The sizes of a cot

The sizes of a cot

In order to purchase the most optimal variant of a baby cot, parents need to choose the suitable material of manufacture, design, and most importantly - parameters. A successful combination of all these characteristics makes it possible to make the child's sleeping place as comfortable as possible. A comfortable cot will provide the baby with a strong, healthy sleep and will give a sense of security.

How to choose the size of a baby cot?

Leading pediatricians and child psychologists recommend choosing the dimensions of the baby's sleeping place to focus on its growth. If the length of an adult's bed should be a size of his height +30 centimeters, then for children it is calculated with an even larger margin - from above and from below it is necessary to add 20-25 cm. Too tight a bed will be inconvenient for the child, because he will be forced to sleep in a forcedPosture. And if the children do not rest properly, they are nervous all day and are restless.

When selecting a baby cot, consider

the actual growth of crumbs and the family budget. At will and with sufficient material means, you can change your furniture every couple of years, buying a new more suitable and convenient model. In this case, there is no need to buy a sleeping bed "for growth", especially since small children grow on average by 10-20 cm per year.

Often parents buy children's furniture for five years, but some prefer to save and choose models that will serveFor 10 years. Then it should be taken into account that the growth rate of children in different periods of time is different - small grow faster( 10-20 cm per year), schoolchildren grow only 5-6 cm per year. In order not to lose, it is better to choose a baby crib with a large growth reserve. Remember that the right choice of furniture will predetermine the possibility of a full rest of your crumbs.

Classic cot - standard dimensions and dimensions

In Russia, the standard size of a child's sleeping bed measures 120x60 cm. Taking into account the thickness of the lamellae, the parameters of the standard model increase to 128x68 cm. In such children's bedroom furniture, not only babies will feel comfortable, but alsoChildren under four years. In Europe, the size of a standard baby crib is increased compared to the Russian dimensions by 5 cm and is 125x65 cm. And the age range in Russia and in Europe is the same.

According to the requirements of GOST, the parameters of baby cots are regulated as follows:

  • The dimensions of the baby cot for newborns and for babies until the age of three: the height of the side walls is not more than 95 cm, the bed - 120x60 cm. The upper position of the lounger is limited to 50 cm, the lower one is 30 cm. Foreign manufacturers of children's furniture often increase the size by about 10 cm in length and width.
  • Beds for preschool children are recommended to be produced with dimensions of 140x60 cm, with the height of the bed from the floor line being 30 cm.
  • Teenager sleeping furniture measures 180x90 cm with a height of 50 cm.

The size of the child's bed is equal to the child's age

On average, From birth to adulthood, children are changed at least three beds. The first bed of the newborn has special protective edges. In the course of growing up, the height of the sides decreases, which gives the crumb the opportunity to independently get out of bed. The furniture for two-year-olds already has no front side, it is more like a baby sofa.

After three years, the baby grows to the level of the head or back of the crib, so it's time to change furniture and buy another bed. Parents should not immediately purchase adolescent furniture, a more successful solution will be the acquisition of a medium-sized furniture complex that can last about ten years. And already with the beginning of adolescence, the child needs to buy a wooden bed of adult size.

Baby cots from 0 to 3 years

If possible, parents should change furniture in the process of growing a baby. Correct choice of the dimensions of a cot up to 3 years will provide your child with a healthy sleep and energetic mood during the day. Please note that the furniture for the baby should not only differ in its optimal dimensions and beautiful appearance, but also be sure to have excellent quality.

Children's cots are small in size, designed for children from 0 to 3 years, there are three types:

  • Manege.
  • Cradle.
  • Extension cot.


This is ideal for very young children who have not yet reached 6 months. The dimensions of such furniture are 97x55 cm, and the height can be different depending on the features of the model. Despite the fact that the height of the cradle can not be adjusted mechanically, mothers can find an outlet by placing the crib on some stable and reliable height of comfortable height. The difference between a cradle and a standard baby cot is that the last sidewall is made in the form of rake slats, and the cradle is made in the form of a single bowl.


This variation of a cot is surrounded on all sides by lattice edges and is equipped with several versions of the bed levels. The sleeping place measures 120x60 cm, and the height of the product is about 100 cm. The high location of the bottom of the arena( 50 cm from the floor level) is suitable for babies up to 3 months. At this age, babies can not yet get out of the crib and fall to the floor, and parents like that they do not need to lean deeply toward the crumbs.

When the baby starts grasping at the sides and sitting down, the level of the bed is lowered slightly down( up to 30 cm), while the height of the side walls increases. Through such a border, children can climb only after 2 years. For the wall rails it is convenient to grab the kids, who just begin to train to get up and sit down, that's why the arenas are considered to be an excellent simulator for training small children to coordinate their body.

Extension cots

The cribs of the attached type come in several dimensional variations. For babies up to 9 months, they will be suitable for small beds 90x60( 55) cm. If the parents add side flaps to the design, the width of the sleeping bed can be reduced to 40 cm. More functional is the side model with dimensions of 120x60 cm, because it will comfortably sleep the babyUp to 2 years. The height of the attachments is about 80 cm from the floor level.

The internal and external dimensions of products from different developers can vary within 5-10 cm. In such models, the height of the sleeping bed is adjusted to the level of the height of the parent's bed and varies by 30-50 cm. Often complete with attachable cots there are mountings for connecting to the bedParents. The design is sometimes additionally equipped with wheels for easy movement and locks, preventing the spontaneous departure of the crib.


For teenagers, modern parents are increasingly choosing a bed-transformer, which is a design with a lattice front wall and built-in chest of drawers. If desired, the chest of drawers can be rearranged outside, placing it next to the bed. And the built-in furniture is able to turn into a bedside cabinet, which has several drawers, or even a table. The sizes of a sleeping place in a bed-transformer domestic manufacturers can change from 120х60 up to 170х60 see As it is absolutely small it does not approach, it is necessary for children to get such model of a crib from 2 years.


Cradle is fixed with two legs with legs, it provides the opportunity to rock the baby. In more expensive models of cots, there are special systems of pendulum rocking, powered by electricity. The main advantage of this crib is its mobility and ease. Small dimensions( 80x43 cm) provide an opportunity for parents to easily move it. Cradles are designed for children up to 6 months.

Baby beds for preschoolers and school children

Children's beds designed for schoolchildren and preschool children differ little from ordinary "adult" models. Their main differences will be the color design and size. However, some products can be made in non-standard forms - a car, a rocket or a pirate ship. At this age, children like loft beds, equipped not only with cupboards or tables, but also with a built-in sports corner. To climb to the second floor, you need to use the Swedish wall or rope, and go down from the bed the kid can on the side hill.

The furniture complex is calculated for the age from 6 to 10 years. The size of the sleeping bed in beds of this type is 150x75 cm, height about 150 cm. And the sleeping place of a schoolboy or a preschool child in a bed-attic can be at a level of 130 cm from the floor. Note that over the head of a sleeping child should be at least 50-70 cm of free space - only so he will feel comfortable.

Bunk bed

Baby bunk beds are not recommended for children under three years of age - this is not safe. The standard dimensions of the two-tiered structure are 190x90 cm. Parents should carefully approach the choice of this model:

  • The upper part of the crib should be equipped with handrails( on both sides), the height of which exceeds 15 centimeters from the mattress line.
  • The staircase should not be more than 40 centimeters.
  • Wooden stairs should be as strong as possible.

Teenage beds and their sizes

The sizes of a teenage crib differ little from dimensions of models for adults. Manufacturers allocate beds for children with small ornaments or colors. The length of the construction is 190 cm, which is equal to the length of the "adult" product. For tall boys( from 180 cm), beds must be made to order. Dimensions of a child's sleeping place can be up to two meters long and have a width of 80 cm. The height of a teenage bed is about 45 cm, if it's an ordinary model on legs, without additional drawers, otherwise the height of the structure will be 80-85 cm.

Choose the size of a childMattress in the crib

When choosing a mattress for a baby cot, parents should consider its size. If the mattress is smaller than the furniture frame, gaps are formed. Moreover, only 4 cm clearance can be permissible, otherwise the baby can be injured, damaging the leg, fingers or hand. If the mattress is larger than the crib, then bends will start to form inside and irregularities will appear on the mattress, which will become a harmful factor for the child's developing spine. Therefore, before you go to the store, measure the exact width and length of the crib, its internal dimensions.

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