The child always sucks a finger: why and how to wean the baby in 1-2 years to take all the mouth - advice of psychologists and pediatricians

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  • 1. Why does a child do this?
  • 2. What is the reason?
  • 3. Maybe it's a habit?
  • 4. How to properly remove the habit?
  • 5. Additional measures
  • 6. What should not I do?

A tiny miracle that appeared on the light, the first months of his life there, obeying the natural instincts and reflexes. The child eats, sleeps, "walks" to the toilet and gets used to the new world. It does not matter how much the baby is from the family, 1 day or 5 months, it needs comfort, security and a good mood. If to him something is not pleasant, something delivers discomfort in a physical condition, he reacts with crying and whims. Another reaction is that the child sucks a finger. Where does this habit come from, why does the child suck a finger, what makes it do it? Let's look together for answers to these questions.

Why does a child do this?

Sucking is the first natural reflex of a baby. It is based on the work of the three main nerves - ternary, vag

us and nasopharyngeal. The healthy stability of their functions provides the baby with proper digestion, organizes the work of the nervous system, develops brain activity. The nipple on the mother's breast by nature itself was created in order to support this reflex.

A child sucks a finger It is necessary to understand that for a child sucking a finger is a kind of replacement of the mother's breast, which at the moment is not accessible to him.

The crumb takes the breast not only because of hunger - it gives him peace and harmony with the world, participates in the development of the baby. Suddenly, there comes a time when the child, in addition to the mother's breast, pulls into her mouth her substitute. Realizing that such a habit does not benefit the baby, the mother looks for a solution to the problem, finds out the reasons.

What is the reason?

Why the newborn pulls a finger in the mouth, it is easy to determine. It is enough to carefully observe the little man and deeply feel it. The child sucks his fingers - this can be caused by:

  1. Feeling of hunger. The discrepancy between the biological rhythm of life remains from the regime laid down for it may lead to the fact that he pulls in his mouth all the fingers, or will suck just great. The kid is just hungry and tries to replace in this way the breast or mixture that was not given in time.
  2. Emotional anxiety. Conflicts of the house, mother's crying, a stranger, approaching the crumb, sharp sounds provoke the failure of the baby's nervous system. In search of protection, he seeks the breast, but does not receive it, so he chooses an alternative.
  3. Lack of attention. Give your little miracle as much attention as it wants. Communicate, play, kiss, stroke, massage, smile to him, so that the little one could feel your warmth and love. The statistics testify that children of orphanage suffer such a habit more often.
  4. Teething. The period when most children go to chew toys, a fist - everything that can be scratched by inflamed gums.
Mom with the baby The baby does not feel deprived attention, mom should be possible to close - to play with the crumbs to hold it, to show their love and affection

Maybe this habit?

It can happen that the baby's fingers suck from the first day of life. Of course, there is a share of the sucking reflex in this, but if you miss the time, the action can become a habit. If the crumb is a year old, but nothing has changed, you should not scold him, it is better to look for a way to remove the bad addiction. Have missed time and in 2 years the child still sucks fingers? Look for a solution in the child's psychological discomfort. Watch his fears, find out why the little man is worried.

Noisy evening games excite crumbs - to calm down, he resorted to his hobby, the same way he solves the problem of boredom. You can correct the situation with the help of a visit to the dentist: the doctor will tell the baby what kind of crooked teeth it will have if the child sucks a finger. Often children listen to outsiders and trust their opinion more.

Experts express different opinions regarding the formation of an incorrect bite as a result of sucking fingers. Of course, there is a risk, but the baby teeth are still unstable. Dislocating when sucking fingers, they do not affect the growth and location of permanent teeth. Given that in 5-6 years, children have permanent teeth, and a bad habit by this time already disappears, then the danger decreases, but it is better to wean the baby off at an early stage.

How to properly remove the habit?

If a child does not stop sucking his fingers, this continues at an older age, then it's worth pondering. It is obvious that in 3-4 years parents have to make more efforts to eliminate undesirable actions. The child is used to sucking his fingers or not, it is better to anticipate such a situation in advance, and try to warn her. How to disaccustom a child to suck a finger:

  1. Prolong the breastfeeding of the baby. If your mother does not have any serious problems affecting breastfeeding, do not separate her from crumbs. Pediatricians believe that the baby can be breastfed for up to 2-3 years.
  2. For artificial persons it is recommended to increase the number and duration of feeding. Pour less in the bottle and cut the hole in the nipple so that the baby's mouth does not have a completely different nipple.
  3. Doctor Komarovsky recommends using a pacifier when the mother does not breast feed the baby, and the child wants to suck fingers. You have to replace it with something at least for the first time, especially since the pediatrician reasonably destroys the myth about the dummy's harm. The child will suck a pacifier and calm down.
  4. When teething, give the baby a lot of special toys, "rodents."They will distract the crumb and a habit of warning.
  5. Keep the psychological comfort of the newborn. Avoid frequent visits to strangers, unfamiliar people. Show him only a good mood, give positive emotions.


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Additional measures

  1. The habit is saved at 3-4, even at 5 years - it means that the baby is not enough your attention. Often play with it, indulge, borrow interesting and new games. Read a story for a little son or daughter, watch a cartoon with them, discuss what you saw or read. A little man must feel his importance to you.
  2. Choose for the kid classes in which you need the participation of hands( collecting puzzles, molding from plasticine, drawing).Notice that he pulls the palm up while watching cartoons, ask him to take a ball or a dice in his hand. Let him knead and twist them. For the girl you can buy a children's manicure set. Young fashionist is unlikely to want to spoil a beautiful manicure, putting it in his mouth.
  3. Anger and punishment are bad helpers. Try not to focus on the fact that the child is sucking a finger. Calmly approach the baby and pull his fist out of his mouth.

What not to do?

Fighting a bad habit can not be done by methods that can aggravate the situation. Our advice will help you to properly approach the elimination of bad habits. When the child began to suck his fingers, do not wrap it tight. A very bad decision is to spread a hand with sharp and bitter seasonings. In addition to taste discomfort, the baby can get a burn of the stomach mucosa. Pulling the hand, the baby can get into your eye, which will lead to sharp unpleasant sensations and stress.

Constant parental care and attention is the best protection against any bad habits with which to start fighting them. If you are always close to children, pay enough attention to them, they will not curl your hair, regularly stroke the tip of the nose or earlobe, chew the edge of clothing.

Why does a child suck his fingers? The answer is simple - he does not have a reliable emotional connection with his parents. Frightening a crumb, you will only achieve that it will hide from you.

Appearing in childhood, the habit does not go into adulthood. With the right behavior and attitude of parents, a child easily says goodbye to her. We have considered all the measures that can be taken to break up faster.


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