appear in the child itself, and parents can fully contribute to this. Sometimes the course of psychotherapy will be superfluous and useful.

    Ways to overcome the fear of the pot in a child

    • Do not forget to praise your baby every time he goes to the pot - you can even resort to encouraging sweets or toys. Thus, you will adjust the crumbs to the positive thoughts associated with going to the toilet.
    • Do not close when you yourself are in need - let the child see how you do it and try it with you. So he will understand that this is the most ordinary procedure, in which there is nothing terrible, especially since a personal example is the most effective with children.
    • You can always replace the frightening baby pot. Buy a new pot, allowing the crumb to make a choice on its own.
    • Leave the pot among the toys, not forcing to walk on it. Constantly seeing him among friends and loved ones, the child will gradually get used to it and will cease to treat with fear.
    • Turn on the fantasy and come up with a story about a magic pot or tell a fairy tale about a prince / princess who was also afraid of a pot, but they conquered fear and now go to the toilet in time. You can beat the situation with a doll, a soft toy or any other thing. If you can not think of anything, you can just read your favorite book.
    • Sometimes a baby sitting on a pot just needs to relax and distract. For this purpose, plasticine is ideal - let the child stretch it in his hands, sculpt and roll out, or choose his own distraction. Amusing crumbs, you should not allow the child to sit for a long time on a pot. A prolonged sitting position can provoke problems with the rectum.
    Reading on a pot When the kid is sitting on a pot, you can try to distract him from the process by offering a plasticine or an interesting book with pictures. It will be even better if the mother herself reveres the child the right tale of

    . Preventing constipation in children.

    . If your child has not yet encountered a problem with constipation or has already overcome it, and you would not like the occurrence of repeated difficulties, this can be done.

    The work of the baby's gastrointestinal tract is very much dependent on the mode of life, nutrition, and behavior of the parents. If you competently approach the issue of upbringing and ensure compliance with certain norms, you can not even learn about the problem of psychological constipation.
    1. Active way of life. Let the daily life of the child become full of movements: walking, walking games, gymnastics and gymnastics. Physical stresses will lead to the fact that the intestines of the child will work as a coordinated clockwork mechanism, and they will distract the child from unpleasant thoughts.
    2. Massage. Massage of the abdomen, including movements in a circle near the navel in the direction of the clockwise direction and tingle of the sides, will restore peristalsis.
    3. Mode. It is better to immediately teach the child to go to the pot on a regular basis - for example, in the mornings after eating. It is also important to observe the general regime of the day, wake up and put the bed of crumbs always at about the same time.
    4. Emotional contact. Do not hold back, but let the child express their emotions, not only positive, but anger, sadness and even aggression. Give more time to him, talking and playing together. Take an interest in his fears and feelings, share your. Teach him to be independent and make his own decisions.


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