Crafts from cones for kindergarten on the theme of autumn

Crafts from cones for kindergarten on the theme of autumn

Autumn gives a lot of natural materials for adult and children's creativity - it's chestnuts, acorns. Especially popular are pine, cedar and fir cones, which help create a lot of interesting crafts. This material is great for classes with children - from three years and older. Crafts made of cones with their own hands for kindergarten on the theme of autumn are unusual and lovely. Later, you can save these interesting items to hang on a Christmas tree. Study several master classes to realize them with the kids in the kindergarten.

What you can do with your own hands of cones on the theme of "Autumn"

Needlework is an excellent lesson that kindergarten teachers or parents can offer to kids. Environmentally friendly materials, such as cones, acorns and chestnuts, are excellent items for creativity. Working with them will give the little child pleasure, help to reveal creativity and express individuality. Such an occupation contributes to the improvement of fine motor skills, which positively infl

uences the development of babies. Crafts of cones with their own hands on the theme of autumn will carry away and make happy little children.

With the help of these natural gizmos babies can create many interesting items - animal figures, people, interior items( baskets, vases).Finished products will serve as children's toys or will become the basis of the original volumetric composition. As auxiliary materials, clay, glue, polymer clay, twigs, scissors, and wire can be used.

Step-by-step instructions for simple crafts from cones for kindergarten

To make children simply do interesting things, experienced craftsmen create step-by-step master classes with photos and a detailed description of the process. These instructions are suitable for both children in kindergarten, and for children who are already in primary school. All master classes are distributed step by step, which will help you quickly learn the information, and each child will be able to make the same product. Crafts made from pine cones for children of kindergarten on the theme of autumn will be an excellent occupation for preschool children.

Master class for the manufacture of "little people" from acorns and pine cones

Lovely handmade little people will like small children. For their manufacture, you can use cones of spruce or pine, dried acorns. Also in the course will go toothpicks or twigs, threads and clay. Depending on the idea, you can use other materials. To pine cones, when drying up, do not acquire a different shape, treat them with a slightly warmed up carpenter's glue. The same applies to spruce natural materials. To make an original hand-crafted article:

  1. Take a cone of the appropriate size. Turn it with a sharp end to the bottom. To the wide part stick a little plasticine - this will be the neck of the future little man.
  2. Place the inverted acorn from above to make the hero head.
  3. Slip some plasticine on it. Make the thread bundles, place them on the head - this will be the hair. Cover this place with an acorn cap.
  4. On the sides in the widest part of the cone, glue two pieces of clay. Use some more material to make the same procedure from below, closer to the sharp edge. These are the arms for the arms and legs.
  5. Insert twigs or toothpicks into the clay. At the same time, attach upside-down caps of acorns to your feet - for strength.
  6. Use the white and black plasticine to make eyes.
  7. The original figure is ready!

Beautiful composition of cones and natural material "Owl on a tree"

Making a touching owl will please small children. To create it, you need a fir cone, seeds of ash, persimmons, melon seeds, plasticine( for babies) or glue( for older children), and also a branch on which a night bird will sit. If you do not find suitable natural materials, you can replace them with something at your discretion. To create an owl:

  1. Turn over the bump. Attach it with a sharp end to the selected branch, which will serve as support for the entire structure.
  2. Seeds of ash on the glue or plasticine attach to the sides - this will be the wings of an owl.
  3. Ears of night birds make with seeds of persimmon( or other fruits).Use clay for fixing.
  4. As a peephole, flat melon seeds are perfect. Take two pieces of black plasticine, make the balls, press down. Place where you want to make your eyes. Top the seeds.
  5. Beak of an owl make orange or yellow, using clay.

How to make "Crocodile" with your own hands

Crocodile - a simple and fun hand-made article on the theme of autumn for toddlers. To implement this interesting idea, you need a plasticine of dark green, white, black, two unopened pine cones - one more, another smaller, green paint( gouache), carpentry glue. To make a cute animal using natural natural material:

  1. Lower the elements of the future toy( bumps) into a warm carpenter's glue. It is necessary that they keep the form, not revealing themselves after the manufacture of the craft.
  2. Paint natural materials with gouache dark green color. For this you can mix the usual green tone with black.
  3. Take a piece of plasticine and fasten the pine cones together in large pieces to each other. The crocodile's taurus is ready.
  4. It remains to make the little animal eyes: roll the white balls, place on the lump designed for the head. Attach two black plastic points on them.
  5. Handicraft is ready!

Autumn crafts made from fir cones and plasticine "Turtle"

Beautiful turtle will be an excellent option for children's toys. To create this animal, you need a plasticine of brown and green color, a sharp, durable knife, a pine cone that has already opened well. Starting to work with children, cut off the top of the natural material, leaving only the base. What will turn out to be the shell of an animal. Make the turtle like this:

  1. Take a piece of brown plasticine, sculpt a flat oval( the future body of the animal).Make one more ball smaller( about three times), attach from the narrow side of the oval piece, slightly flattened. Such a ball will serve as a turtle's head.
  2. Make four brown legs and place on the sides of the oval piece.
  3. Take the green plasticine, roll two small balls. Place them on the head of the future turtle, just flatten it - it will be the eyes.
  4. Finish the hand-made article by placing a pre-prepared carapace( cone) on top.

Very simple handy for children "Swan"

Handy "Swan" is easy to create, but looks elegant and attractive. It will be an excellent decoration of the house. To do this, you need white, black, red clay, a small pine half-open or open lump, a piece of snow-white cotton. A finished product on the theme of autumn can even the smallest children. To create a beautiful swan:

  1. Roll a white strip of plasticine 4-5 centimeters long for the bird's neck. Fold it with the letter S.
  2. Attach it to the thick side of the bump.
  3. At the free end, glue a small piece of black plasticine to the top was an acute angle.
  4. On the black part, place the orange material, sharpening it at the end, like a bird's beak.
  5. Complete the craft by placing pieces of cotton wool from the sharp side of the cone - these will be the wings and tail of the swan.

Children's hand-made cones and dry leaves "Bird"

Fairy-tale bird - this hand-made thing, which just like the kids. To make it, you will need dry leaves( one large, two smaller and quite small), fir cone, berry rose, wire, blue beads, toothpicks, clay. Creating such an article is better to trust older children who will not be injured by wire material. To make a magic bird, follow these instructions:

  1. To make a head, use a wire of copper or gold hue, a small leaf, beads, a rose hip. The fruit of the dog rose bush pierce with metallic material, at the ends of it fasten two beads. Trim off excess wire. From the thick side of the berry stick a small dry leaf that will serve as a bird's tuft.
  2. Bottom stick a toothpick into the fruit - it will be a fastener for the head and the body( pine cone).
  3. Use a large narrow leaf for the bird's tail, two smaller leaves for the wings.
  4. Toothpoles serve as paws. Make a flat stand, using the preferred color of the clay, put the bird on it.

How to make "Hedgehog" of cones and pine needles

Funny hedgehog will be an excellent addition to the home interior, decorate children's shelves, can be included in an interesting autumn composition. Creating this cute little creature will bring a lot of pleasure to the kids. To make it, you need a dark brown clay, polka dots of black pepper, dry pine needles and a cone of the same tree. Small branches, plasticine, hats of acorns are needed to decorate the finished thing with mushrooms. Make a hedgehog so:

  1. Collect pine needles in bundles of seven or nine pieces. At the ends, attach some plasticine.
  2. Place these elements under the exposed flakes of natural material from the side where the hedgehog's back will be. Slightly cut the needles to a length of 2-3 centimeters.
  3. With the help of a plasticine material, mold out the pointed muzzle of the animal. On the tip, place peas of black pepper for a spout.
  4. Make homemade mushrooms for the back: put a little colored plasticine under the acorn hat, stick in the short branches.

How to make an article "Basket"

A stylish decorative basket will serve to decorate a house, it will surprise guests and households with its unusual appearance. To create it, you need a dense wire, 39 opened pine cones almost the same size. The basket weaving scheme is simple, but requires attention. All elements should be fixed exactly, so that the product looked good in the interior. Sequence of actions:

  1. Make three knitting rings, directing natural materials with sharp edges inward and fixing them with a layer of wire between the scales. It will take eight cones for a small one, nine for an average, and 11 for a large circle.
  2. Of eight cones make a semicircle, which will become the handle of the future basket, fastening the elements with two strips of wire.
  3. Place one on top of the other, connect the three rings with wire material. Stick the handle to the widest upper circle with a wire.
  4. Bottom insert three bumps. You can fix them, but with a high probability they will stick themselves.
  5. Stylish basket is ready!

Handmade "Bear" of cones

If you want to take the guys in kindergarten with interesting needlework, make with them a funny bear. To implement the idea, you need one big pine or fir cone, one element is three times smaller, four very small knobs, black and brown plasticine. Make the original bear toy using natural details, so:

  1. The large element will become the bear's body. Arrange it with a sharp end to the bottom.
  2. From above, with an outstretched edge towards you, place an item of medium size - this will be the head of a bear. Secure it with clay.
  3. On the sides of the top and bottom, fix with a plasticine material two small knobs. Paws of the bear are ready.
  4. Roll the balls of black plasticine, pin it where the bear's eyes will be. Ears create with the help of brown.
  5. Bear cub ready!

Video tutorials: how to make crafts from cones with your own hands

If you are trying for the first time in creating original handicrafts, it can be difficult for you to do everything right the first time. To solve all the arising issues in the process of making unusual things and compositions, use the video from YouTube. In the commercials you can see with children a phased creation of crafts using cones. Master classes below are devoted to making compositions with a hare and a fox, a bird and its chicks. You will learn how to make flowers using natural material, and you can create an original vase for decorating the interior.

Easy work for children animals "Bunny and chanterelle"

"Birdie and chicks" of cones

Autumn work for a child in the garden "Flowers" from cones

"Vase" of cones with their own hands

Photo of original children's crafts on the theme "Autumn" fromCones

Children's fantasy is truly limitless! Thanks to the ideas of the kids, surprisingly beautiful hand-made articles are produced. These are figures of people and animals - humans, cats, mice, squirrels, deer, fish, penguins, horses. Popular is the creation of fairy-tale characters, cartoon characters, such as lesoviki, leche, Cheburashka. Original and unusual look flowers, made from cones - roses, peonies. An excellent decoration of the interior will be a tree of happiness - the topiary. Sometimes children's hands create real pictures. Look at the photo of baby crafts on the theme of autumn to learn new ideas:

Crafts from cones for kindergarten on the theme of autumn