What gift to give the girl for 7 years?

What gift to give the girl for 7 years?

Although girls of 7 years are still actively interested in toys, this age marks the transition to a new stage - entering school and gradually changing interests in games. Future and newly made schoolgirls become more choosy in their wishes, in their inquiries are more often oriented to fashion or the opinion of girlfriends. They are easy to disappoint, giving a thoughtless present. Choosing what to give a girl for 7 years, be guided by the interests of a particular child, as well as take advantage of our advice.

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Gift ideas for a 7 year old girl for a birthday

As a rule, small birthday parties share their wishes with their parents. Therefore, the optimal solution will be to consult the latter( and if many guests are invited, this will save the culprit of the celebration from two identical gifts).For active girls, a bike, scooter or rollers are suitable for 7 years. Many c

hildren dream of a pet - this is a wonderful gift, but necessarily requiring coordination with adult members of the family. What else can you give a girl of this age?

Dolls or soft toys

A doll is the first thing that usually comes to mind when we ask ourselves what to give to a girl for 7 years. The modern choice of dolls will make many adults lose their heads. Girls themselves, as a rule, know what they want as a gift. Try to find out from the mother of the birthday girl what dolls she prefers. Barbie, Vinsk, Monster High Schools, Liv( LIV), Pony( My Little Pony), etc. have been replaced by the popular ones. Barbie, Vinsk,

These collections are good because in addition to them clothes, furniture and various doll accessories are sold, Which little girls like to collect. Even if you can not find out the preferences of the birthday girl, just buy one of these dolls with a set of outfits - and you will not lose. But from buying soft toys, we advise you to abstain, becauseSuch a gift is good for girls 2-3 years, but in children at the age of seven is no longer popular.

Children's cosmetics

Seven-year-old girls are little women of fashion, they like to dress up, looking at their mother. At this age, there is a conscious interest in cosmetics, so this gift to any girl will like. Many cosmetic companies produce children's products with whole lines, ranging from lip gloss and shadows to perfumes and nail polish. Among the variety of children's cosmetics, choose only known and certified as a gift - this will guarantee the safety of such products.

Clothing and accessories

Birthday clothing for a girl is not the most successful gift option, although the most practical one. If you want to make such a present, find out before buying the exact size of the birthday girl. It is better not to give things to growth, becauseThe child will not feel the joy of such a gift. But elegant dress or holiday shoes, which the girl will be able to wear in the very near future, as well as fashion jewelry and bright accessories will certainly lead the young lady to rapture.

Board games

Modern board games are suitable for entertainment girls with their peers, and for the leisure of the whole family. Such a gift develops not only communicative skills, but also imagination, attentiveness, perseverance, the ability to think logically and abstractly. Board games are a good option for a sociable girl who has a lot of friends or has sisters and brothers, because such a partner usually needs a partner.

Exciting books

If a girl is fond of reading, a good book will be an excellent gift that develops fantasy and thinking. Choose a book by age( on the title page should be indicated "for junior school age"), with a quality cover, paper and font. Illustrations at this age are no longer required, but if they are, also pay attention to their quality. For a 7-year-old girl, various encyclopedias, children's fantasy, fairy tales, adventures will suit.

Computer educational games

Not all adults encourage the enthusiasm of children with computer games, so, before making such a gift, specify if the parents will not be against it. Choose for girls games without aggression, developing imagination, logical thinking, mindfulness. Suitable arcades, rpg, quests based on cartoons. Also popular games in which you have to take care of virtual characters or pets - it accustoms the child to responsibility. Be sure to look at the age limit( should be "7+").

What to give a girl 7 years on New Year's Eve?

To guess the New Year's wishes of a 7-year-old girl is not easy. For parents, a letter to Grandfather Frost with wishes, which all children of this age usually write in advance, will be a good help. If you are going to visit, where there is a little girl, the traditional expected gift will be a beautiful bag or box with sweets, fruits and a small toy.

A more expensive, but non-standard version of the congratulation, which will be remembered by any girl for a long time, will be tickets for a New Year's performance, a thematic photo session or a creative master class. Do not give school supplies, clothes or money for the New Year. During this period, all children live in anticipation of magic, anticipate a miracle, and such a rational gift will only disappoint them.

We make the best gift for a child with our own hands

If a girl at 7 years is still keen on dolls( Barbie, Bratz, Winx, etc.), this hobby will help you make an unusual sweet gift for a birthday girl - a cake in the form of a favorite toy. Although this dessert at first glance looks complicated, even a beginning hostess can cook it.

Cake Barbie
You will need:

  • biscuit cakes;
  • any cream or jam for impregnation;
  • oil cream for top coating;
  • mastic;
  • confectionery jewelry;
  • doll.

How to cook a Barbie birthday cake for a girl:

    1. If you did not buy ready mastic, you need to cook it yourself. To do this, you need chewing marshmallow marshmallow( purchased or cooked) - 200-300 g, food colors, powdered sugar powder - 800-900 g. Slightly melt the marshmallow in the microwave oven, add the dye of the desired color and gradually adding the powdered sugar, kneadWeight until the consistency of the steep dough( until it stops sticking to the hands).6th
  1. Crusts( purchased or baked in advance) put one on top of another, cut in the middle hole for the doll( after wrapping it with food film).After that, soak the crusts with cream or jam and again insert the doll in the middle( legs can be removed).
  2. Soak the crusts from above with oil cream. The surface must be very even. Note that the custard, sour cream or curd cream for this do not work( otherwise the mastic will prematurely dissolve).Put the cake in the cold to freeze( preferably at night).Roll out the mastic on powder( or starch) in a thin layer, cut out the details, decorate the cake to your liking. Details of mastic are glued together with water. If the mastic quickly freezes and does not roll out, heat it in microwave.

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What gift to give the girl for 7 years?