What documents are needed to obtain a certificate. When a generic certificate is issued. What is a generic certificate?

Comfortable state of a pregnant woman during the entire period of carrying out the crumbs, and also during his birth - an important part of a successful pregnancy.


Negative experience of communication with employees of women's consultations upsets the future mother, and she does not need negative emotions. That is why within the care of women in the state, as well as improving the quality of health care for more than 10 years and has successfully introduce

d the program works, "Birth Certificate" for which the expectant mother receives the eponymous paper. What is a generic certificate and when is it issued? In addition, the future mother is worried about other issues, including: what does the generic certificate give, what benefits does the woman who designed it give?

Birth Certificate - what it is and what it is

Pregnancy, even if it takes place without difficulties and nuances - exciting period for every woman. Therefore, not only close people( family members, relatives) are called to support the future mother and create for her as comfortable a situation as possible, but also the state. How does the generic certificate participate in this process and what does it represent?

Birth Certificate 2017 - document structure

Birth Certificate - a document of strict accountability( a kind of check), which allows you to pay part of the medical services provided to women at the expense of the state. In this regard, the certificate has 3 blocks( coupon), each of which is provided at a certain stage. What to do with parts of a generic certificate?

  • Coupon 1

The first part of the generic certificate( Talon 1) is provided in the women's consultation. Within this amount, a woman can pay for the services provided to her at the outpatient check-up in a polyclinic. Funding is provided from the social insurance fund. The money is directed to pay for the work of doctors, providing necessary medications and equipping medical equipment.

  • Talon 2

The second part of the generic certificate( Talon 2) is transferred to the maternity hospital, assisting in the process of the birth of the baby, together with the exchange card. These funds are used to pay for services both at the time of delivery and at the stage of postpartum recovery. The availability of this document also gives you the right to receive medication and supplementary food. If the childbirth was paid, the document is not completed.

  • Generic certificate

This part of the document is completed by the medical institution where the birth took place. She is issued to a woman at the time of discharge separately from other coupons, is not paid. The document confirms the fact that the woman giving birth is given medical assistance both during the antenatal period and after the birth of the baby.

  • Talon 3

And now the birth is over, and your baby is on your hands. Now it's time for the Talon 3 generic certificate, where to give that you will now find out. Two of its parts should be provided to the children's polyclinic that caters to the newborn. Block 3-1 covers maintenance services for dispensary baby during the first 6 months of life, provided that the registration with the clinic performed to 3 month grudnichka. Block 3-2 refers to the payment of preventive surveillance services for the next 6 months.

In addition to the above-mentioned coupons of the generic certificate, the document contains a Counterfoil-a tear-off part that remains in the medical( preventive) institution that issued the certificate to the woman as a confirmation of the document being provided to the woman. As the last in most cases, female counseling is provided at the municipal polyclinic. Medical institutions receiving coupons of the generic certificate, transfer them to the social insurance fund and receive appropriate payments. As a result, the mother keeps a part of the generic certificate - a generic certificate that confirms the receipt of medical services.

Generic certificate - payment amount

The total amount of payments for a generic certificate is divided according to the coupon it repays. What amount of generic certificate corresponds to each of the coupons of the document?

  • The coupon 1 has a nominal value of 3000 rubles.- repayment of services on an out-patient-polyclinic stage.
  • The coupon 2 corresponds to 6000 rub. It is aimed at paying for services during the stay of women in maternity hospitals and perinatal centers.
  • Talon 3 with a nominal value of 2000 rubles. Pay off the services of the children's polyclinic for dispensary supervision of the baby( 1000 rubles each for the first and second 6 months).

Total 11000 rub. Is transferred by the state( in the person of the FSS) to medical institutions for the provision of necessary services to a woman during the period of gestation, subsequent birth and supervision of the child during his first year of life. Where are the funds sent under the generic certificate? The bulk of the money goes to pay wages to medical personnel. When servicing, for example, in a women's clinic on a paid basis, the corresponding block( Talon 1) will be stamped "Not payable".

How to get a generic

certificate Do all women in an interesting position and living in the territory of the Russian Federation have the right to receive a generic certificate? Is pregnancy always accompanied by a generic certificate? This question worries many future mothers. Not always, but often. First, all women with Russian citizenship can obtain the document of interest. Persons without citizenship, as well as foreign citizens who have insurance - a policy of compulsory health insurance can also receive a generic certificate. On this list of applicants for the certificate is exhausted. The existence of a length of service and a veil of employment does not affect the right to receive a generic certificate. The lack of registration( propiska) is not an obstacle to the execution of the document. Pregnant women should be referred to a women's consultation at the place of actual residence.

Who and when issues the generic certificate

The algorithm for obtaining the generic certificate includes several steps. Let us consider each of them in detail.

Obtaining generic certificate - stage 1

First of all, you need to prepare. The woman should have the following documents for the generic certificate:

  • Identity document( for example, a passport, however, it may be another document).The absence of this document may result in the refusal to issue a generic certificate. If we are talking about girls whose age is under 14 years, then in this case it is necessary to provide a birth certificate for the future mother. Medical insurance policy( compulsory health insurance).
  • SNILS is a certificate of state pension insurance( for working mothers).

Obtaining generic certificate - stage 2

If you have the necessary documents, a woman's consultation, in which the woman is observed about pregnancy, during the next visit gives her the desired document. The receipt of the generic certificate occurs at the time of 30 obstetric weeks( with single pregnancy) or at the end of 28 weeks of waiting, if a woman carries 2 or more baby goats. At the same time, a future mother can be simultaneously observed in several centers. The required certificate is provided by the medical institution where the woman was collectively observed a longer period, but not less than 12 weeks. Another important factor is the regularity of visiting a doctor. So, if a woman did not come not for 3 or more months, she might be refused a certificate of birth. However, not all consultations have the right to issue this document. We are talking about private paid centers. If a woman still wants to receive a generic certificate, she must apply to a women's consultation at the place of residence to complete the document. When you receive a document, the pregnant woman must sign, confirming the fact of issuing her a certificate.

When can give out a generic certificate to a pregnant woman: special cases of

Even if for any reason a woman does not have a generic certificate, the medical and preventive institution does not have the right to demand payment for her services from her own funds. This statement is also true for care in the maternity hospital.

  • Based on the data of the exchange card, the employees of the medical institution can independently take measures so that through the antenatal clinic the birth certificate is obtained. If a woman applied without a generic certificate, the maternity hospital has the right to independently issue the required document. The graphs of ticket 1 are not filled. This part of the document remains in the maternity hospital with the FSS stamp "Not payable".
  • Moreover, if the women's consultation has an agreement with the FSS, then when a woman enters, even for a period longer than 30 weeks( or 28 when two or more babies are born), the future mother has the right to receive a generic certificate.
  • A generic certificate for child care in the first year of his life can be obtained after delivery. For this, the children's polyclinic should go to the maternity hospital, as well as the women's consultation, where the woman was observed. The child's age at the time of his mom's appeal should not exceed 3 months. If it is not possible to carry out the described actions, the polyclinic has the right to issue a generic certificate on its own, but in the blocks Talon 1 and Talon 2 there should be an impression of the FSS "Not payable".These actions can also be made with the adoption of a baby whose age is less than 3 months.

Birth certificate - the first child and subsequent children

With each subsequent pregnancy, a woman has the right to receive the birth certificate in the same way. The right to this type of document does not depend on the number of children already available.

Accounting and issuance of generic certificates

The procedure for the issuance and payment of certificates is regulated by the 370th Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation of 16.07.14.In this connection, the document may not be paid in the following cases:

  • When the document was issued, the rules of procedure were violated.
  • The certificate is given to a woman whose identity can not be established( there are no necessary documents).
  • The document was provided by an institution that provides services on a fee basis.
  • In case of death of the mother or her baby during the stay of the woman in the maternity hospital, Talon 2 is not paid.

Which organizations issue a generic certificate? Provide the document of interest to institutions that:

  • Have a license to provide services in the areas of "Pediatrics" or "Obstetrics and Gynecology".
  • Have concluded an agreement with the social insurance fund in the framework of participation in the "Family Certificate" program( the "Health" project).

Even if the woman remained dissatisfied with the quality of the services provided, the funds for the generic certificate( money) will still be transferred to the medical institution, as the corresponding coupon will be torn off at the stage of admission to the medical institution. The certificate can not be cashed, since the funds for it are not financial help for a pregnant woman. Then the question arises, why do we need a generic certificate? Additional support from the state of the healthcare industry raises the level and quality of medical care.

Presents on the generic certificate

The certificate, as well as the passport of a Russian citizen, entitles you to receive a number of free gifts for newborns. The type of gift depends on the company that conducts this promotion. Among the most common products are phyto-tea, lotions, diapers, baby soap, dummies, newborn skin care cream, cleaning products for children's dishes.

To receive the gift you need:

  • Register on the website of the company participating in the program.
  • Fill in the application form.
  • Send a scanned generic certificate.