What orthopedic pillow for a baby is better - choose the right one

What orthopedic pillow for a baby is better - choose the right one

Regular hygiene procedures and cleanliness are the guarantee of the health and well-being of the baby. After the umbilicus falls off, you will need to buy a crumb every day, following all the basic rules of this procedure for newborns.

Manufacturers constantly create more and more new products that can make this process even simpler and more enjoyable. These include a children's slide for swimming. What is this design, how to choose and use it correctly, we will discuss further.

Whether an orthopedic pillow is needed for a newborn

Why an orthopedic pillow is needed - this question is often asked pediatricians by young parents. The idea of ​​such a product for babies is to ensure the proper development and growth of the spine, in particular its cervical region. The cushion should support the head and neck of the child, ensuring that the burden on the cervical section is minimized. It should also ensure normal blood circulation and muscle tone of the children's spine.

However, despite the

impressive number of advantages of orthopedic pillows for newborns, which lead us to leading companies, orthopedists do not share their opinions. The natural process of development of the baby causes the formation of cervical flexure in the period when the baby learns to hold his head. Thoracic flexure of the spine is formed when the crumb begins to sit down, and the lumbar - when he will learn to walk. Acceleration of this process sometimes leads to undesirable consequences.

If you ask the doctor if the child needs an orthopedic pillow, he is likely to respond negatively. Previously, all babies did without such pillows and grew up healthy. A newly born baby, who has not yet formed a neck bend, must endure full load on her. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that the infant does not need an orthopedic pillow, since it does not do any good. On the contrary, it puts pressure on the neck, which negatively affects the further growth and development of the baby.

However, there are exceptional cases when orthopedists advise to purchase such a pillow. For example, during treatment of torticollis. Here everything depends entirely on the incorrect position of the vertebrae and the general health of the child. Orthopedic pillows are shown to infants in such cases:

    • In the presence of birth trauma.
    • If the child's head is not level.
    • With a decrease / increase in the tone of the neck muscles.
    • If diagnosed with torticollis.
    • In case of birth injury.

Kinds of children's orthopedic pillows - a brief review of

Now in shops it is possible to find a plenty of the most various developing rugs for children. Next, let's talk about the most popular of them.

Butterfly Pillow

This model serves for healthy development and growth of the cervical spine and the skull of the baby. Pillow in shape resembles a butterfly - it has the shape of a roller with a recess for the head in the middle. The side walls( rollers) play the role of fixatives. A butterfly pillow is used from the beginning of the first month and until the child reaches the age of two. The width and location of the rollers during the growth of crumbs can be adjusted.

Pillow headrest

This variation is very popular, because, according to mom babies, the most convenient. Its width is equal to the width of the baby crib. This is convenient, since the child can not slip from it. The height of the product is not large, and the angle of inclination is no more than 15 degrees. How to choose an orthopedic pillow of this type? The main rule - keep in mind that its angle should not be too large( up to 30 degrees), otherwise the child will have problems with the spine in the future.

Inclined pillow

under Which mat is convenient in that if one side gets bored, you can simply turn it over to another. It turns out just two toys in one. It is best to choose such models, each side of which is designed for a certain age. For example, the first - from 0 to 6 months, and the second - from 6 to 12. It is best to choose such models, each is obtained at once two toys in one. It is best to choose these. It is best to choose such models, each side of which is designed for a certain age. For example, the first one is from 0 to 6 months, and the second one is from 6 to 12.

air-cushion pillow

This toy is able to ensure the safety of the baby. It resembles an arena. Bortics will not allow the smallest members of the family to crawl into the wrong place. The child will lie down and play where his mother leaves him. The main thing is not to stack this toy on a sofa or other high surfaces to prevent a fall. Bortics will not allow the smallest members of the family to crawl into the wrong place. The child will lie down and play where his mother leaves him. The main thing is not to stack this toy on a sofa or other high surfaces to prevent a fall.

Pillow support for

The model data is produced in Switzerland, but you can easily buy them in almost every pharmacy. It is an inexpensive mechanical aspirator that is suitable for the treatment of the common cold, and also just for regular nasal cavity hygiene.

To avoid re-infection, replace the nozzle after each use. They are not included in the kit, but such nozzles can be purchased separately. They are sold in large sets of 10 parts each.

The expiration date of such an aspirator is 5 years. Therefore, it will not have to be changed in a few months.

How to choose and which is better?

One of the most frequent requests of parents who came to see an orthopedist is "advise the orthopedic pillow".When choosing a product, you must trust trusted companies that attach to their product all the relevant quality certificates that confirm that the thing is made using environmentally friendly materials and can not provoke an allergy in a young child. Buying a product, consider these important rules:

  1. It is not necessary to purchase it before the birth of the child. Orthopedists are advised to use the pillow after 2 weeks after the birth of the baby, during this time it is possible to understand the features of the crumb.
  2. If the baby has restless sleep, it is better to choose a supporting model.
  3. The headrest must be selected according to the age of the infants.
  4. If a child frequently belches, the slanted product will be the optimal solution.
  5. The anti-sucking variation is suitable for kids who like to sleep on their stomachs.
  6. The seams of the product must be made accurately and smoothly, and its size - not to go beyond the crib.
  7. A synthetic material model should not smell unpleasant.

The most popular models of orthopedic pillows

  • Feretti. An anti-knocking orthopedic pillow manufactured in Italy with the use of non-woven and interlacing of special perforated fibers.
    The sizes - 60х40 sm or 55х35 see the Price - 1500 rubles.
  • Trelax P23 Banana. Multifunctional orthopedic model of the Russian edition. It is made in the form of a banana and has a removable cotton cover. Polypropylene beads are used as filler. These materials guarantee the product air permeability, without causing excess sweating in the baby.
    Size - 135x26 cm. The price is 3200 rubles.
  • Klin TM Womar. Orthopedic pillow of inclined type, manufactured in Poland from polyurethane. Has a removable pillowcase.
    The size is 60x36 cm, the slope is 17 degrees. The price is 900 rubles.
  • F-505 Luomma. The model of Russian-Finnish production has a memory function. Filler in it is a visco-plastic polyurethane, which can remember and repeat the shape of the baby's head. In the middle for this purpose, a special deepening is provided. Can be used for a child under 1.5 years.
    Size - 25x23 cm. The price is 1100 rubles.

How to use a pillow - instruction

Not every baby needs an orthopedic lining under his head, but when a child reaches one-year-old age, this thing becomes relevant. However, many parents are not aware of how to use an orthopedic pillow, which is important. That the thing does not harm, and became a good addition, even at the time of purchase, consider the age of the child and the state of his health. The first question that can arise during the operation of the product - how to put the orthopedic pillow correctly?

      • A smaller roller is placed under the neck of the baby, if it is sleeping on its back.
      • A large roller is placed when the child sleeps on its side. Thus, the normal position of the cervical vertebrae relative to the entire spine remains, evenly distributing the load and allowing the muscles to relax.
      • How to sleep on an orthopedic pillow to maintain the normal position of the neck? Make sure that her height is equal to the shoulder of the baby. Only in this way will you be able to maintain the correct position of the baby's neck.
      • How much to put under the head of a child orthopedic rollers? You can start from 1 month to 2 years.

Where to buy and how much it costs - the average prices of

Moms and dads are often interested in the question: where to buy a children's orthopedic pillow for a child? Such things are sold in almost every children's store, including Internet services. Their range is huge and can satisfy the most demanding parents. Models are presented in various sizes, shapes and colors, have a variety of fillers and differ in other characteristics.

The price for orthopedic models of the Russian issue varies within 400-1500 rubles .The average price of alternative imported goods 1500-3000 rubles .Often the cost of products brought from abroad is formed without reference to the quality of goods, and based on the brand recognition.


Helena, 25 years old: We purchased an orthopedic pillow when the child was six months old. Until then, under the head for the night, I put a diaper folded several times, but I could not say that I could not comfort myself with her. The purchased model well supports the spine and takes the necessary shape, repeating the silhouette of the baby's head. For me, an important confirmation that the child was comfortable was that he began to sleep 1-1.5 hours longer.

Natalia, 30 years old: The baby was presented with an orthopedic pillow by my parents. They praised her, which protects the spine and the head of the child from curvature. Later, I asked my doctor about this and he confirmed that since the daughter likes to sleep on the back for a long time, she needs such support. Another plus is the possibility of machine washing. The thing dries very quickly, so there is no hassle associated with it.

Veronica, 27 years old: We put her son under the head from the very first day. The baby on the pillow is very comfortable, sleeps tightly, almost does not move. But if the pillowcase gets dirty( the baby will vomit or salivate) - it's a misfortune, because at one time an impractical model was chosen, in which a removable cover is not provided. And since the model has a non-standard size - there is no possibility to buy a separate cover. This, perhaps, is the only negative of our acquisition.

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