Training panties for training to a pot of the child

Training panties for training to a pot of the child

Parents will sooner or later need to begin to accustom the child to the pot. Those who already had to face this, know that the task is not easy. The kid can not understand what is expected of him and why they put him on. Ultimately, he cope with the need in the usual way, ignoring the demands of his parents. However, modern manufacturers of diapers offer us special panties for schooling to the pot, greatly facilitating this problematic for moms and dads.

Why do we need children's training panties?

Children's training panties contribute to the development of the skill of taking off / putting on clothes in front of the toilet. Some models have a waterproof layer only from the outside - this is necessary to keep the surrounding space and the baby's clothes dry. From the inside, the products do not have an instant moisture-absorbing layer, so the child feels very uncomfortable after the habitual coping of the need. This sensation is useful for understanding why you should use a pot. Discomfort wil

l be the main reason for the child to seek a solution to the problem.

Types of children's panties for potty training

There are several types of panties panties for the child's adaptation to the pot. Each has its own characteristics and recommendations for use. Models differ in color and size, suitable for children of different ages. Visually, these are ordinary panties, which are equipped on each side with a waterproof cloth. They are convenient to use: diapers for schooling to the pot are easy to put on or take off, they are much thinner than the standard product, so the baby is always comfortable in them.

Disposable panties-diapers

Disposable panties For children who are just beginning to get used to the pot, the most successful choice will be panty diapers - the usual disposable diapers in the form of panties. They will fit an active child who can not lie for a long time and wait patiently while mom can handle velcro. It is very easy to remove disposable models, because their elastic band can stretch well, besides, such panties can be torn on the sides. This is the best way out if the child ignores the pot and manages the need for a diaper.

The amount of moisture that disposable products can absorb is significantly less than in the case of conventional diapers. Therefore, many leading manufacturers take this fact into account and provide products with humidity indicators that look like a thermometer or disappear in the case of blotting patterns. Indicators tell parents that it's time to dress up the crumbs.

Panties panties are special in that there are both for girls and boys. The difference is the location of the moisture-absorbing liner. In panties for boys, he is in front, and in models designed for girls - from the bottom. So moisture is absorbed more efficiently, since it immediately falls on the absorbent core. Thanks to this panties diapers cope with their function as effectively as possible. Manufacturers produce models that repeat the natural forms of the child, so it will feel very comfortable.

Reusable panties with absorbent liners

Reusable panties with absorbent inserts Diapers of a reusable type are fundamentally different from disposable ones. These are waterproof panties of dense texture, having inside a pocket, into which absorbent absorbent liners are placed. But the diaper does not provide an absorbent layer, which, in contact with moisture, is transformed into a gel. Thanks to this, the child, peeing into it, feels wet.

Gradually, the baby gets used to the idea that it's better to ask for a pot than wet your panties. When he had urination, you need to change the liner, and after a few days to change the panties themselves. Washing can only be carried out in a delicate mode, and they can be dried only in natural conditions,( not on a battery, but on a rope).At first you will need 5-6 pcs. And about 15-20 absorbent liners.

Multi-layer panties

Multilayer panties There is one more variety of diapers for getting used to a pot - layered panties. They can retain moisture due to the fact that they contain several layers. Diapers for potty training are necessary so that the kid does not accidentally wet upholstered furniture or carpeting, otherwise it's ordinary cotton panties.

Their only drawback is the high density, because of which the child can be hot. Multilayer products have different colors. Panties with bright pictures will help make the addictive to the pot easier and more enjoyable for the baby.

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Children are able to get used to pot after one and a half years. It is believed that before the crumbs can not control the processes of defecation and urination, as their nervous system is not properly formed. However, closer to two years the child already feels the urge to toilet and can tolerate. This is the ideal time to start the potty training. Sharply refuse usual diapers it is impossible, therefore parents will be useful for panties for training to a pot "Nezapokashka".They serve as a transitional option between ordinary linen and disposable diapers.

The main advantage of such diapers is that the baby can take them off and sit down on the pot. And if an oversight occurs and he can not do it on time, Mom will not need to wipe puddles on the floor or wash clothes. For each stage of training the baby to the pot you can choose your version of the model and make it easier for yourself, because these products are created specifically to help parents.

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Reviews of panties for potty training

Natalia, 26 years old : We used to not use training panties, only heard that such exist. When they began to introduce children to the pot( we have a boy and a girl of the same age), it turned out to be a problematic activity. Children reacted differently to teaching: the daughter managed to sit down after sleep, but the son resisted until the last. Who will like it when a wet diaper touches the body? Gradually, the son realized that it was better not to go to the pants.

Olga, 40 years old : With the first child in the old manner used gauze diapers and diapers, then modern diapers only gained popularity. Wet with washing, ironing. When the second crumb was born, the choice of such products was much larger. In 1.8 years, began to accustom the baby to the pot, I did not hesitate to buy training panties. To our great luck, we got accustomed to the toilet relatively quickly.

Svetlana, 33 years old : We taught our child to panties for several months - he was clearly uncomfortable in them. Over time, he got used to and often began to ask for a pot. First he pulled a wet training diaper( he wrote to it in habit, but the same one does not absorb moisture, as usual), protested and wrote directly in front of us. And then he started to sit down on the pot anyway. The whole process of training took about 3-4 months.

Training panties for schooling a child